Bubba the Irish Doodle interview

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 27 January 2023

Irish Doodles are a cross between an Irish Setter and a Poodle.

These dogs usually have the trademark red color of their Irish Setter parent, although they can come in different colors.

Irish Doodles have proven increasingly popular thanks to their friendly and outgoing personalities.

They’re also considered a hypoallergenic cross breed, which means they could potentially be a good fit for someone with allergies to dogs.

Irish Doodles don’t shed a lot so you won’t have to worry about getting the vacuum out during the changing of the seasons.

We spoke to Bubba (@bubba.thedood) to learn more about these designer dogs.

Why did you decide an Irish Doodle was the right dog for you?

Irish Doodle Bubba with Dad and Mom (Photo: @bubba.thedood / Instagram)

Irish Doodle Bubba with Dad and Mom (Photo: @bubba.thedood / Instagram)

I had an Irish Setter growing up and have always thought they are the most beautiful dogs. My boyfriend and I both had decided we did not want a shedding dog. I started looking into the breed and absolutely fell in love with the breed.

How old is Bubba? What’s the temperament of an Irish Doodle?

Bubba will be 6 months old on 3 June. This is our first Irish doodle so I can’t speak for the breed as a whole, but Bubba is SUPER laid back, very smart, and easily trained. He is loving and always happy. He gets excited to see people, but that lasts about five seconds and he goes back to doing whatever he was doing. He is hardly ever alone, but I have left him alone a handful of times to do things outside and run to the store and he has never chewed anything up. He was also potty trained in less than two weeks.

What’s your favourite memory with Bubba so far?

My favorite memory with Bubba so far is getting to spend all day everyday with him, as he comes to work with me.

Do Irish Doodles shed?

No, you might find a stray hair on you every once in awhile after holding him, but if you keep them brushed he does not.

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In your experience, do Irish Doodles require a lot of exercise?

I take Bubba on occasionally walks as the weather has been starting to get nice out, but other than that I would say no.

Are Irish Doodles good swimmers?

Yes, we recently had our first experience on Easter with water when Bubba decided to jump off the dock into the lake and he swam great.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about an Irish Doodle as a pet?

Irish Doodle Bubba (Photo: @bubba.thedood / Instagram)

Irish Doodle Bubba (Photo: @bubba.thedood / Instagram)


You won’t be disappointed and once you have one you will be asking yourself why it took you so long.

Why did you decide to start an Instagram page for Bubba?

My friend gave me the idea to start one because I was always taking pictures of him and needed an outlet to post them to.

How much time do you spend building your Instagram page?

Honestly, I started his Instagram page for fun and so I wasn’t the only one looking at the millions of photos I take of him. I try to not spend too much time on it because if you have to put that much effort into it then it’s not worth it.

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What other Irish Doodle accounts would you recommend?

We like @cooper_the_irishdoodle and @irish.doodle.riley.

Irish Doodle pros and cons

Irish Doodle Bubba (Photo: @bubba.thedood / Instagram)

Irish Doodle Bubba (Photo: @bubba.thedood / Instagram)


Hypoallergenic – A dog that is hypoallergenic was a huge thing to us when deciding on what type of dog to get. We are both clean freaks and it is super nice not having hair EVERYWHERE and a dog that stays clean easily.

Smart & easy & loving – Irish doodles are very smart. Bubba came home at nine weeks old and within the first week at home he had almost mastered potty training; the only reason he would have an accident is when he was sitting at the door and we didn’t know it until it was too late. We then introduced a bell at the door and we showed him how to use it once and ever since he will sit and ring it until you let him out. He also learned how to sit etc in a day. He loves attention, but he is perfectly fine just playing with his toys by himself for hours.

Athletic – Bubba is very limber and has an athletic build. We loved this aspect of the breed, as you are less likely to have some health problems down the road.


Fur – their fur can get matted easily if you do not take care of it properly.

I can’t think of another con….. As our Irish Doodle has literally been a breeze to train and is a great family dog.

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