Loki The Dalmatian Questions And Answers

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 12 February 2020

“Where are the other 100?”

This is just one of the many questions Loki gets when out and about in the United Kingdom.

Loki is a handsome Dalmatian with over 12,000 followers on Instagram.

It’s hardly surprising when you glance through his array of stunning photos, capturing the best of the British countryside.

Loki is a big supporter of independent brands within the British pet industry, expertly modelling an array of collars, leashes and bandanas.

We spoke to Loki’s mom to learn more about handsome Dally and the breed as a whole.

You can follow Loki on Instagram here (@polka_dot_loki).

1) How did you first hear about Dalmatians?

As a child I always loved animals, especially dogs, Dalmatians were always a favorite of mine after watching the Disney classic 101 Dalmatians which was my favorite film other than a Lady and the Tramp,

2) How did you end up with Loki?

Loki the Dalmatian (Photo: @polka_dot_loki / Instagram)

Loki the Dalmatian (Photo: @polka_dot_loki / Instagram)

I always wanted a dog (Dalmatian) of my own but my parents did not want a dog , so I had to wait until I was able to move out and got my own place before I could look for a breeder. After moving, I began my search and found Laura.

3) Can you give us an insight into Loki’s personality?

Loki the Dalmatian (Photo: @polka_dot_loki / Instagram)

Loki the Dalmatian (Photo: @polka_dot_loki / Instagram)

Loki is very demanding of attention and fuss , it can get a little much at times but he’s so quirky and utterly hilarious that even if he’s just smashed something I asked him not to touch I still can’t help but laugh.

4) Have you considered getting a second Dalmatian?

If I was to get a second dog I’d really like a Doberman. However, I cannot financially have a second dog.

5) Would you recommend a Dalmatian to a first-time dog owner?

That’s difficult. Loki was my first dog but he has definitely been (and still very much is HARD WORK ). I think any young dog is the same. However, they are an intelligent breed that learn quickly and I have found him very easy to train. The perfect owner for a Dalmatian is someone who loves to hike, walk, jog or mountain biking.

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6) Are there any challenges unique to Dalmatians?

Loki the Dalmatian (Photo: @polka_dot_loki / Instagram)

Loki the Dalmatian (Photo: @polka_dot_loki / Instagram)

Diet – Dalmatians have to have a really particular diet that has to be low in purines, as they are very prone to forming bladder stones. They have incredibly high uric acid levels. Not many kibble brands cater to Dalmatians, and raw feeding is made much more difficult. I have to source offal free minces and ensure he has other supplements to make up for the lack of offal as offal ( especially liver is extremely high in purines).

7) Do Dalmatians require a lot of exercise?

Definitely! Like any breed there are exceptions to the rule. I have seen a few couch potatoes Dalmatians, but usually the breed is very high energy. Loki has two big walks a day and constant playing and training to keep his mind from getting bored.

8) Do Dalmatians get along with other dogs?

Loki is generally okay with other dogs. I think any breed can be fab with other dogs when socialised well. Something to note is that Dalmatians are/ were guarding breeds so they have the instinct to want to protect ,

9) Do Dalmatians shed a lot?

Constantly, it’s horrendous. Some dalmatian owners call it “Dally glitter ” because the hairs are so tiny and they are everywhere. On the other hand, Dalmatians don’t have that dog smell, they smell super clean always.

10) What comments do you get when out and about with Loki?

Loki the Dalmatian (Photo: @polka_dot_loki / Instagram)

Loki the Dalmatian (Photo: @polka_dot_loki / Instagram)

“Where are the other 100?”

“Have you counted his spots?”

“Is he blind ( in his blue eye)?”

I find a lot of the older generation approach me telling me about the Dalmatians they previously owned and comment on how unusual it is to see one around these days.

11) What’s your favorite thing about having an Instagram for your dog?

I love taking photos, and it’s so nice to share them on a platform where people actually enjoy seeing them, I have made some amazing friends and learned some awesome things. I also love helping to support small businesses and collaborating with big brands it’s so exciting to work with some companies I have loved.

12) What’s your favorite memory or post with Loki?

Loki the Dalmatian (Photo: @polka_dot_loki / Instagram)

Loki the Dalmatian (Photo: @polka_dot_loki / Instagram)

One of my favorite memories with him was walking in the late summer evening and watching him try to catch the moths in this huge field.

13) What other Dalmatian or dog accounts would you recommend?

• @river.the.dalmatian – we are actually distantly related wich we discovered through Instagram.

• @olivia_and_cooper_the_dals

Dalmatians pros and cons

Loki the Dalmatian (Photo: @polka_dot_loki / Instagram)

Loki the Dalmatian (Photo: @polka_dot_loki / Instagram)


• Loyal – Dalmatians are a loyal breed that bond with only a few people, they are not an ” everyone’s dog” and are quite aloof with strangers or people they do not know well.

• Loving – They are very loving – Loki is so sweet he’s always wanting to be by you and wanting to be fussed

• Intelligent – Dalmatians are very intelligent , and super easy to train, Loki was completely house trained within two weeks.

• Loves adventure – Dalmatians make perfect partners for someone who loved to go on long walk / hikes and adventures,


• Shedding – Dalmatians shed heavily 365 days a year

• Vocal – Dalmatians are quite vocal. loki loves a good bark and howl about just about anything: door open? bark; the door closed? , bark; his butt suddenly itches ? he barks!

• High energy – This can be a con if it’s not what you were expecting. You cannot tire a Dalmatian. They were bred to run continually for great distances alongside the carriages.

• Easily bored/destructive – With intelligence comes boredom if not kept occupied the mind can wander onto .. what does this coffee table taste like… and what if I dig a huge hole right here in the flowerbed.

• Allergy prone – Dalmatians like most white coat dogs are prone to skin allergies. I’d definitely recommend getting full/life insurance on a Dalmatian to cover the cost of allergy medicines.

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