21 Italian Greyhounds To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 25 March 2021

Italian Greyhounds are perhaps Instagram’s most stylish dog breeds.

This adorable dog breed are no stranger to eye-catching outfits or snug turtleneck sweaters.

The Italian Greyhound is 73rd out of 197 breeds in America, according to the American Kennel Club.

The Iggy hashtag has almost 2 million entries on Instagram, which looks like a fashion magazine.

You may have seen Tika the Iggy go viral earlier this year thanks to her unused outfits from the pandemic.

In this article we’re going to take a look at 21 Italian Greyhounds to follow on Instagram.

21) Bart (@barttheitaliangreyhound) – 15,300 followers

First up we’ve got Bart (@barttheitaliangreyhound). He’s an Italian Greyhound living in New South Wales. His friends call him Bartie – and this Iggy knows how to rock a bowtie.

20) Hank and Karl (@hank.the.iggy) – 16,000 followers

Hank and Karl (@hank.the.iggy) are two Italian Greyhounds who like to stroll the streets of Brookyln. This duo are inseparable with beautiful contrasting markings. They’ve amassed a following of over 16,000 people.

19) Lino (@linotheiggy) – 17,600 followers

Lino (@linotheiggy) is an Italian Greyhound who likes to be an advocate for the breed. Lino talks about their appearance and temperament, misconceptions about the breed as well as sharing an insight into their personalities through images and videos.

18) Iggy Girls Club (@iggygirlsclub) – 19,100 followers

Iggy Girls Club (@iggygirlsclub) will provide you with a glimpse into life with more than one Italian Greyhound. Their names are Angel Baby, Mona Lisa, Lucci Ana, Emma Lina and Gia Bella. You can check out life on the farm!

17) Adelaide (@iggyadelaide) – 19,300 followers

Adelaide (@iggyadelaide) has the world’s tiniest howl. This petite Italian Greyhound is big sister to Phoebe, who is another Iggy. Adelaide even has a podcast! This precious pup is close to the 20,000-milestone on Instagram.

16) Tuna (@iggy_tuna) – 20,100 followers

Next up we’ve got Tuna (@iggy_tuna) who is an Italian Greyhound based in the Netherlands. She’s the queen of Pinecones. This Dutch dog has an impeccable taste in style – and pinecones.

15) Jugo (@jugotheiggy) – 20,400 followers

Jugo (@jugotheiggy) is the Schnoz King! Jugo is an Italian Greyhound with a penchat for a turtleneck jumper. This stylish Iggy lives in Montreal, having amassed a following of over 20,000 people.

14) Nola (@nolaprincessmonkey) – 27,100 followers

Nola (@nolaprincessmonkey) is seven-year old Italian Greyhound with beautiful markings on her face. With a brown patch over her right eye that adds to her cute appearance, Nola will quickly win you over with her big brown eyes.

13) Mars and Odin (@marstheiggy) – 28,000 followers

Mars and Odin (@marstheiggy) are two Italian Greyhounds with a special bond. Mars is a blue Italian Greyhound and Odin is a cream Italian Greyhound. They love to rock a stylish collar!

12) The Iggy Squad (@theiggysquad) – 29,400 followers

We’re heading to Boston to meet the Iggy Squad (@theiggysquad). If you want a glimpse into life with a pack of Italian Greyhounds, this account will give you an insight. The Iggy Squad are on the brink of 30,000 followers.

11) Nello (@thelifeofnello) – 32,400 followers

It’s time to head to Munich to meet Nello (@thelifeofnello). This baby seal is a pup who loves treats but isn’t such a fan of vegetables! You can follow Nello’s adventures in Germany along with over 34,000 others as well as read her blog!

10) Joya and Sol (@joy_and_sol) – 34,800 followers

Joya and Sol (@joy_and_sol) are looking to spread joy to their fanbase. Joya and Sol are two Italian Greyhounds who are living their best lives. Their Instagram profile features soft light brown and white tones, which is very easy on the eye.

9) Bambi (@bambi.the.italian.greyhound) – 34,800 followers

Bambi (@bambi.the.italian.greyhound) is the Queen of mesmerizing. This is another German girl who is a fashionista. With a TikTok account, Bambi has all her social media bases covered.

8) Bobo Boey (@iggyboey) – 48,200 followers

Bobo Boey (@iggyboey) is a cute, mysterious, gentle, crazy and very extra! Living in South Africa, Bobo loves fashion. Although Bobo is sometimes dressed as a female, this is a male Italian Greyhound.

7) The Iggy Family (@theiggyfamily) – 58,500 followers

We’re back in the English capital to meet the Iggy Family (@theiggyfamily). This London gang are living their best life in an array of colourful outfits. They’re called Winston, Twiggy and Cindy. They’ve got 58,500 followers on Instagram.

6) Dora (@dora_figalga) – 58,800 followers

Let’s say hello to our Italian Greyhound living in Portugal called Dora (@dora_figalga). She’s living a happy life in Portugal, where she likes to enjoy the country’s sunshine.

5) Joey (@iggyjoey) – 81,400 followers

Joey (@iggyjoey) is a fashion icon and lifestyle enthusiast. Joey writes on her bio that she’s a legit working dog model. This Iggy is living in Canada, rocking a variety of stylish outfits.

4) Meeko (@meekotheiggy) – 129,000 followers

Meeko (@meekotheiggy) is another Italian Greyhound living in the UK. Meeko has a sibling called Winter – and together they make an adorable pair. This British Iggy is a genuine Instagram star with 129,000 fans.

3) Ripley (@ripleytheiggy) – 286,000 followers

You’ve probably seen Ripley (@ripleytheiggy) on Instgram Reels or TikTok. This Italian greyhound has nearly 300,000 followers on Instagram, which isn’t surprising given the hilarious content on their page. This Iggy has an infectious smile that will brighten your day!

2) Honey (@honeytheiggy) – 319,000 followers

Honey (@honeytheiggy) got her name because she’s so sweet. Having received a rating of 14/10 on We Rate Dogs, Honey has a whopping 321,000 followers on the photo-sharing app. Honey lives in Oslo in Norway where she likes to stay snug in a hoodie.

1) Tika (@tikatheiggy) – 1 million followers

Tika (@tikatheiggy) is a gay icon! She’s been described by musician Lizzo as “an actual bad bitch”. Tika is based in Montreal when she’s not featuring in luxury fashion and lifestyle magazines. Tika has over 1 million followers on Instagram. She’s best known for her viral video of our Coronavirus outfits in early 2021.

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