Kev The Whippet Questions & Answers

By helloBARK!
Updated on 7 May 2021

Meet Kev the Whippet.

This handsome boy is based in Sydney, Australia.

Kev has amassed a following of over 12,500 followers since launching his Instagram page back in August 2020.

If you’re looking to learn more about the Whippet breed, Kev’s page is a good place to educate yourself on these sight hounds.

Kev regularly posts videos of his tricks and tips to help other Whippet owners and dog parents to train their canine companions.

We spoke to Kev’s mom Jess to learn more about the Aussie dog and what life is like owning a Whippet.

You can follow Kev on Instagram (@kevthewhip).

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1) How did you first hear about Whippets?

Kev the Whippet (Photo: @kevthewhip / Instagram)

Kev the Whippet (Photo: @kevthewhip / Instagram)

I first heard about Whippets when people would describe my first dog, a Miniature Pinscher, as looking like a Whippet, even though there was no Whippet in him. I never imagined I’d have an actual Whippet a few years later.

2) What attracted you to the Whippet breed?

To be honest, I had other dog breeds in mind when I started looking for a dog. Even though Whippets were one of the breeds that online dog quizzes advised would suit my lifestyle, I kept waving off the idea, thinking Whippets were too delicate and fragile. But after doing more research, I found out I was wrong and the needs and general personality of a Whippets were exactly what I was looking for and could provide for. They’re stunning physique and soul-searching eyes are another reason why I fell in love with them, and think they are such a beautiful breed, both on the inside and out.

3) How did you end up with Kevin?

Kev the Whippet (Photo: @kevthewhip / Instagram)

Kev the Whippet (Photo: @kevthewhip / Instagram)

Another family had bought him from the breeder, but after a few weeks, they decided it wasn’t the right time for a pup, so they decided to resell him. I saw a photo of little eleven week old Kevin and instantly fell in love. I did lots of research and decided that Kevin would be a perfect fit for our family and a week later, he was ours.

4) What is Kevin’s personality like?

He’s a real extrovert-slash-couch-potato. He is super outgoing and excitable, but loves to chill and take it easy. He’s also super intelligent and very affectionate.

5) What’s the best thing about owning a Whippet?

Getting the best of both worlds in a dog. Whippets are happy being active, running around outside and having a good old play. But then they are also very content and laid back when they are inside. Whippets are very low maintenance dogs and are real people-pleasers. They show so much love and affection and just want to be your friend.

6) What are some of the challenges of owning a Whippet?

Kev the Whippet (Photo: @kevthewhip / Instagram)

Kev the Whippet (Photo: @kevthewhip / Instagram)

They can run fast when they want to! So it’s important to always make sure they are leashed when in unenclosed areas. You can never trust a Whippets’ recall 100%, due to their high prey drive.

7) How much exercise does a Whippet need?

Surprisingly, a lot less than most people would expect. As long as they have around an hour of exercise a day, they are happy to laze around for the most part.

8) Do Whippets have good recall? Can they be off lead?

Not really! Whippets are very independent thinkers, some more than others, so they like to make up their own mind when it comes to recall. Some Whippets do have exceptional recall training, but most have a very high prey drive, like Kevin. It really is recommended to only let Whippets off lead in safe, enclosed environments. It’s just not worth the risk.

9) Do Whippets have separation anxiety?

Kev the Whippet (Photo: @kevthewhip / Instagram)

Kev the Whippet (Photo: @kevthewhip / Instagram)

In some cases, they can. It often comes down to how they’ve been trained as a puppy and how much of an effort you put into keeping them entertained when you’re not around. However, each Whippet is different and some are more prone to separation anxiety than others. Thankfully, Kevin doesn’t suffer from this and is very good at entertaining himself.

10) In your experience, are Whippets fussy eaters? ​What type of diet does Kev eat?

I’ve heard that some can be quite fussy and sensitive eaters. Thankfully, Kevin isn’t. He is mainly fed a dry food diet, with occasional treats to keep it interesting. He likes to graze on his food throughout the day rather than eating it all in one go at meal times.

11) Why did you start an Instagram account for Kev?

I wanted to bring joy to others and document his adventures. He is such a little character and has his own personality, so it just made sense to start his own individual account.

12) What tips do you have for someone starting an Instagram account for their pet?

Kev the Whippet (Photo: @kevthewhip / Instagram)

Kev the Whippet (Photo: @kevthewhip / Instagram)

Be genuine. Don’t get caught up in the likes and follower counts. It’s not about that. It’s about sharing the joy and love of our furry friends.

13) What’s your favourite memory or post with Kev?

My favourite memory is the first time I met him as that twelve week old puppy. He was so excited and kept wanting to show us how clever and well behaved he was. ‘Sit’ was the only trick he knew at the time, so he was trying so hard to impress us with how straight and tall he could sit. In fact, he was trying so hard that his bottom kept sliding backwards from under him in his attempts to show us what a good boy he was.

14) Would you recommend a Whippet to a first-time dog owner?

Definitely! However, it’s important to do research on Whippets and really analyse if you can provide for their needs and quirks.

15) What advice would you give yourself knowing what you know now if you could go back to when you first got Kev?

To take more puppy pictures!

Whippet Pros And Cons


Everything about them is just perfect in my opinion!

• Low maintenance: They are generally a healthy breed and their coat is easy to care for. They don’t drool or have a “doggy smell”. They rarely need baths or grooming and they don’t shed all that much.

• Affectionate: They love to snuggle up with you and follow you around. There is a reason why they are called “Velcro dogs”. They are also amazing at picking up the emotions of those around them and in their own way try to make you feel better when they sense something isn’t right.

• Gentle and quiet: They are generally quiet and gentle dogs and are rarely ever aggressive. They are very patient and easy going.

• Entertaining: Whippets do the funniest things. They sleep in the weirdest positions. They get excited over the smallest things. They get random cases of the “zoomies”. They are so entertaining to be around.


• High prey drive: The high prey drive can’t ever be fully un-trained, so they never have a 100% recall rate. They’re also not street-wise at all and as soon as they visually lock onto a target, it can be hard to bring their attention back to you.

• Drug sensitivity: They can be more sensitive to anesthesia and drugs, so it’s important that the vet is experienced and aware of this when treating Whippets.

I don’t view these next few traits as “cons”, but other people may find them less than desirable.

• Independent: They are independent thinkers and have a real ‘what’s in it for me’ approach to training, which I find quite endearing, but others may find otherwise.

• Furniture: If you don’t want a dog on your furniture or your bed, then you may want to consider another breed, as they only like to lay on the softest and most comfortable surfaces. In my opinion, this isn’t really a negative trait though, I love having Kevin snuggled up next to me.

• Cold: As a general rule, if you’re wearing long sleeves, than your Whippet needs an extra layer too since they easily feel the cold (and they really hate being out in the rain!). I think it’s a great being able to dress them up in stylish jumpers and outfits though.

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