20 Jack Russell Terriers to follow on Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 9 July 2021

Jack Russell Terriers remain one of the most popular breeds in Europe and the United States of America.

It’s easy to see why given their beautiful almond shaped dark eyes and button v-shaped ears.

These small canines make great companion dogs and can become very attached to their owners.

Jack Russell Terrier (Photo: jackrussell_luc / Instagram)

Jack Russell Terrier (Photo: jackrussell_luc / Instagram)

Originally bred to hunt foxes and then badgers, modern day Jack Russell Terriers have evolved into great family dogs.

With relatives such as Parson Russell and Russell Terriers, these dogs have a rich and diverse history.

Here are 20 Jack Russells that you need to follow on Instagram if you are one of the many JRT lovers in the world!

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20) Rolo (@rolo_the_jack_russell) – 2,400 followers

Rolo (@rolo_the_jack_russell) is a Jack Russell mix with the largest ears around. This Dutch pup loves long walks, playtime and lots of cuddles. You can follow this boy grow from pup to dog model.

19) Pablo (@nadine_pabloni) – 4,700 followers

Next up we’ve got Pablo (@nadine_pabloni). This charming pup is based in Germany. The three-year old can be found posing for photos for his hobby photographer mom, Nadine. You can follow this lovely pair in their adventures around Germany.

18) Diesel (@jackrusselldiesel) – 4,000 followers

Diesel (@jackrusselldiesel) is a handsome 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. This senior dog has amassed a following of over 4,000 people on the photo-sharing app. Based in Worcestershire in England, Diesel can be found exploring the local walking spots.

17) Jesse (@justjessethejack) – 8,900 followers

Jesse (@justjessethejack) is a very talented little dog. His talents include but are not limited to: super star, canine actor, model and entertainer. However, his owner is keen to stress that ultimately he is the best companion. You will often find Jesse dressed up in an outfit much to the amusement and adoration of his 8,000 plus followers.

16) Cupcake (@cupcakethejackrussell) – 8,800 followers

Cupcake (@cupcakethejackrussell) is an eight-year old Jack Russell Terrier. This Australian pup loves to roam the beautiful beaches Down Under. With a charming smile, Cupcake is sure to lift your spirits. This Aussie dog is on the brink of the 10,000-follower milestone.

15) Ozzy (@ozzy_thejackrussell) – 10,800 followers

We’re swapping the sandy beaches of Australia for sunny Portugal to meet Ozzy (@ozzy_thejackrussell). This Jack Russell has an adorable patch over his eye that adds to his beauty. With big brown puppy dog eyes, you won’t be able to resist following this JRT.

14) Hazel (@misshazel_jrt) – 12,000 followers

nother Jack Russell Terrier making waves in Portugal is Hazel (@misshazel_jrt). This one-year old pup is a certified destroyer, proving that this breed do love a bit of mischief. However, she appears to have a sweet side – she’s a beach mermaid, didn’t you know? For those who love Jack Russell Terriers and the colour pink, this is the account for you!

13) Mickey (@mickey.lily) – 14,700 followers

Mickey (@mickey.lily) is described as “The George Clooney of dogs)”. This 15-year-old certainly lives up to his billy as old and handsome. Based in the Netherlands, there’s little doubt that Mickey has a great sense of style.

12) Lola (@lolathejack) – 16,200 followers

A self-declared “perra aventurera” (adventurous dog), Lola (@lolathejack) is a rough coat Jack Russell Terrier based in Pamplona in northern Spain. With cute brown eyes and adorable button ears, it’s easy to see why Lola has amassed close to 16,200 followers on Instagram. With a gentle colour scheme of blues and browns on her Instagram page, Lola is just as easy on the eye.

11) Kibo (@kibo_the_jrt) – 17,000 followers

Kibo (@kibo_the_jrt) is a four-year old Jack Russell Terrier. He loves to cuddle and bite his daddy. This four-year old has over 17,000 followers on photo-sharing app. This boy loves a selfie with his dog dad.

10) Maxwell Frankie (@maxwellfrankie) – 19,600 followers

Maxwell and Frankie (@maxwellfrankie) are an adorable pair of rescue Jack Russells. They’re two former shelter Jack Russell Terriers who love to travel. They like to create some chaos along the way despite their combined age of 25.

9) Ralph and Reuben (@ralph_and_reuben) – 19,000 followers

Ralph and Reuben (@ralph_and_reuben) are two adorable dogs who will melt your heart. Ralph is a Jack Russell Terrier who lives to eat spiders and chase pigeons. You’ll often find Ralph with his little brother Ruben.

8) Bine (@jackrussellbine) – 19,200 followers

Bine (@jackrussellbine) is a Jack Russell Terrier who is always looking for the next adventure. You can admire an array of stunning photographs of Bine in a variety of different locations, whether it’s on the beach, in an urban setting or at home.

7) Bear (@a_bunchofdogs) – 19,900 followers

Proving that Jack Russell Terriers do get on with other dogs despite some misconceptions about the breed, Bear loves to chill with his two larger siblings. He shares his Instagram account (@a_bunchofdogs) with Samoa and Congo. Whether it’s breathtaking portrait shots or cute snaps of Bear napping with his siblings, this account will bring a smile to your face. What’s more, Bear, like Ozzy, is based in Portugal.

6) Sosta (@sostathedog) – 20,300 followers

We’re heading to the UK to meet Sosta (@sostathedog) is a miniature Jack Russell Terrier born in 2018. This pint-sized pup is based in the west midlands in England. Proving that the best presents do come in small packages, Sosta is a friendly Jack Russell who likes to play with her larger dog friends. With her right button ear a combination of white and tan, Sosta is sure to melt your heart.

5) Lucy (@ilovelucy_thejackrussell) – 26,000 followers

Time to meet Lucy (@ilovelucy_thejackrussell). She’s a Zoomie Queen. Lucy is a cheeky pup and a snuggle bug. Based in Canada, Lucy loves to stick her tongue out at her followers. Lucy has grown her fanbase to over 26,000.

4) Hajy (@hajydog) – 37,400 followers

Hajy (@hajydog) is a male Jack Russell Terrier. Based in Finland, Hajy has an adorable beard that gives him a wise look. You’ll often find Hajy hanging with his little brother Nisu. This Finnish pup has nearly 37,000 followers on Instagram.

3) Vegas (@vegasjrt) – 35,200 followers

If you want beautiful photos of a beautiful dog, you’re own the right account with Vegas (@vegasjrt). Whether Vegas is posing in city landscapes, in the autumn leaves or by water, this little JRT will take your breath away.

2) Josie (@josie_the_jack_russell) – 77,200 followers

Josie (@josie_the_jack_russell) is a small Jack Russell Terrier living in one of the biggest cities in the world, NYC. This New York pup loves to explore the Big Apple as well as travel the world. You can follow Josie’s adventures along with 77,000 other people.

1) Luc (@jackrussell_luc) – 93,000 followers

With a large following for such a small dog, it’s easy to why Luc (@jackrussell_luc) is so popular on Instagram. The four-year-old Jack Russell Terrier appears to have a lot of personality. Luc knows how to wear a bandana, while his big smile is infectious. With over 90,000 followers on the social media website, his fans are sure to increase. Based in the UK, Luc loves to explore Great Britain’s rugged landscapes.

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