Mason The Akita Questions and Answers

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Updated on 8 November 2019

Mason is an Akita based in Belgium.

This one ear up bear is an American Akita who has over 16,000 followers on Instagram.

Mason’s owners were inspired to get an Akita after watching Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.

However, they did six years of research before welcoming Mason into their lives.

Mason is hard at work within the dog influencer community and is an expert model.

We chatted to Mason’s Mom Angelica to learn more about Mason (@mason_theakita) and the Akita breed.

Mason The Akita Questions and Answers

1) How did you first hear about the American Akita?

The first time I heard about American Akitas was eight years ago. We saw the movie Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, and when we did a research we saw the American Akita.

2) Why did you decide to get Mason?

We were waiting for six years – and in those six years we researching how the breed are and if they fit in our lives. When we were ready for one member of this breed we started looking for a good breeder.

3) Why did you get an American Akita rather than a Japanese Akita?

We saw the movie Hachi: A Dog’s Tale and then we saw the American Akita. They have a lot of different colors. We wanted to have a black, white and silver color. That’s why we went for an American Akita.

4) Can you give us an insight into Mason’s personality?

Mason The Akita (Photo: @mason_theakita / Instagram)

Mason The Akita (Photo: @mason_theakita / Instagram)

Mason is a dog that thinks he is a human – like really, he understands everything. If he wants something, he does a different bark. So I know what he wants or what he means. He is so sweet to other people if he feels like he can trust them. Other dogs, he is jealous and protective. He loves to explore a lot of new locations. He loves to eat and to hug. He is a very sweet bear.

5) What are the best things about owning an Akita?

They are very protective. The see you as a pack so nobody comes as new in the pack. They are really loyal. And they are so fluffy like a bear. They can act like them too. Everything is so perfect and that’s why they will always be my number one favorite dog breed.

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6) What are the most challenging aspects of owning an Akita?

If you have an Akita, everyday is a challenge. They are very stubborn and they have an Akita moment where they just do what they want. Sometimes it’s not right what they are doing. So try to stop a bear that weighs 62kg! So it’s very challenging.

7) Are American Akitas good family dogs?

They are very good family dogs. The most protective family dogs are Akitas.

8) Do American Akitas bark?

They do not bark. But when there is something wrong, they bark to warn. So they only bark when they feel the need to protect.

9) Do American Akitas shed a lot?

They really shed a lot. A friend told us they shed so much you can’t see the carpet anymore. So if you love dog hair, you can own an Akita.

10) Would you recommend an Akita to a first-time dog owner?

I will never recommend this breed to anyone because this is not a breed for the first-time dog owner. Most people who want this dog do so because they look like a bear. When they can’t handle them, they put them in a shelter. So this breed is not for everyone.

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11) What advice would you give to someone thinking about an Akita as a pet?

My advice is: research a lot. Talk to owners who own an Akita. They can give you a lot of information that you would think twice before owning them.

12) Why did you decide to start an Instagram page for Mason?

Mason The Akita (Photo: @mason_theakita / Instagram)

Mason The Akita (Photo: @mason_theakita / Instagram)

I started two years ago just for fun. The posts are memories of Mason. But weeks pass by and I noticed he really like to make pictures and make silly faces. So my followers can also see the good things about an Akita.

13) Can you tell us about your favourite post on Instagram?

My favourite post is the post with @life.of.orco. His owner did a photoshoot with Mason and those are the most amazing posts. I really love those posts a lot.

14) Do you spend a lot of time on Instagram/and taking photos?

I work from home. So I’m always with Mason. So I take a lot of pictures to post it for instagram. Because he is ambassador of louiscamiel, akitahandmade, dogofriends, hupple, caretailsbv. So we need to take a lot of pictures. And working with Mason is a dream that came true.

15) What other Akita accounts would you recommend for our readers?

Oh my gosh! There are so many accounts that I love:

• @kuma_the_akita
• @liam_the_akita
• @thewonderingpaws
• @takahiro_the_akita
• @harley_the_akita
• @dexter_the_american_akita
• @hachiboii
• @taro_and_gold
• @koa_juno_bear
• @dr.wolf
• @between2furs
• @akita.malamute

Akita pros and cons


• Very loyal
• Affectionate
• Very protective


• Not good with other dogs
• Stubborn
• They shed a lot

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