Maya The Majestic Questions & Answers

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 9 March 2022

Meet Maya.

She’s a beautifully fluffy Chow-Husky mix making people smile in Texas and beyond.

Maya has a wonderful golden coat that slightly changes color throughout the year depending on the temperature.

If that hasn’t piqued your interest, Maya is a social media star with over 300,000 followers on TikTok.

We spoke to Maya’s owner Carley to learn more about this rescue pup as well as find out some details about life living with a Chow-Husky mix.

You can follow Maya on TikTok (@mayathemajestic), Instagram (@mayathemajestic) and YouTube (@MayaTheMajestic).

1) How did you first end up with Maya?

Maya the Majestic (Photo: @mayathemajestic / Instagram)

Maya the Majestic (Photo: @mayathemajestic / Instagram)

I was very lonely during my early college years. I had been volunteering at the local shelter because I literally just liked playing with the dogs there. One day I was casually browsing their website, and I saw a listing with Maya on it, named Vera at the time. I went to visit her the next day, and she was even sweeter in person

2) When did you realise Maya was a Chow-Husky mix?

– When I first adopted her she was labeled as a “Golden Retriever Mix”, but she always looked a little different. Thankfully one of my gifts from my Dad on Christmas of 2019 was a Wisdom DNA test for Maya! About a month or two later the results came in with 25% Husky, 25% Chow, 12.5% Rottweiler, 12.5% Boxer, and the other 25% was unknown. That’s when I began to tell people she was simply a Husky/Chow mix.

3) What would you say is the typical temperament of a Chow-Husky mix? Can you spot Husky and Chow personality traits in Maya?

Maya the Majestic (Photo: @mayathemajestic / Instagram)

Maya the Majestic (Photo: @mayathemajestic / Instagram)

Maya’s temperament, like a human, is based solely off of if she’s slept enough or not (lol). If she’s slept all day while we’re at work, then she’s got the biggest, cheesiest smile on her face, tail wagging like a maniac. If I wake her up from a nap, she will resent me for it and give me the death stare for the rest of the day. Typical.

4) Would you say Maya takes after a Chow or Husky in terms of temperament?

I would say she takes after a Chow over a Husky, only because if you know the history of the Chow breed, they are known for being loyal to their masters. When Maya first meets a stranger, she’s hesitant for a minute because she needs to know first that you won’t cause me or her any harm. Once she trusts you, she’s the cuddliest, fluffiest, teddy bear who loves pats on the head and hugs.

5) How would you describe the appearance and color of Maya?

Maya the Majestic (Photo: @mayathemajestic / Instagram)

Maya the Majestic (Photo: @mayathemajestic / Instagram)

This is the awesome part about owning a Husky/Chow breed. Depending on the time of the year, her coat colors will slightly change. Say it’s currently the summertime, she will have a coat that’s more blonde and light. During the cooler winter seasons, her coat will transition to be more red-orange. Her stomach always remains pure white, and I know this because she begs for tummy rubs about 10x a day.

6) How much exercise does Maya need?

Since her breed mixes are both in the American Kennel Club’s Working dog group, I usually like to take her outside for a walk/potty break at least 3 times a day. We live in an apartment, so it’s very important that she does get time with the outdoors, and get her heart rate going. Either me or my husband will take turns taking her out because when she’s gotta do her business, she pulls at a pretty high force.

7) Did you find it hard to train Maya?

Maya the Majestic (Photo: @mayathemajestic / Instagram)

Maya the Majestic (Photo: @mayathemajestic / Instagram)

Surprisingly no. The beautiful thing about adopting a 1.5 year old dog is that sometimes they might already be potty trained. Thankfully for me, Maya refuses to do her business unless it’s outside in the grass. As far as behavior/obedience, Maya is a very smart dog and usually gets the trick after about 30 minutes. We’re currently training her to be better on the leash, and our trainer has been super helpful with her progress.

8) Does Maya shed a lot? If so, do you have to groom Maya a lot?

