Masami the Japanese Akita Questions and Answers

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 8 November 2019

Masami is a Japanese Akita based in Bosnia.

She’s a red Akita Inu with a substantial following on Instagram.

You’ll find Masami hanging out with her brother Takashi in Bosnia’s beautiful landscapes.

Masami has a following over 11,500 followers on photo-sharing platform Instagram.

We spoke to Masami’s owner Srdjan to learn more about Masami, the Japanese Akita breed as well as life living in Bosnia with two Akitas.

You can follow Masami (@masamiakitainu) and her brother (@takashitheakitainu).

Masami the Japanese Akita Questions and Answers

1) How did you first hear about Akita Inus?

Our first encounter with Akita Inus was through one friend who has a male Akita Inu. I fell in love immediately with this breed, and after a couple of years, I showed them to my wife who was as thrilled as myself.

2) Why did you decide to get an Akita Inu?

I worked with a breeder and on one occasion I went to take photos of the new litter. My wife came along and when I saw how much she loved them, I decided to get one for her as a gift.

3) Can you give our readers an insight into Masami’s personality?

Akita Inu Masami (Photo: @masamiakitainu / Instagram)

Akita Inu Masami (Photo: @masamiakitainu / Instagram)

Masami loves to be in the centre of the attention and she is incredibly stubborn and extremely protective of her yard. She has a huge amount of excess energy, so every day we go for a run with her, otherwise, she is bored in her crate during the night. She doesn’t like to be controlled, and she is very neat. She never does her business on the street or pavement, it has to be on the grass. She is shy when other people are around her, so she can’t concentrate.

4) Has owning an Akita lived up to your expectations?

Owning an Akita exceeded our expectations. However, it is sometimes very difficult, I dare to say more than we thought it would be, but [it’s still] very rewarding. We couldn’t imagine our life without her and can’t remember what it was like before.

5) What are the misconceptions surrounding Akitas?

I think that the biggest misconception is that they are very aggressive dogs. Of course, like any other breed, they can be. In Masami’s case, when it is needed [she can be aggressive], but otherwise, she is very friendly, especially with children. I think that it is up to how you teach them.

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6) Does Masami live up to any of the Akita stereotypes?

Akita Inu Masami (Photo: @masamiakitainu / Instagram)

Akita Inu Masami (Photo: @masamiakitainu / Instagram)

Yes, I think that the one stereotype that she is a great example of is her attachment to us, as her owners. She is especially protective of my wife, and she is always mad at her when we go somewhere for a couple of days without her.

7) Do Akitas get along with other dogs?

I think that it depends on the dog. For example, Masami played with other dogs from the beginning, but our other male Akita, Takashi, doesn’t tolerate anyone except her near him.

8) Are Akitas difficult to train?

I don’t think so. In our experience, both of our dogs, especially Masami, was a very quick learner. In just a couple of days of repeating things with her, she learned the command to sit, jump, lay down, give a paw, give a five, etc.

9) Are Akita Inus good family dogs?

Akita Inu Masami (Photo: @masamiakitainu / Instagram)

Akita Inu Masami (Photo: @masamiakitainu / Instagram)

Yes, of course, like any other dog, it depends on the owner how the dog would behave, but Masami is very friendly and she adores playing with kids.

10) Does Masami shed a lot?

She has a period like in the Spring and Fall when she is changing her fur, but other than that, not so much.

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11) What advice would you give to someone considering an Akita as a pet?

Be prepared to sacrifice a lot for them, and be patient, they need as much attention as you can give them. But most importantly, give them all the love you have because they surely can give it back. It is all worth it.

12) Does Bosnian life (weather, landscapes, culture) suit Masami?

Akita Inu Masami (Photo: @masamiakitainu / Instagram)

Akita Inu Masami (Photo: @masamiakitainu / Instagram)

Yes! We have cold winters and warm summers, and she enjoys playing in the snow, as much as lying on the sun. Every house here has a pet, and people are used to them, however, not everyone knows the Akita Inu as a breed, so often, they mistake them for Huskies. But they’re always welcomed everywhere.

13) What’s the most rewarding aspect of having an Instagram page for Masami?

I think, as any other owner of course, that my Masami is a very special and beautiful dog, and I enjoy to share her little moments of happiness with others. She also gets a lot of toys from different brands, so she enjoys it as well.

14) How much time do you spend taking photos and building your community?

It takes a lot of time, especially when I want to take photos of her, and when she has the days when her energy level is at the high point, we simply can’t catch her, but it is always fun.

15) What are your favourite Akita accounts that our readers should check out?

• @tamashi_ken
• @hajimari.akita
• @akita_inu_happy
• @kodokenakitainu

Akita Inu pros and cons


• Extremely protective – When they consider something or someone as theirs, no one can get near to it, for example, when we go for a walk, and someone that Masami doesn’t know comes near to us, she stands in front od us and shows to them that she is here to protect.

• Great with kids – They love to play with small children and they let them pick their ears, tail, everything.

• Tidy – Both of our dogs don’t do their business in the cage, and every time they need to do it, they go on the grass. Their cages are extremely clean.


• Stubborn – when they don’t want something, there isn’t any way on the world to get them to do it. They are strongly opinionated.

• Shed – Our dogs don’t shed through the year but on certain periods, however, when that time comes, expect dog hairs everywhere.

• Angry – Usually, they are big fluffy bears, but when they do get mad, you better get out of their way.

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