20 Huskador To Follow On Instagram

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Updated on 25 January 2021
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Huskador are a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Siberian Husky.

The cross breed remains relatively uncommon but there are some example of this unique mix on social media platforms, such as Instagram.

The Huskador can also be referred to as the Siberian Retriever as well as Husky Lab, Lab Husky, Labrador Retriever Husky mix and Labsky.

As you might expect, Huskador tend to be relatively high energy dogs that will require a lot of mental and physical stimulation.

They’ll shed their coat at least twice a year given both the Labrador and the Siberian Husky breeds are considered high shedding.

Labrador retriever playing outside smile in green park (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Labrador retriever playing outside smile in green park (Photo: Adobe Stock)

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 20 Huskador to follow on Instagram if you’re looking to find out more about the cross breed.

20) Zola (@zola_huskador) – 133 followers

Zola (@zola_huskador) is a four-year old Husky Labrador cross living in Scotland. Zola was rescued from Romania and adopted in July 2020. If you want to check out Zola’s fun adventures in Scotland, he’s well worth a follow.

19) Zorka (@zorka_huskador) – 213 followers

Zorka (@zorka_huskador) is half Husky, half Labrador. This Huskador lives in the Netherlands with his feathered friend, Marty Blush. You can find Zorka exploring the country’s many beauty spots.

18) Zuri (@zuri_thehuskador) – 426 followers

Zuri (@zuri_thehuskador) is described as a curious pup. This Huskador is still less than a year old but has old reached a healthy 36 pounds in weight. With fluffy ears, this Huskador will win you over.

17) Hazel and Apollo (@nuts.and.loco) – 437 followers

You’d be forgiven for thinking Hazel and Apollo (@nuts.and.loco) names are Nuts and Loco. Their profile openly admits that this Huskador duo are a little nuts and loco. You can expect to smile when you check out their photos!

16) Malcolm (@malcolmmrhyss) – 550 followers

Malcolm (@malcolmmrhyss) is a stunning member of the Husky Labrador cross family. With a light coat, dark brown eyes and pink/black nose, this pup is eyecatching. You can follow this two-year-old’s adventures in Pennsylvania.

15) Fritter (@chasingfritter) – 611 followers

Fritter (@chasingfritter) is a mama’s sweet girl. This beautiful red colored Labsky was adopted last summer. She’s living her best life whether its frolicking in the snow or staying snug inside with mom.

14) Lewis (@labsky.lewis) – 684 followers

Lewis (@labsky.lewis) is a Husky Labrador mix living in Canada. This cheeky chappy is less than a year old but already weighs in at a 70 pounds. With bags of personality, Lewis will put a smile on your face.

13) Pinto (@pinto.the.labsky) – 879 followers

Pinto (@pinto.the.labsky) has the most striking blue eyes contrasted with his chocolate coat. This Siberian Husky Labrador Retriever mix is a registered emotional support animal. He loves an adventure!

12) Miss Molly May (@missmolly_labsky) – 950 followers

Miss Molly May (@missmolly_labsky) is a Labsky living in Canada. She loves the sea, trees and food. Miss Molly May makes no bones about the face that she is spoiled! Like Pinto, she’s also an emotional support animal.

11) Sir Watson (@sir_wat.son) – 1,031 followers

If you’re looking for striking photos of a Husky Lab cross in the snow, Sir Watson (@sir_wat.son) is the account for you. Living in Quebec, this one-year old is clearly at home in the white stuff!

10) Louie (@louielabsky) – 1,331 followers

Louie (@louielabsky) is a Husky Lab cross with one mission in life – to teach his humans to stop and smell the flowers and eat the ones that smell the best. Presumably Louie is a vegan!

9) Remus and Fawkes (@roamingwithremus) – 1,713 followers

Remus and Fawkes (@roamingwithremus) love to adventures. Remus is a Labrador Husky mix and Fawkes is a Husky-Malamute-Labrador cross. The result is two beautiful dogs. The pair are based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

8) Marlo (@goodboymarlo) – 2,172 followers

Marlo (@goodboymarlo) is a rescue pup living the good life. There are three principles that govern his life: nutrition, balanced training and connection. This handsome boy is fed a raw diet.

7) Nutella (@life.of.nutella) – 2,645 followers

Nutella (@life.of.nutella) is a brown and white Labsky. This Baby Queen is a foodie and snow lover. Nutella has amassed a following of nearly 2,700 followers on Instagram.

6) Chance (@chancethehuskador_) – 3,088 followers

Chance (@chancethehuskador_) is a cross between a Siberian Husky and a red Labrador. He’s always on an adventure, which results in some pretty great Instagram photos.

5) Mia (@miathelabsky) – 3,141 followers

We’re heading to New Zealand to meet Mia (@miathelabsky) next. She’s a Husky Lab cross with over 3,000 followers on Instagram. This light-colored Labsky has warm brown eyes and a pink nose that’ll bowl you over.

4) Cooper (@heycooperboy) – 3,627 followers

Cooper (@heycooperboy) is a Husky Lab German Shepherd cross. This Canadian canine can be found chilling with his feline friend Simone. With beautiful marking and bi eyes, Cooper is certainly cute.

3) Lilo (@lilo_the_labsky) – 3,656 followers

Lilo (@lilo_the_labsky) is a Siberian Husky Labrador Retriever cross. While you’ll usually find Lilo is Canada, this pup is likely to follow wherever the treat are.

2) Maya and Ivy (@mayafloppyear) – 4,259 followers

Maya and Ivy (@mayafloppyear) are Labsky siblings. Ivy has a tricolored markings and big brown eyes. Maya has a light reddish coat with a tail that curls over. This duo are only separated by six months.

1) Kylo (@kylothelabsky) – 6,036 followers

Kylo (@kylothelabsky) is a Husky, Labrador, Chow and German Shepherd mix. With big blue eyes, a big smile and a light colored coat, this South Florida pup likes to soak up the rays. Kylo has over 6,000 followers.

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