20 Adorable Havanese To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 9 January 2023

Havanese are an increasingly popular breed in the USA.

These Cuban dogs have enjoyed a surge in popularity towards the end of the 20th century and the start of the 21st century.

Havanese are perfect dogs for city dwellers given their small size and their cheerful personalities.

They’re also considered a hypoallergenic breed due to their low-shedding coats.

The hashtag Havanese has over 2 million entries on Instagram.

If you want to learn more about this breed, you can always check out some of these dogs on social media.

Pablo the Havanese (Photo: @havaneser_pablo / Instagram)

Pablo the Havanese (Photo: @havaneser_pablo / Instagram)

Here are 20 Havanese worth a follow on Instagram if you’re a fan of the breed.

20) Honey Chew (@honeychewy)

Honey Chew (@honeychewy) is a Havanese that will win you over with his cuddly appearance. He’s got a gorgeous black and white coat. Having been born in 2018, Honey Chew is obsessed with dirty socks.

19) Michu (@michuthelittlehavanese)

You won’t find many petfluencers cuter than Michu (@michuthelittlehavanese). He’s a little Havanese boy who has nearly 700 followers on Instagram. It’s fair to say Michu has the puppy dog eyes mastered.

18) Teddy (@teddy_the_havanese_)

Teddy (@teddy_the_havanese_) likes to make friends with other dogs on the social media platform. He’s a Havanese who was born in 2018. He’s got a Havanese brother called Buddy who has his own Instagram page – too.

17) Otis (@otis_havacub_nyc)

Next up we’ve got a sock stealer and toilet roll destroyer. Otis (@otis_havacub_nyc) lives in New York City but has friends all over the world. This cheeky Havanese is sweet, sneaky and smart. He lives to play!

16) Ilo (@ilo_the_havanese)

We’ve got a Bichon Havanese to take a look at now. Ilo (@ilo_the_havanese) is an adorable boy. You can find Ilo in Finland stealing hearts.

15) Vili (@vilithehavanese)

Continuing the Finland theme, we’ve got Vili (@vilithehavanese). He is helping Santa Paws get ready for Christmas. He is living a pawsome life despite being photographed by the puparazzi (a lot).

14) Coco (@havanese.coco)

Coco (@havanese.coco) is a chocolate Havanese dog living in Europe. This little lady will win you over with her fun cocogram. Born in 2017, she’s based in Warsaw, Poland.

13) Dina (@furrytrail)

Dina (@furrytrail) has a beautiful Instagram profile. Her profile is awash with stunning photos in Norway’s beautiful landscapes. She likes to live the adventurous life by the Fjord.

12) Lilo (@itsfluffinlilo)

It’s difficult to read about Havanese without reading about the Bichon Frise. We’ve got another Havachon here. Lilo (@itsfluffinlilo) is a clingy motherfluffer who has mastered the head tilt and puppy eyes.

11) Milo (@milothehavanesedog)

It’s time to meet Milo (@milothehavanesedog). He’s an adorable Havanese puppy who loves to snuggle. You won’t be able to resist a smile checking out Milo’s Instagram profile.

Havanese puppy (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Havanese puppy (Photo: Adobe Stock)

10) Katitiwi (@katitiwi)

Proving that these Cuban dogs are really a big hit in Europe, we’ve got Katitiwi (@katitiwi), who lives in Germany. She’s a sweet Havanese girl who isn’t afraid to get wet. You can follow her for cute bath time photos.

9) PJ (@pj_the_havanese)

PJ (@pj_the_havanese) is Havanese with a penchant for a costume. He lives in Ottawa, Canada. He’s a great advertisement for the lifespan of Havanese: He’s 16.

8) GirlGirl (@girlgirl.havanese)

GirlGirl (@girlgirl.havanese) is a Havanese mix. She was adopted in 2016. There’s no doubt that GirlGirl has one of the sweetest expressions you’ll find an Instagram.

7) Ted (@havanese_ted)

Ted (@havanese_ted) is a little, fluffy pup exploring the world with his Jack Russell brother. He enjoys going on adventures with his bro JD. Put your paws up for Ted!

6) Cooper (@cooperthemnhavi)

Don’t get it twisted, Cooper (@cooperthemnhavi) is not a Doodle. That’s not to say Cooper doesn’t like Doodles. He’s a purebred Havanese. If you want to follow Cooper, he’ll follow you back. Now that’s community spirit!

Havanese puppy (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Havanese puppy (Photo: Adobe Stock)

5) Sophie (@sophadophhavanese)

Sophie (@sophadophhavanese) lives in the Chicago suburbs. This cute lady has an impeccable coat. The four-year old is the first Havanese on our list with over 10,000 followers.

4) Cappie (@cappiethehavanese)

Sticking in Chicago, Cappie (@cappiethehavanese) is a three-year old Havanese based in Chi-town. He’s a pro tennis ball player, so watch out Roger Federer! Cappie presumably got his name from his Cappuccino-colored coat.

3) Pablo (@havaneser_pablo)

We’re back in Germany with Pablo (@havaneser_pablo). This sweet Havanese boy is the perfect dog model. He’s mastered the tongue out look!

2) Pip (@sirpippinofbeanfield)

Next up we’ve got Havanese royalty. Pip (@sirpippinofbeanfield) is the only son of Hollywood actress Glenn Close. As a result, Pip is well traveled. While his Mom is a taleneted actress, Pip has got some talents – too. These include being a fetch artist and mini-ball catcher extraordinaire.

1) Einstein (@einstein_panda)

Einstein (@einstein_panda) completes are list of Havanese to cheek out on Instagram. He’s a Havanese rescue pup living in Seattle. This pupper may be little but don’t be fooled, he’s got a big personality.

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