She doesn’t just shed, she sheds clumps of fur every single time I pet her. The thing about a double-coated breed in Texas, is that their undercoat is constantly trying to get out so she can insulate. As far as grooming goes, I brush her myself with a slicker brush at least twice a week, and take her to get bathed every other two months. Surprisingly, this dog has never had a bad stench to her in the time I’ve owned her.

9) What would you say to someone thinking about getting a Chow-Husky mix?

Maya the Majestic (Photo: @mayathemajestic / Instagram)

Maya the Majestic (Photo: @mayathemajestic / Instagram)

I would say to do your research on them first. Just be sure that you’re willing and able to financially, emotionally, and physically support this animal to give them a fulfilling life. Be sure that there are no allergies from dog fur, because it basically becomes a part of the air in my apartment. Also make sure that they have enough room in your living space, because they’re pretty large dogs. The last thing I would say is get ready for a whole lot of love from that dog, because it’s unconditional.

10) Is it hard to find a Chow-Husky mix? Where would you recommend looking?

Hard? No. Not as common as a pure breed? Yes. I would recommend looking on PetFinder or your local shelter to see if they have any, and if they don’t try looking for Chow/Husky Rescues. Every dog needs a home, so always be sure to check out shelters first and foremost.

11) How much does it cost owning a Chow-Husky mix (like food, insurance, etc)?

Maya the Majestic (Photo: @mayathemajestic / Instagram)

Maya the Majestic (Photo: @mayathemajestic / Instagram)

It costs about the same as owning a normal breed. The only factors I take into consideration when I budget monthly are: food, preventatives, toys, shampoo, and self-dog washes at my local Pet Supplies Plus.

12) Does Maya get confused for any dog breeds when out and about? What are the typical comments you get?

Golden Retriever. Always. Because of her color and her face, she really does resemble a Golden Retriever, hence where the misconceptions come from.

The typical comments that I get are:

“I love your Golden Mix” and “Is she part Golden?”. Other than that, we just get the constant noise of “awww” from across the street and from people driving past us.

13) What made you start a social media account for Chow-Husky mix? Do you have a favourite platform?

Maya the Majestic (Photo: @mayathemajestic / Instagram)

Maya the Majestic (Photo: @mayathemajestic / Instagram)

I started a social media account for Maya because the social media world is majority pure-breed driven. I got tired of pure breeds trying to get all of the attention, when there were shelter pups needing homes. My favorite platform is hands-down TikTok, because their algorithm is based on relatability, not followers and engagement. That’s how Maya was able to really sky-rocket on there so we could share the benefits of rescuing a dog.

14) Do you have a favourite post so far?

I think my favorite post on her TikTok account is the one where I used a Snapchat filter to make her have Disney Cartoon eyes. Not only did this go viral, but everytime I look at it I smile big. You can check it out here.

15) Can you tell us your funniest Maya story?

Maya the Majestic (Photo: @mayathemajestic / Instagram)

Maya the Majestic (Photo: @mayathemajestic / Instagram)

My funniest Maya story is when it was a really hot Texas summer, and she couldn’t step her bare feet on the pavement because they would burn. So I had to go to Petco to buy her some booties. You already know how this story goes. Being very confused, she was unsure how to walk with these new devices on her feet. It was like she was a newborn puppy again trying to get her footing right. Every single step she would raise her legs above her head every single step she took. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure I was dying on the floor while she sent me death stares.

16) What are some Chow-Husky pros and cons?

• Pros: they will love you unconditionally and give you as many snuggles and cuddles as you want and they are beautiful to look at.

• Cons: they are protective of the ones they love until they know who they can trust.

17) Any other Chow-Husky mixes we should check out on social media?

Maya the Majestic (Photo: @mayathemajestic / Instagram)

Maya the Majestic (Photo: @mayathemajestic / Instagram)

Yes! The Instagram handles are: @bilbo.bear @frankchowmane @charlie_flop @kevinthebigreddog

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