Harvey The Cockapoo Questions And Answers

By helloBARK!
Updated on 16 August 2021

Harvey is a cute Cockapoo living in New York.

His profile states that he’s half Cockapoo, half teddy bear.

Harvey certainly has a bear-like expression with his gorgeous brown eyes and light coloring.

He’s still very much enjoying his puppy days, so following his account will give you an insight into how Cockapoos change and mature.

We spoke to Harvey’s mom to learn more about Harvey and the Cockapoo breed.

You can follow Teddy on Instagram here (@harvey_the_cockapoo_).

1) How did you hear about Cockapoos?

Cockapoo Harvey (Photo: @harvey_the_cockapoo_ / Instagram)

Cockapoo Harvey (Photo: @harvey_the_cockapoo_ / Instagram)

We were looking into a low shedding family friendly dog— first looked into Mini Golden Doodles and then all the “poo brands” since our friend had Maltipoos.

2) What attracted you to Cockapoos?

Everything! Once we started doing research they seemed to have such great traits — loyal, friendly, intelligent. And not to mention they are SO cute.

3) Can you tell us how you ended up with Harvey?

Cockapoo Harvey (Photo: @harvey_the_cockapoo_ / Instagram)

Cockapoo Harvey (Photo: @harvey_the_cockapoo_ / Instagram)

I started looking into Cockapoo breeders in the area and we found one an hour from us. In his pictures of past puppies I noticed one cute puppy had a name tag named “Ollie”. I thought maybe Ollie has an Instagram account that I can see more pictures. After some searching I found him!! I messaged the owner of the account and luckily she responded and confirmed the breeder they used and let me know their experience. The breeder had an upcoming litter with “Ollie’s” dad so we put a deposit! And ended up with cute little Harvey!

4) Can you spot Cocker Spaniel and Poodle traits in Harvey?

Yes! He is loving and a people person— from the Cocker side. And he is SO smart (almost too smart) from his Podle side!

5) In your experience, are Cockapoo picky eaters?

He is not necessarily a picky eater but he does like to be fed a certain way. When we brought him home he would only eat out of your hand sitting on your lap. We have since tried to wean him from this so now he eats in a puppy pen so he can focus. He prefers his meal on the floor rather than in his bowl!! And occasionally he will not finish it until you go in the pen with him.

6) Do Cockapoos bark a lot?

Cockapoo Harvey (Photo: @harvey_the_cockapoo_ / Instagram)

Cockapoo Harvey (Photo: @harvey_the_cockapoo_ / Instagram)

Harvey luckily does not bark a lot! He barks when playing with other dogs or when he is impatiently waiting for a treat.

7) How much exercise do Cockapoos need?

Right now he is just shy of four months so has a lot of energy to get out! We walk him a couple times daily. He does tire out relatively quickly though!

8) Are Cockapoos hypoallergenic?

They are hypoallergenic and low shedding.

9) Does getting a Cockapoo groomed cost a lot of money?

We have not gotten him groomed yet. We are waiting for his coat to grow more! According to others owners who got their Cockapoos from our breeder, they get groomed every 2-3 months and then regular upkeep by you around their eyes !

10) Would you recommend Cockapoos to a first-time dog owner?

We are first time dog owners so yes I would definitely recommend! They are relatively easy to train and just a love-able breed.

11) Is there a big Cockapoo community in the USA?

Cockapoo Harvey (Photo: @harvey_the_cockapoo_ / Instagram)

Cockapoo Harvey (Photo: @harvey_the_cockapoo_ / Instagram)

I feel there is a large US community of Cockapoos!

12) What comments or questions does Harvey get out and about?

The most common question “what is he? He’s so cute!” And then also questions about if he sheds!

13) What’s your favourite memory (or post) with Harvey?

I still think picking Harvey up from the breeder is my favorite memory. It was the first time we saw Harvey and he was so much tinier than his pictures! We couldn’t believe it. And he snuggled the whole way home!

14) What are the pros and cons of having an Instagram for your dogs?

Pros: Having memories, photos and videos to look back on. It actively makes me keep up with photos and milestones of Harvey’s.

Cons: I don’t want to be so focused on getting photos that I forget to live in the moment!

15) What other Cockapoo accounts would you recommend?

@ollie_the_cockapoo_ is the cutie that I first laid eyes on!; @theatxcockapoo

Cockapoo pros and cons

Cockapoo Harvey (Photo: @harvey_the_cockapoo_ / Instagram)

Cockapoo Harvey (Photo: @harvey_the_cockapoo_ / Instagram)


• People loving: He is SO friendly. He just wants to meet people and give them kisses. It’s very sweet.

• Easy to train: He picks up commands very quickly. within a couple tries he will have learned a new trick.

• Good with kids: He is very gentle and loving with children. We can’t wait to have kids to see their bond!


• Intelligence: I think the breed can be so smart sometimes that they can get bored. When Harvey gets bored that’s when he starts chewing on things he shouldn’t be! He also is so smart (for example) he started squatting twice outside to get two treats ☺

• Grooming: Although we haven’t gotten him groomed yet this is something that will require maintenance his whole life! As his fur grows we may have to worry about mats and thus require brushing daily.

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