20 German Shorthaired Pointers To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 9 January 2023

German Shorthaired Pointers are a versatile sporting dog breed.

They’re usually associated with hunting or retrieving of bird from land or water.

However, German Shorthaired Pointers, abbreviated to GSP, can make great companion dogs.

They’ll need lots of exercise to keep their minds active and ensure they get sufficient physical stimulation.

The American Kennel Club ranked the German Shorthaired Pointer as the ninth most popular breed in the USA.

In this article, we take a look at 20 German Shorthaired Pointers to check out on Instagram.

20) Kona (@gspnamedkona)

Kona (@gspnamedkona) is a German Shorthaired Pointer living in Massachusetts. With a predominantly white coat with brown marking, particularly around the ears and face, Kona is a beautiful specimen. Still a relatively young dog, you can watch Kona grow.

19) Duncan and Daisy (@gspsinapod)

Duncan and Daisy (@gspsinapod) are two German Shorthaired Pointers that have one big passion in life: they love to chase squirrels in their hometown of Austin in Texas.

18) Collins (@pointerinthecity)

Moving to Virginia from Texas, we’ve got Collins (@pointerinthecity). This GSP is from New York City but is now sampling the delights and smells of McLean. Collins has amassed a respectable following of nearly 6,000 fans.

17) Fynn and Rey (@gsps_oftheforce)

We’ve got two German Shorthaired Pointers with a passion for Star Wars up next. Fynn and Rey (@gsps_oftheforce) were named after Episode VII. They’re sporty GSP dogs: Fynn loves to dock dive and Rey is a tennis ball connoisseur.

16) Kylo and Luna (@kyloandluna)

Kylo and Luna (@kyloandluna) are two German Shorthaired Pointers that have a lust for life. They’re living their best life.

15) Copper (@tod.and.copper)

We’ve had a Star Wars-inspired GSP Instagram page, now we’ve got some four-legged Disney enthusiasts. Copper (@tod.and.copper) is a German Shorthaired Pointer. He used to have a fluffy Pomeranian companion called Tod. Unfortunately the beautiful fox-colored Pom passed away in April 2020. There’s many beautiful photos of Copper and Tod to check out on their profile. RIP Tod.

14) Hugo and Atka (@pointerpower)

Hugo and Atka (@pointerpower) are two gorgeous GSP living in Canada. Their dog mom Paige perfectly captures life as a German Shorthaired Pointer on their Instagram page.

13) River and Winnie (@justagspthing)

We’ve met some great examples of GSP in North America but we’re moving to Wales next. River and Winnie (@justagspthing) are based in North Wales. They’re two GSP sisters living their best doggie lives. If you want to see the beautiful landscapes of Wales coupled with some brilliant dog photos, check out River and Winnie’s page.

12) Murphy and Charley (@murphyxcharley)

Murphy and Charley (@murphyxcharley) are two GSP living in Ontario. They’re proud Canadian dogs who love to explore the country’s many beauty spots. If you want a taste of Murphy and Charley’s doggie world, you won’t be disappointed.

11) Leroy (@leroy_ky_gsp)

It’s time to meet Leroy (@leroy_ky_gsp), who is a black and white German Shorthaired Pointer. You’ll find this two-year old pup in Lexington, Kentucky. You can check out his adventures, training and tricks on the photo-sharing app.

10) Adventure Among the Pines (@adventure.among.the.pines)

If you want an idea about how a German Shorthaired Pointer could fit into your family life, check out Remy and Adventure Among the Pines (@adventure.among.the.pines). There’s lot of photos of this beautiful GSP as well as shots of the outdoors, hiking and running.

9) Moose (@moose_the_gsp)

Next we’ve got Mean Muggin’ Moose, or Moose (@moose_the_gsp) for short. Moose is a GSP full of personality, which is humorously captured to perfection on his Instagram page.

8) Bendel (@bendel_thegsp)

Bendel (@bendel_thegsp) is a female GSP who splits her time between Tallahassee and South Florida. This stylish German Shorthaired Pointer likes to look pretty in pink.

7) Bonnie (@bonnie_gsp)

We’ve got Bonnie (@bonnie_gsp) up next on our list of GSP on Instagram. Bonnie is a weekend worrier and wood lover. You’ll find Bonnie exploring luscious woodland. She’s got nearly 18,000 fans on the photo-sharing app.

6) Branston and Twiglet (@branstonandtwiglet)

You’ll definitely get your fill of GSP thanks to Branston and Twiglet (@branstonandtwiglet). They’ve got a variety of photos depicting life with a German Shorthaired Pointer. You’ll get major pack vibes from this account!

5) Ruger, Zenzi and Bonnie (@justabirddog)

One of the primary functions of the GSP was for duck hunts. Ruger, Zenzi and Bonnie (@justabirddog) are three German Shorthaired Pointers with a brimming trophy cabinet, judging by their Instagram bio. They’ll provide you with lots of ideas on how to keep your GSP mentally and physically stimulated.

4) Abbie and Gunner (@abbieandgunner)

We’ve got a combination of two beautiful European breeds to admire now. Abbie and Gunner (@abbieandgunner) are nickname the bird dogs. Abbie is an AKC GSP and Gunner is a GSP and Viszla mix. Living in Fort Worth, they’re on the cusp of 30k.

3) Gordie and Lylle (@pointerproblems)

Gordie and Lylle (@pointerproblems) are two German Shorthaired Pointers looking to provide daily smiles. Based in Minnesota, Gordie is 8 and Lylle is 6. Lylle is a smiley rescue pup who clearly loves life with her partner in crime.

2) Hogan and Calvin (@pointandwag)

Hogan and Calvin (@pointandwag) are two beautiful German Shorthaired Pointers who love to hang out with Lenny the Scottie and MC the kitty. Calvin is a tripod but that doesn’t stop him from exercising with his crew. Their mom Nikole has written about her experience and the accident that led Calvin to become an inspiring tripod GSP.

1) Steph (@ifitwags)

Finally, we’ve got Steph (@ifitwags) who owns a German Shorthaired Pointer called Gus and a Germain Wirehaired Pointer named Henry. Together, they make a great duo with their colorful and entertaining photos. Valued members of the family, Gus and Henry prove that these dogs make great pets.

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