Ilo The Havanese Questions And Answers

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Updated on 22 November 2019

Havanese are a hypoallergenic dog breed that don’t shed.

If you suffer with allergies to dogs, you may want to consider getting a Havanese if you’re desperate to adopt a pooch.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a completely hypoallergenic dog, so you could still suffer with allergies if you get a Havanese.

But for the most part, they’re hypoallergenic.

They’re apartment-sized dogs that don’t need an awful lot of exercise, which makes them perfect for city living.

To lean more about their unique coats and hypoallergenic qualities, we spoke to Ilo the Havanese (@ilo_the_havanese) to learn more about these Cuban dogs.

Ilo The Havanese Questions And Answers

Havanese Ilo (Photo: @ilo_the_havanese / Instagram)

Havanese Ilo (Photo: @ilo_the_havanese / Instagram)

1) How did you first hear about Havanese dogs?

I saw a Facebook post by a former colleague where she was talking about their Havanese dog and how it didn’t cause them allergies.

2) Why did you decide to go with a Havanese as a pet?

I am allergic to dogs so I never thought or dreamed of having one, but after reading a lot about Havaneses and about their personality it felt like a perfect breed for me.

3) Has owning a Havanese lived up to your expectations?

I didn’t have that many expectations, but now I can’t imagine life without my little Havanese.

4) Can you give us an insight into Ilo’s personality?

Havanese Ilo (Photo: @ilo_the_havanese / Instagram)

Havanese Ilo (Photo: @ilo_the_havanese / Instagram)

Ilo is really social and friendly dog. He loves other dogs (especially girls) and people too! He gets super excited pretty much about everything and he could eat endlessly, so he is easily motivated with food.

5) In your experience, do Havanese bark a lot?

No, I don’t think so. But I also do think it’s more about the training or specific dog than a Havanese breed issue.

6) Would you say Havanese are prone to separation anxiety?

I’ve had two Havaneses and only had minor issues. With proper training from the start, I think the separation anxiety is avoidable.

7) Is it true Havanese are great companion/lap dogs?

Yes, yes and yes! In Finnish, we have this word ”butt fly” which describes Havanese well. They are where you are, always!

8) How much exercise does your Havanese require?

Havanese Ilo (Photo: @ilo_the_havanese / Instagram)

Havanese Ilo (Photo: @ilo_the_havanese / Instagram)

We generally go out three or four times a day and maybe 5-10km per day all together – and of course a lot of running in the dog park a few times a week.

9) Would you recommend Havanese to first-time owners?

Yes, I would. Havanese are pretty soft and loving dogs. They’re a very social breed so they do need a lot of attention, it’s not good for people with busy lifestyle (people who are away a lot for work and hobbies) and of course their fur takes some time to maintain.

10) What’s your favourite memory with Ilo?

When Ilo sees his besties he just goes nuts! It’s super cute how he loves his favorite people or dogs.

11) Does Ilo get confused for other breeds? Have you met many other Havanese?

Oh all the time! Ilo’s fur color is pretty rare and Ilo is also larger than the breed in average so noone recognices Ilo as Havanese. I think people suggest mixed breed most of the time. There are a lot of Havaneses in Finland so we’ve met quite a few other Havaneses.

12) What’s the best thing about having an Instagram page for your dog?

Havanese Ilo (Photo: @ilo_the_havanese / Instagram)

Havanese Ilo (Photo: @ilo_the_havanese / Instagram)

It’s very warm and supporting ”community” and who doesn’t like cute dog pics?

13) Is there a big Havanese community on social media?

Yes, I think so! I love following and interacting with other havanese owners around the world!

14) What other Havanese accounts would you recommend?

• @mallahavese
• @kaapotahvohava
• @rosiexsydney
• @frodo.havanese

15) Would you ever consider getting a second Havanese?

I’ve been thinking about it, but maybe not anytime soon.

Havanese Pros and Cons

Havanese Ilo (Photo: @ilo_the_havanese / Instagram)

Havanese Ilo (Photo: @ilo_the_havanese / Instagram)


• Affectionate, a lot of kisses <3 • Suitable for city living • Smart, loves training and puzzels Cons

• Also a plus but minus too, needs a lot brain puzzles and activity
• Taking care of the fur and grooming it will take time (and money)
• Owning a dog in general can be stressful because you worry about them all the time!

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