Lara The Rottweiler Questions & Answers

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Updated on 16 August 2021

Leaving paw prints on hearts is one of Lara’s missions in life.

This striking Rottweiler has played a supporting role in her parent’s life, helping her dad overcome a traumatic brain injury in 2017.

Lara, dubbed the Scottish Rottie, is professional poser who looking to debunk stereotypes surrounding the Rottweiler breed.

This regal three-year-old is a doting family pet who loves to explore the beautiful Scottish landscapes.

In a bid to learn more about Lara and the Rottweiler breed, we spoke to the Scottish Rottie’s mom Rachel.

You can check out Lara and her adventures on her Instagram account (@thescottishrottie).

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1) How did you first hear about the Rottweiler breed?

Lara the Rottweiler (Photo: thescottishrottie / Instagram)

Lara the Rottweiler (Photo: thescottishrottie / Instagram)

My partner has always wanted a Rottweiler. He loves the Black and Tan on any dog not just Rottweilers. We want a family of Black and Tan dogs.

2) Why did you decide to get a Rottweiler?

Again this was down to my partner Michael. He had a bad car accident back in 2017 where he suffered a brain injury amongst various other injuries. His mum and dad decided to get him a dog in order to help him, get him back up and moving and out of his depression. A helping hand really. Best decision ever.

3) What size is Lara?

Lara is quite small in comparison to male Rottweilers but only really an inch or two smaller than the usual female. She’s quite lean and full of muscles too!

4) How would you describe Lara’s personality?

Lara the Rottweiler (Photo: thescottishrottie / Instagram)

Lara the Rottweiler (Photo: thescottishrottie / Instagram)

A total poser! She is such a loving dog and loves to be with you. However she definitely was a princess in past life!

5) Does Lara suffer from separation anxiety?

Not at all. Both me and Michael work shifts. It’s the only way having Lara works for us. We just make sure she has been walked before either of us leave and then when the other gets back home walk her again. She just sleeps while we are out.

6) What problems do Rottweilers have?

Rottweilers in general do have a lot of problems all varying. We do know this as Lara herself does have mild elbow dysplasia. She has also just gone through surgery 11 weeks ago for tearing her cruciate ligament. So she now has a plate fitted to that one knee. Which there is an 80% chance of the other knee going as well.

7) Why do Rottweilers make family pets?

Lara has been around my nieces and nephews from them being babies and her being a pup. She loves them and is just a big sook.

8) Why did you start an Instagram account for Lara?

Lara the Rottweiler (Photo: thescottishrottie / Instagram)

Lara the Rottweiler (Photo: thescottishrottie / Instagram)

At the start, I used to laugh at people who made Instagram accounts for their dogs. Where as now I’m one of those people and I’m on her account more than my own. Again, she is a total poser and I wanted to show that off to people how good she is. She’s so well behaved. Rottweilers get a bad name and we are trying to change by highlighting that she’s not aggressive at all even though 75% of people think they are.

9) What is your favourite memory or post with Lara?

Anything of her as a puppy! They say take loads of pictures of your children because time goes so fast! Nobody tells you to do that with your pup but looking back at the photos I do have it’s just a blessing to own such a beautiful dog.

10) Where is your favourite place you’ve explored with Lara?

We love Glencoe!! It’s beautiful scenery with great picture opportunities. We are a family that like to do day trips and holidays with Lara so Glencoe is just one of many places!

11) Would you recommend Rottweiler to a first-time dog owner?

Lara the Rottweiler (Photo: thescottishrottie / Instagram)

Lara the Rottweiler (Photo: thescottishrottie / Instagram)

I would. They are a great breed! So intelligent and loving. As long as trained correctly they are the best dog you’ll ever get!

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