Mav And Friends Questions & Answers

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 16 August 2021

Maverick is a German Shepherd living in Australia with two cats for friends.

His account is aptly named Mav and friends, giving German Shepherd lovers an insight into what owning a GSD is really like.

Maverick has also helped to debunk unfair stereotypes around German Shepherds, proving they can have great relationships with other pets.

Living in Australian, Maverick has amassed a TikTok fanbase of nearly 450,000 followers, while he’s got 17,700 followers on Instagram.

His mom Lauren spoke to us about Maverick, German Shepherds and social media.

You can follow Maverick on TikTok (@mav_and_friends) and Instagram (@mav_and_friends).

1) How did you end up with Mav?

Maverick the German Shepherd (Photo: mav_and_friends / Instagram)

Maverick the German Shepherd (Photo: mav_and_friends / Instagram)

I found Maverick’s breeders through Dogz Online Australia, which is a registry of registered breeders in Australia, and picked the breeder out before Maverick was even born as I loved the look of the mother and father. Maverick was flown from Queensland to Tasmania once he was 8 weeks old

2) What attracted you to the German Shepherd breed?

Growing up watching movies like ‘I Am Legend’ where there are German Shepherds made me attracted to the breed. I always loved the look of their posture and ears. I also like how loyal and smart the breed is however I had never owned a GSD and Mav is my first.

3) What is Mav’s personality like?

Maverick is a couch potato. He would nap probably the same amount of time as my cats do!! Don’t get me wrong, he loves his walks and especially swimming! But once he’s home he’s back to napping all day. Maverick is also my shadow and follows me everywhere. He likes to know where I am and what I’m doing, but he is also very independent and doesn’t like too many snuggles. He just likes to me close by.

4) How does Mav get on with your cats Boo and Misty?

Maverick the German Shepherd (Photo: mav_and_friends / Instagram)

Maverick the German Shepherd (Photo: mav_and_friends / Instagram)

Maverick loves both Misty & Boo very much. He certainly has a clear favourite, which is Boo. Boo and Mav get on extremely well and love to chase each other and play, they have never had an argument (yet)! Misty and Mav, well they’re a different story. While they love each other, Misty’s patience is very thin and has no time for a silly puppy who wants to play and tease her, so they do have their squabbles.

5) Do you feel like GSDs are sometimes unfairly stereotyped?


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Absolutely! I feel GSDs are naturally a breed people believe is aggressive & scary which is far from true, any breed can be aggressive and scary. It is however common in most GSDs that they are VERY loyal. Maverick would lick you to death if you was a guest in my home, but if you were an intruder, I’d fear for you!

6) What does day-to-day life look like for Mav?

Mav has two ‘bursts of energy’. After breakfast & after dinner! On most mornings, Maverick will run around his 1 acre backyard with a toy and wear himself out to the point that he’ll practically nap until dinner time, which he’ll then have another short burst of energy followed by another long nap. We walk daily when the weather permits which Maverick loves but not too long because he wants to get home for his evening nap

7) Why did you decide to start a TikTok for Mav?

My younger brother, Ross, was 16 at the time and he was pushing me to get a TikTok account for Mav. I of course got the app first thinking it was lame. But ended up addicted as most of us do. Maverick’s first viral video was a ‘dear diary’ which spiked my interest in the app due to the amount of people wanting to see more of Maverick!

8) Do you prefer creating content for TikTok or Instagram?

Maverick the German Shepherd (Photo: mav_and_friends / Instagram)

Maverick the German Shepherd (Photo: mav_and_friends / Instagram)

Each have their pros & cons. I think TikTok is more fun by following trends whereas I think Instagram is a great way to capture Maverick’s life and what he enjoys most.

9) What are the advantages of TikTok as a content creator?

The biggest benefits to having a popular tiktok account is Mav & Friends Instagram account also benefited from this greatly. I’d estimate about 30% the Instagram followers came from TikTok. TikTok also gives us a platform to share knowledge about raw feeding, enrichment & training for dogs.

10) How does the TikTok community react to Mav? What comments do you get?

People love Maverick! They love how serious and handsome he is. He often get comments about him being a model and the most handsome dog they’ve ever seen!

11) What is your favourite video of Mav?


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My personal favourites are the dear diary videos. The dry humour is fun and relatable.

12) What is your funniest Mav story?

Probably when Maverick and I was invited to a dinner party at a friends house who also had a dog which is very exciting getting to take your dogs to socialise where you do. Maverick was inside her house and we were eating desert when I heard very loud fart noises. I turned around and Maverick cleary had a tummy ache and left a nice big diarrhoea on the floor. Fair to say our yummmy deserts were spoiled

13) What TikTok pet accounts do you enjoy?

We love Mocha Pom and she is one of our social media friends. We also love Amos Pearce, Grizzly Bane and Lola the GSD.

14) Finally, if you could give advice to yourself knowing what you know if you went back to when you first started your social media accounts, what would it be?


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Just stick to what feels right! You see too many accounts, in my opinion, posting bait content to gain popularity and it feels like if you don’t do the same, you’ll get left behind. But I’ve learnt not to stoop to that level and share our fun content the way we want to and our true fans will follow.

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