Lily The Cavoodle Interview

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Updated on 6 January 2023

Cavoodles are a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle.

This mix has proven especially popular in Australia over the past decade or so.

Lily is a Cavoodle living in Sydney with her sister Daisy.

While Lily is a light-colored Cavoodle, her sibling Daisy is a black Cavoodle.

We spoke to Lily’s mom to learn more about this cross breed as well as Lily’s personality.

You can follow Lily on Instagram (@lily_cute_cavoodle).

1) How did you first hear about Cavoodles?

Cavoodles Lily and Daisy (Photo: lily_cute_cavoodle / Instagram)

Cavoodles Lily and Daisy (Photo: lily_cute_cavoodle / Instagram)

The first time I heard about Cavoodles was from a friend of mine back in 2012. She had just got one from a reputable breeder. That is when I got my other Cavoodle Daisy. She is seven years old now. Cavoodles weren’t a popular breed back then.

2) What attracted you to the Cavoodle breed?

To be honest I didn’t know much about Cavoodles back then as I had just lost my beloved Molly. I grew up in the country and always had dogs so have always been around them. I just thought I would try a different breed that wasn’t the same as my Molly but was an indoor dog.

3) What is Lily’s personality like?

Cavoodles Lily (Photo: lily_cute_cavoodle / Instagram)

Cavoodles Lily (Photo: lily_cute_cavoodle / Instagram)

Lily has a beautiful soul. She is very gentle, loves being around humans but loves hanging out with Daisy and her friends. She is sassy, very smart and so much fun. Loves sitting on our laps as well.

4) Can you identify Cavalier and Poodle traits in Lily?

The Poodle traits would be that she barks sometimes and jumps up but is very smart. The Cavalier traits would be she loves cuddles and being near humans. She doesn’t get anxious at all.

5) Do Cavoodles need a lot of exercise?

When they are young, I would say yes. They need exercise every day. Lily is 2.5 years old now. Up up until she was, she had to be exercised daily as she was very destructive as a puppy. Now she is over the the naughty stage and doesn’t need to be exercised daily if I can’t take her.

6) Do Cavoodles bark a lot?

Lily isn’t a big barker but my other Cavoodle Daisy is so it is luck of the draw.

7) Can Cavoodles be left alone? Do they suffer with separation anxiety?

Cavoodles Lily (Photo: lily_cute_cavoodle / Instagram)

Cavoodles Lily (Photo: lily_cute_cavoodle / Instagram)

Yes I leave mine alone the days I am at work. I watch them on my Furbo and most of the time now a days they are just sleeping. I would suggest leaving them alone from an early age so anxiety doesn’t develop. I have heard a lot of Cavoodles do get separation anxiety. Leave interactive toys to keep them entertained.

8) Do Cavoodles shed a lot?

Both my cavoodles are non shedding. They leave no fur anywhere.

9) Do Cavoodles require a lot of grooming?

Yes Lily is groomed every six weeks and in between she gets a tidy up around her face. Both my girls are brushed twice a day so mats don’t develop.

10) What questions do you get about Lily out and about?

I often get asked what breed is she and where can they get a Lily from. I also get told Lily is good looking and has very soft fur.

11) Is there a big Cavoodle community in Sydney?

There is a big Cavoodle community in Sydney. We have many friends we meet up with.

12) What’s your favourite memory with Lily?

Cavoodles Lily (Photo: lily_cute_cavoodle / Instagram)

Cavoodles Lily (Photo: lily_cute_cavoodle / Instagram)

Lily is a rescue so bringing her home for the first time would have to be my most favourable memory.

13) What other Cavoodle accounts would you recommend?

I would recommend the following accounts: @sweetappleofmyeye, @daphnethe wondersossige, @pippin_ruby_cavoodles, @rosco_the_cavapoo, extra_milo_cavoodle, @snortandsnarfle, @bailey.toycavoodle, @iammissdior_, @simbas_kingdom, @millie_therubycavoodle, and @lilylashes_cavoodle

14) What advice would you give yourself before getting Lily now that you know what life with a Cavoodle is like?

A cavoodle is for life. They cost money. Need regular grooming and indoor dogs. To make sure you have lots of time to spend with them especially in the puppy stages as they need training so they don’t pick up bad habits.

Cavoodle pros and cons

Cavoodles Lily and Daisy (Photo: lily_cute_cavoodle / Instagram)

Cavoodles Lily and Daisy (Photo: lily_cute_cavoodle / Instagram)


• Lily puts a smile on a lot of my followers faces and makes them happy.(this is why I started the page)

• Have met some beautiful people/ cavoodles whom we now call friends

• Lily now has lots of friends in our area to have playdates with.


• Occasionally I get a not nice comment on her page

• I probably spend to much money on them but it is so worth it.

• It is very time consuming having 2 accounts and being very active.

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