Kaos The German Shepherd Questions & Answers

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 14 July 2020

Kaos is a German Shepherd living in Melbourne.

This long haired German Shepherd has amassed a following of nearly 58,000 fans on Instagram.

You’ll often spot Kaos hanging out with his mom Chloe as the pair showcase their deep pet-owner bond.

Kaos is an exceptionally well trained German Shepherd thanks to Chloe’s consistent and persistent training.

We spoke to Chloe to learn more about Kaos, the German Shepherd breed, his training and much more.

You can follow Kaos on Instagram here (@absolute_kaos1).

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1) What attracted you to the German Shepherd breed?

Kaos the German Shepherd (Photo: @absolute_kaos1 / Instagram)

Kaos the German Shepherd (Photo: @absolute_kaos1 / Instagram)

My parents have always had long coat German Shepherds and I’ve grown up with them. My parents German Shepherds were not trained and it was embarrassing, so I promised myself that when I get one it will be trained. I’ve kept my promise and I’ve got a well-trained long coat German shepherd Kaos.

2) Can you give us an insight into Kaos’s personality?

Kaos is a gentle giant, he loves to cuddle and give lots of affection. He’s amazing with my nan that has dementia, as I take him to see her once a week but with the virus we have not be able to see her for while now. When I got Kaos as a puppy he was very easy as he has an amazing temperament just like his grandfather Bear. He just grew so damn quick! I wish he could have been smaller for a little longer.

3) Is Kaos a sociable dog with other people and pets?

Kaos is a very well behaved dog and gets along with every dog that he meets. He has a lot of friends as we are both very social. You will see on his social media that we are always doing something. He has a good few German shepherd friends and they all get along like a house on fire.

4) What are the challenges associated with owning a German Shepherd?

Kaos the German Shepherd (Photo: @absolute_kaos1 / Instagram)

Kaos the German Shepherd (Photo: @absolute_kaos1 / Instagram)

I get a lot of messages asking this question quite a lot. I recommend if you do get a German Shepherd that you should do some obedience training because they can be very strong and hard driven. People don’t realise that I have put a lot of work into Kaos. That’s why he’s very well trained! I started obedience with him at 9 and half weeks old, 2/3 days a week of training even if it was raining. It’s a big commitment which some people don’t realise.

5) Do German Shepherds need a lot of grooming?

I brush Kaos twice a week to maintain his coat. I wash him when he really needs a wash but not that often as if he gets dirty I will just rinse him off and towel dry him.

6) How expensive is owning a German Shepherd (monthly costs)?

To be honest from my view I don’t think so as I’m very good at managing my money and I make sure he gets the best of the best. He gets the best dog food, treats, toys, dog beds – you name it he’s got it. He’s a very spoilt dog and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I work hard to get him whatever he wants.

7) Are German Shepherds fussy eaters? What are the benefits of a raw food diet for Kaos?

Kaos was a very fussy eater, I tried everything.. I had to do the tough love and that really hurt because he was just being stubborn until a friend recommend me BIGDOG. I brought a box of turkey patties as it’s one single protein and oh my gosh he ate it in a heart beat. Since that day I haven’t gone back.

8) What are some of the misconceptions surrounding German Shepherds that frustrate you as a GSD owner?

Kaos the German Shepherd (Photo: @absolute_kaos1 / Instagram)

Kaos the German Shepherd (Photo: @absolute_kaos1 / Instagram)

This is an interesting question to be honest when owner has no control over their dog, it frustrates me because the dog can cause so much mayhem and the owners have no idea. I get compliments daily of how well behaved Kaos is and it’s because I have worked on obedience with him. Even random people have come up and said well done you’ve done amazing with your boy. I recommend the dog school that I go to and they go. It’s amazing because after a month I see the owners and the dog is a completely different dog!

The training method I use is alpha dog training. Alpha dog training is a different training method, you use a halti and work towards off halti to flat collar. It’s all voice command so no treats are needed. The reinforcement is a no and a circle. You do not hurt them or choke them. The trainers will show you how you use the method the correct way. You use the word GOOD BOY or GOOD GIRL a lot so you’ll hear different tones you use, the lighter tone is that they are doing amazing then the deeper tone they are not quite doing it and if they don’t do it correctly they will get a no and little circle.

The dogs get taught to be in a drop for 30 minutes without you in sight & sit & stand & drop & my favourite is CHECK. That’s the best tip as I use it if Kaos hurts himself so he can lay to his side and not get up until I check him over if he has hurt himself. My boy Kaos started at 9 weeks old and he was off lead at 1 years old. I trained him twice a week. It’s amazing for socialisation too.

9) Do you think German Shepherds make suitable family pets?

They sure can, you just need to realise that they are big dogs and need a lot of training and socialising.

10) Why did you decide to start a social media presence for Kaos?

I saw that a few of my friends had an Instagram for their dogs so I thought I’d give it ago. It’s been amazing and I’ll be honest I have received some hate but no matter what you do you’ll always get one negative comment. I just ignore it and remove the comment. I’ve met such beautiful people all over the world and it’s been fantastic.

11) What advice would you give to someone looking to start an Instagram for their dog?

It’s like a full time job haha you need to be very engaging. You should always make your page is fun and exciting.

12) What is your favourite social media post/memory with Kaos?

It would be the video with my partner and Kaos cuddling in bed. The video went viral! Also the one of me kissing Kaos and him looking!

13) What are the regular questions or comments you get about Kaos in person or online?

I get a lot of questions about the training methods I use, a lot of people do struggle with their dog with behaviour issues and I try to give them some tips that I have been taught. I understand I am not a dog trainer but it’s what I’ve been taught.

14) What advice would you give to yourself if you could go back to when you started an Instagram page for Kaos?

Kaos the German Shepherd (Photo: @absolute_kaos1 / Instagram)

Kaos the German Shepherd (Photo: @absolute_kaos1 / Instagram)

I wish I started when I got him to show more photos and videos of him as a puppy. Now I know for my next puppy I’ll be taking more photos. I’m excited because I’ll be getting a friend for Kaos at the end of the year.

15) Finally, could you give us some of things to consider when it comes to owning German Shepherds in your experience?

• Training – when you get a puppy do some obedience with it no matter what because you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t do it earlier enough.

• Socialisation – Get your puppy out and about after it has all of its shots. You want it to get use to other dogs and the world.

• Boundaries – You want it to learn some boundaries around the house and walking. Example: a boundary inside so if someone new walks through the door it will stay on its bed until it’s been told if it can get off. For the dog not to run through the backdoor, it has to wait until it’s allowed to come through the door.

• Walks – Make sure you have full control of your dog on the lead as it’s a much better walk when you do. You don’t want the dog to be walking you haha!

• Dog parks – This can be tough because some owners have no control over their dog and you’ll see a fair few dog fights because of the dog not doing obedience or not being socialised. Make sure you have control of your dog and that the people in the dog park do as well.

• Dominate – I don’t like when male dogs are very dominant towards other dogs! That’s a big no, no for me. It’s not right for a dog to be like that but that’s my opinion.

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