Lola The Rottweiler Questions & Answers

By helloBARK!
Updated on 16 August 2021

Lola is a Rottweiler on a quest to debunk some of the myths surrounding the breed.

Rottweilers are often unfairly stereotyped as overly aggressive dogs, generating a fear of the breed amongst people uneducated about these muscular canines.

However, these loyal and loving German dogs can make great family pets with the proper socialisation and training, just like any other breed.

Lola is based in Berkshire with a cuddly and sassy temperament, helping her to amass a following of nearly 10,000 people on Instagram.

We spoke to Lola’s mum Laura to learn more about life with Lola as well as the Rottweiler breed.

You can learn more about Lola on her Instagram (@ourgirllola_).

1) Why did you decide to get a Rottweiler?

Lola the Rottweiler (Photo: ourgirllola_ / Instagram)

Lola the Rottweiler (Photo: ourgirllola_ / Instagram)

My partner has always wanted a Rottweiler. I was more of a German Shepherd kind of girl as I was brought up around them but quickly decided I couldn’t deal with the hair. We bumped into a female Rottweiler while on a walk about two years ago and that swayed me massively and made us do more research into the breed. We also both followed @nala_the_needy_rottie on Instagram and she was so helpful answering our questions and giving her personal insight into the breed.

2) How would you describe Lola’s personality?

Lola the Rottweiler (Photo: ourgirllola_ / Instagram)

Lola the Rottweiler (Photo: ourgirllola_ / Instagram)

Lola is a loveable clown. She ALWAYS has to be where people are and hates being left out. She has sassy moments and is quite confident around new people, dogs and environments. If anything, she’s over friendly. I always joke that someone would be able to break in as long as they gave her a belly rub and some chicken!

3) Are Rottweilers easy to train?

We’ve found it fairly easy to train Lola as she is a massive foodie and loves to please us. We stick to “little and often” for her training and try to train her in different environments. She can get stubborn if we get lazy so we try to do at least some form of training every day whether that be while out on a walk, tricks before her meals or little sessions in the garden.

4) Do Rottweilers shed a lot?

Lola the Rottweiler (Photo: ourgirllola_ / Instagram)

Lola the Rottweiler (Photo: ourgirllola_ / Instagram)

They shed more than you think! Every time we hoover we are shocked at the amount of hair that comes off the carpets! We try to keep on top of it by brushing her for five minutes daily which definitely helps but they will still drop hair!

5) How much exercise do Rottweilers need?

While Lola is a puppy, we were advised to stick to five minutes for every month of their age, up to twice a day, to protect their joints – but once fully grown they can need 1-2 hours. This can be walking, playing, swimming, scent games and fetch. Sniffing is a great way to tire out your Rottweiler! Hide a treat or a toy and teach them “go find”.

6) Do Rottweilers have any health problems?

Unfortunately, yes. They are known to suffer from hip/elbow dysplasia, cancer, JLLP, eye problems, ligament damage, obesity and the list goes on. It’s important to have good pet insurance just in case and to make sure both parents have been health checked to minimise risk (if getting a puppy).

7) What are the frustrating stereotypes about Rottweilers?

Lola the Rottweiler (Photo: ourgirllola_ / Instagram)

Lola the Rottweiler (Photo: ourgirllola_ / Instagram)

If people don’t know anything about the breed they tend to wrongly assume all Rottweilers are aggressive and dangerous. It’s frustrating for us as we know Lola is SO friendly and playful and it often means she misses out because people don’t give her a chance. We’ve had people change direction or put their dogs back on lead to move them away when they’ve seen Lola coming which is a shame. We also feel like Lola has to be extra well behaved so that people aren’t given any reason to justify their feelings toward Rottweilers. For example – when Lola was teething, we had people say she was “biting” because she was a Rottweiler and ignored the fact that all teething puppies bite. Some people are so quick to blame the breed.

8) Why did you start an Instagram account for Lola?

My camera roll was quickly filling up with photos of her and my personal Instagram was turning into “the Lola show” and I was worried I was going to bore my friends and family. I was also looking at so many other Rottweiler accounts for advice, training, tips etc. that I was missing out on my friend’s posts! I decided to make Lola her own account and keep everything Lola related in one place! I’ve made some AMAZING friends on her account. We’ve met up with a few people and it’s a great opportunity to learn from each other.

9) What is your favourite memory or post with Lola?

It’s so difficult to answer this because I have so many. When Lola was five months and under, every day without fail she would come to one of our laps and snuggle up to nap. I loved that we had no choice but to sit, stroke and watch her until she decided to get up and move. She still does it sometimes but it’s not daily anymore. My favourite posts are probably either any video of Lola being sassy or photos of her in the sun. There is nothing more beautiful than a Rottweiler in the sunshine.

10) Why do you think Rottweilers are so popular?

Lola the Rottweiler (Photo: ourgirllola_ / Instagram)

Lola the Rottweiler (Photo: ourgirllola_ / Instagram)

Their beauty, their strength, their loyalty, their protective instinct – to name a few. They are an amazing breed. I find Rottweilers are like marmite – people are either obsessed with them or want nothing to do with them.

11) Would you recommend Rottweiler to a first-time dog owner?

Lola is our first dog so it’s definitely doable! Taking on a Rottweiler is a HUGE responsibility and we feel constantly watched and judged. It is harder than getting some other breeds for sure. If you’re willing to take on the responsibility, put in the time and effort into training, do research into the breed and seek professional help if you ever need it – I don’t see why not. Rottweilers need a lot of socialising and training while they’re young so you need to be able to dedicate a fair amount of your day to them.
I have to add that I personally feel that some people want a Rottweiler simply because they are adorable puppies… so as long as someone looks at an ADULT Rottweiler and still wants one, then yes.

12) What are the pros and cons of the Rottweiler breed?

Lola the Rottweiler (Photo: ourgirllola_ / Instagram)

Lola the Rottweiler (Photo: ourgirllola_ / Instagram)

PROS: loyal, protective, only bark when they need to, love attention, easy to train, beautiful, quietly confident, intelligent.

CONS: they have NO spatial awareness and can get under your feet, the stigma/ judgment, can become destructive if not stimulated, require constant training to prevent unwanted behaviour, naturally quite dominant, expensive.

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