21 Great Danes To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 6 January 2023

Great Danes are the biggest dog breed in the world.

Called the “Apollo of Dogs”, these magnificent canines may appear intimidating due to their sheer size, but they’re gentle giants.

Great Danes make great family pets in the right environment.

They’ll protect the home although their presence alone should be enough to deter would-be intruders.

The American Kennel Club rank Great Danes as the 16th most popular breed in the United States.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 20 Great Danes that you need to check out on Instagram.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the great Great Dane accounts on the photo-sharing app.

21) Reese and Otis (@reese_and_otis) – 3,200 followers

If one Great Dane isn’t enough for you, Reese Elizabeth and Otis Grey (@reese_and_otis) are two siblings that also live in New Jersey. They live a wild and crazy life together. If they’re not running on the beach, you’ll find them cuddles up on the sofa taking a well earned nap.

20) Donovan (@donovan_thegreat) – 4,600 followers

New Jersey pup Donovan (@donovan_thegreat) has nearly 5,200 followers on Instagram. The three-year old Great Dane is a certified therapy dog as well as AKC registered. Donovan loves trips to the beach and knows how to pose for the camera. His steel blue eyes will leave you mesmerized.

19) Ernesto (@greatdane_ernesto) – 6,850 followers

We’re heading to Austria next! Ernesto (@greatdane_ernesto) is from Vienna. This male Great Dane has a few interesting hobbies: food, naps and good poops. Ernesto has 2,400 followers on the photo-sharing app.

18) Tito and Luna (@tito.the.greatest.dane) – 7,100 followers

Tito and Luna (@tito.the.greatest.dane) are two Great Danes who are ready to burst into action when the camera rolls. They write on their Instagram page that they’re two Great Danes doing great things based in Finland. They’ve amassed a following of over 8,000 followers.

17) Norman (@normantheblue) – 12,000 followers

Norman (@normantheblue) is a five-year old velcro Great Dane. This lover of sunshine and good times can be found living his best life in Southern Ontario. He’s a blankie thief with lemur eyes. This treat-loving gentle giant has 10,400 followers on Instagram.

16) Milo (@milo_the_greatdane) – 12,000 followers

Milo (@milo_the_greatdane) is a Great Dane living in Cleveland. Milo proudly declares on his Instagram page that he puts the “punk” into spunky. This two-year old likes toys, naps and treats! Milo has got a fanbase of over 11,400 followers.

15) Delphia and Dexter (@delphia_and_dexter_the_danes) – 11,500 followers

Delphia and Dexter (@delphia_and_dexter_the_danes) are two Great Danes loving life in the Sunshine State. Delphia is a harlequin Great Dane and Dexter is a blue merle Great Dane. If you want to get an insight into life with two Great Danes, you should check out these Florida pups.

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14) Mr Paddington (@mister_paddington) – 24,000 followers

Mr Paddington (@mister_paddington) isn’t a marmalade-loving teddy bear but a handsome Great Dane. He’s a professional drooler and cuddler. This AKC-registered Harlequin Great Dane has just hit the 12,000 milestone on the photo-sharing app.

13) Rocky and Zoe (@spottedangels) – 14,400 followers

Rocky and Zoe (@spottedangels) are two rescue Great Danes continuing the legacy of Logan and Emma. Rocky is an eight-year old Great Dane, while Zoe is just two. This charming pair have over 14,000 fans on Instagram.

12) Freddy (@freddygreatdane) – 16,200 followers

We’ve got another special Great Dane next on our list. Freddy (@freddygreatdane) is the world’s tallest dog. Don’t take our word for it! He’s the official Guinness World Record holder. If that doesn’t make you want to hit the follow button, we don’t know what will!

Great Dane (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Great Dane (Photo: Adobe Stock)

11) Zeus and Stella (@zeus_the_fawn_dane) – 21,000 followers

What’s better than two Great Danes? Three Great Danes! Zeus, Stella and Holly (@zeus_the_fawn_dane) live in San Diego, California. You’ll be kept entertained by their videos playing in the yard or on the beach.

10) Fergus and Ripley (@fergus_the_blue_dane) – 18,200 followers

Fergus (@fergus_the_blue_dane) is an American Great Dane that is always up for adventure. The three-year old Great Dane has quite the CV: he’s a big stick hunter, a slobber monster, lizard chaser and fashionista. Since we first featured him, Fergus has a new canine companion in the shape of a Great Dane sibling called Ripley.

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9) Ella (@myotherusernameisbetter_) – 29,300 followers

Living la vida loca in Germany is Ella (@myotherusernameisbetter_). She’s a nine-year old Great Dane that is a giant love bug (in her mom’s words). Ella is passionate about making new friends and zoomies. She’s already made 27,000 friends on social media.

8) Iris (@iristhebluegreatdane) – 35,000 followers

Great Danes are notorious for enjoying a nap or two and Iris (@iristhebluegreatdane) lives up to that stereotype. She’s a self-proclaimed laziest Great Dane despite having a fitness fanatic Mom! Based in Indiana, Iris is fast closing in on 28,000 followers on Instagram.

7) Mutka and Luna (@whythankyew) – 26,000 followers

We’re back in Finland and we’ve got Mutka and Luna (@whythankyew). They’re two goofy Great Dane pups that have mastered how to pull silly faces for the camera. It’s no surprise that they’re close to 30,000 Instagram followers. Mutka and Luna are guaranteed to make you smile!

6) Larry (@larrygreatdane) – 165,000 followers

Larry (@larrygreatdane) is a handsome Great Dane with nearly 33,000 followers on the photo-sharing app. Larry is a two-year old with legs for days. This Great Dane invites everyone to follow his daily adventures.

5) Bellesdanois (@bellesdanois) – 30,000 followers

If you’re looking for a daily dose of cuteness, look no further than Bellesdanois (@bellesdanois). This pack of six Great Danes will brighten your day. Living in Finland, this quintet will quickly win you over like over 33,000 others on the photo-sharing app.

4) Blue and Ivy (@adventuresofblueandivy) – 35,000 followers

Staying in Europe but moving down to Belgium, we’ve got two professional heartstealers. Blue and Ivy (@adventuresofblueandivy) are two Great Danes that love to explore the countryside. These two Great Danes are sociable dogs that like to hang out with other pooches.

3) Duke and Sully (@dazeofdukeandsully) – 53,000 followers

With a great Instagram handle (@dazeofdukeandsully), we aren’t the slightest bit surprised that Duke and Sully have over 53,000 followers on Instagram. They love nothing more than to wag their tails and steal hearts. We bet this pair have stolen a lot of hearts with their rugged good looks.

2) Kernel (@kernelthegreatdane) – 123,000 followers

Kernel (@kernelthegreatdane) is a clumsy nude lap cow with over 100,000 fans on social media. The Boston-based Great Dane is a service and therapy dog as well as all round good canine citizen. The two-year old weighs in at 160 pounds.

1) Freya (@freyaeverafter) – 281,000 followers

Last but by no means least is Freya (@freyaeverafter). This Instagram famous Great Dane is one part of a huge pack of animals. With horses, birds and cats as siblings (to name but a few), Freya has over 311,000 followers on the social media platform. If you’re interested in how Great Danes interact with other dogs, pets and animals, this is the account for you!

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