Locke the Maltipoo Questions & Answers

By helloBARK!
Updated on 4 July 2020

Maltipoo are a cross between a Maltese and a Poodle.

Although they’re still quite a rare cross breed, you can find some examples of this hybrid on Instagram.

For example, Little Locke is a Maltipoo with over 11,000 followers on Instagram.

Based in San Francisco, Locke may be a part-time Malitpoo but her pawrents write that she is a full-time spoiled pup!

While researching the Maltipoo breed on Instagram, we came across Locke’s page and wanted to learn more about this little dog.

We spoke to Locke’s mom to learn more about this petite lady and the Malitpoo cross breed.

You can follow Locke on Instagram here (@littlelocke).

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1) What attracted you to the Maltipoo breed?

Locke the Maltipoo (Photo: @littlelocke /Instagram)

Locke the Maltipoo (Photo: @littlelocke /Instagram)

Since we live in an apartment, we knew we wanted a smaller dog (basically a dog we could pick up easily). Maltipoos are the perfect apartment dog as they don’t shed and in general are around 10 pounds. Being super adorable and cuddly was also a draw!

2) How did you end up with Locke?

A close friend of ours got a Maltipoo puppy who was so affectionate and free spirited. We always wanted a dog, as we grew up with pets (dogs, cats, a turtle and mice). One day while looking at dogs online, we stumbled across Locke and knew we had to check her out in person. The rest is history!

3) How would you describe the personality of Locke?

Locke the Maltipoo (Photo: @littlelocke /Instagram)

Locke the Maltipoo (Photo: @littlelocke /Instagram)

She has sass. She’s always ready for a snack and has us (her parents) wrapped around her paw. She makes it very clear that she will do things on her terms, when she wants to. Locke is also so lovable and makes us smile with her silliness like giving us kisses and stepping on us to wake us up for breakfast in the morning.

4) Are Maltipoos easy to train?

Yes, very easy to train. As Locke is very food motivated, it’s easy to train her. We continue to train her to keep her mind sharp. She knows how to fist bump and can lick her lips on command when we say “yum.”

5) Do Maltipoo make great family pets?

Yes, Locke is patient with and likes kids and also knows how to catch a good snooze on her grandparents’ lap.

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6) How much exercise do Maltipoos need?

In general, Maltipoos are active. They enjoy a nice long walk or playing fetch at the local park. Locke goes on an adventure every day with her dog walker. Living in beautiful San Francisco, she gets to visit the beach quite a bit!

7) Do Maltipoos shed?

Locke the Maltipoo (Photo: @littlelocke /Instagram)

Locke the Maltipoo (Photo: @littlelocke /Instagram)

No! Maltipoos have hair so they need to visit the groomer every 6-8 weeks to keep their fur free from mats. Also, don’t forget to brush your Maltipoo as the Poodle hair is curly.

8) Are Maltipoos expensive?

I don’t believe they cost more than any other dog. Locke has quite a bit of toys and treats so Locke may specifically be a little more expensive!

9) Would you recommend Maltipoos to a first-time owner?

Yes, for sure! Maltipoos are easy dogs to train, cuddly and just a bit mischievous to keep you on your toes! They are very social so they will make lots of friends at the dog park.

10) Why did you decide to start an Instagram page for Locke?

We started Locke’s Instagram page to document her life. As any dog owner knows, our pups grow up too quickly and we wanted to remember all the good times and why she makes us smile. We hope she makes others smile!

11) What is your favourite photo or video you’ve posted of them on Instagram?

Locke the Maltipoo (Photo: @littlelocke /Instagram)

Locke the Maltipoo (Photo: @littlelocke /Instagram)

There’s a video of Locke and her friend Scooby. It’s a video on them on a dinner date with a beautiful backdrop of the Bay Bridge! As we started filming Locke ate her meal on her own plate and lunged over to eat HIS meal from his plate as he sat there in disbelief. This video always cracks me up as it shows Locke’s true personality…anything for food!

12) What advice would you have for someone starting an Instagram page for their dog?

Make your dogs page about your dog. What we mean is that don’t post just because you think someone else will like it. Your dog is special and unique so post things your dog loves to do or quirky traits they have. If not, Instagram will feel like a job and you’ll end up dreading something that should be fun. Also, be ready to meet a lot of dog loving friends in the neighborhood. Here in San Francisco there is a huge dog community where we celebrate birthdays and hang out at the dog park.

13) Is there a big Maltipoo community online?

It’s not as big as the pure Poodle or Maltese communities but because of how adorable and loving Maltipoos are, the community is becoming much more common.

14) What are the pros and cons of Maltipoo?

Locke the Maltipoo (Photo: @littlelocke /Instagram)

Locke the Maltipoo (Photo: @littlelocke /Instagram)

• Pros: Maltipoos are playful, affectionate and are great watchdogs. Locke is always excited for adventures. She loves digging at the beach, joining us at dog friendly restaurants, or hiking with her dog walker. Locke is also the best alarm as she lets us know when someone is outside our home and protects us when we are out walking.

• Cons: As great of a watchdog Locke is, sometimes if the wind is blowing hard or some other loud noise she will alert us. Other Cons are more with the typical health of Maltipoos, like teeth and hip issues, similar things with almost all small dogs.

15) What other Maltipoo accounts would you recommend?

I love following the adventures of @dulceandlana @peanutbutter_skippy and @millithepoo.

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