25 German Shepherds to follow on Instagram

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Updated on 24 June 2020

German Shepherds are the second most popular dog in the United States.

Only the Labrador surpasses the German Shepherd in the popularity stakes.

These elegant but powerful animals are medium-to-large sized dogs that play a big role in modern society.

The military and police call upon German Shepherds in the line of duty, while another function of GSD is as service animals.

Lola the German Shepherd (Photo: @lola_our_gsd / Instagram)

Lola the German Shepherd (Photo: @lola_our_gsd / Instagram)

There have been a number of famous German Shepherds, including movie star Rin-Tin-Tin and the first blind eye dog Buddy.

Murray the German Shepherd (Photo: murray_thegsd / Instagram)

Murray the German Shepherd (Photo: murray_thegsd / Instagram)

But what German Shepherds merit a follow on social media?

Here is are 25 German Shepherds that are worth a follow on Instagram if you want to learn more about the breed.

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25) Freja (@wanderwithfreja) – 15,400 followers

Freja (@wanderwithfreja) is described as a Nordic goddess on her profile. This German Shepherd lives in Sweden. She’s a two-year old with a long coat. You can follow along her many adventures in this rugged European country.

24) Lauren’s Pack (@laurens_pack) – 20,400 followers

Lauren’s Pack (@laurens_pack) features Maverick and his new pack mate Watson. Maverick is a long-coated German Shepherd who is a star on TikTok as well as Instagram. Watson is a recent arrival and he’s a Newfoundland pup. You can read our interview with Lauren about her dogs here.

23) Moki and Lance (@mokimeetsworld) – 22,200 followers

Moki and Lance (@mokimeetsworld) are long coated German Shepherds with over 22,000 followers on the social media platform Instagram. Not bad going! You get two for the price of one on this account because Moki has a pack mate called Lance, who is GSD with a beautiful white markings on his muzzle and chest.

22) Lola (@pawsofshire) – 23,200 followers

Next up we’ve got Lola (@pawsofshire). She’s a German Shepherd who has a soft spot for Hull, Yorkshire and Shropshire. While you can find stunning photos of Lola on Instagram, this social media savvy GSD has over 500,000 TikTok fans. You can find her mom’s brilliant interview about the German Shepherd breed here.

21) Phoenix (@ren_n_phoenix) – 24,600 followers

Phoenix (@ren_n_phoenix) is a German Shepherd pup following in the footsteps of Rex. For those who have been on TikTok for a while, you may have encountered Rex. Unfortunately he passed away in 2020 but Phoenix is carrying on his legacy on Instagram and TikTok.

20) Mimi (@mimi_the_gsd) – 25,000 followers

We’re heading back to the UK to meet Mimi (@mimi_the_gsd). She’s a rescue German Shepherd who is living her best life. Mimi is sure to make you smile, especially with photos like the one above. This British doggo has over 25,000 followers.

19) Zaz (@zaz.gsd) – 36,800 followers

Proving that there’s a hotbed of German Shepherds in Australia, Zaz (@zaz.gsd) is another GSD living her best life Down Under. This four-year old gets to explore the Gold Coast with her nearly 37,000-strong followers.

18) Beau and Bosley (@mr_beau_and_bosley) – 37,100 followers

What’s better than one German Shepherd? Two German Shepherds of course! You get just that if you follow Beau and Bosely (@mr_beau_and_bosley). Beau is a regal-looking German Shepherd coming up on 10 years old. His partner in crime, Bosley, is five years younger and is happy to admit that he is cute (and he knows it!). If you haven’t seen them wearing bear ears, you’ll want to!

17) Benson (@bestboybenson) – 37,300 followers

Benson (@bestboybenson) provides his 37,000 plus followers with daily photos of the best boy on Instagram. Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Benson has lots of fun adventures to keep his followers entertained and smiling.

16) Murray and Jake (@murray_thegsd) – 38,300 followers

Murray (@murray_thegsd) is a liver and tan German Shepherd with a black Labrador Retriever sibling called Jake. You’d be forgiven for thinking Murray was a lion, not a dog. Almost three years old, Murray can be found exploring the beautiful, natural landscapes of Montana. With over 38,000 followers, Murray is a stunning example of a German Shepherd.

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15) Cairo (@cairo_sable_gsd) – 38,700 followers

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Happy FriYAY!

A post shared by Cairo โ†’ German Shepherd (@cairo_sable_gsd) on

Cairo (@cairo_sable_gsd) is another example of a German Shepherd rescue dog. Closing in on six years old, Cairo has nearly 39,000 followers on the photo and video-sharing app. Cairo is based in Nebraska after she was rescued from Las Vegas.

14) Anya (@anyathegsd) – 45,900 followers

Next up we’ve got a smart German Shepherd called Anya (@anyathegsd). This clever lady as a Yorkimo called Cookie for company. There’s no shortage of fun content on her Instagram page to make you smile along with over 45,000 others.

13) Kaos (@absolute_kaos1) – 56,000 followers

This is the only kind of chaos we like. Kaos (@absolute_kaos1) is a male long coat German Shepherd based in Australia. He seems to be a very sociable dog with lots of canine companions. You’ll often find Kaos at the beach.

12) Jerry (@themuybueno) – 58,500 followers

Jerry (@themuybueno) is another German Shepherd based in Austin, Texas. This dog-dad duo have nearly 60,000 followers on Instagram. We like their light-hearted content. Although let’s be clear, it’s Jerry’s world, the rest of us are just living in it.

11) Enzo (@enzo.swe) – 63,100 followers

It’s time to meet our second Swedish German Shepherd in this feature. Enzo (@enzo.swe) is a two-year old living in the Nordic country. You can find Enzo exploring all sorts of terrain in the European country, snapping amazing photos along the way.

10) Loki (@loki_the_shep) – 72,100 followers

Be prepared for your heart to melt! Loki (@loki_the_shep) and her little pal Tallulah are guaranteed to put smiles on faces. Based in the United Kingdom, Loki is a four-year old German Shepherd with 72,100 followers on Instagram. Loki loves food and walks, typifying some of the key traits of the breed. With a little sidekick, it’s no wonder their photos are such a hit on Instagram.

9) Lucas (@theneighbourhoodwolf) – 72,400 followers

This German Shepherd will certainly standout. Lucas (@theneighbourhoodwolf) is a black GSD with a striking appearance. Based in Nova Scotia, Canada, Lucas loves to live life and make memories. You’d be forgiven for thinking Lucas is a black panther rather than a German Shepherd. It is easy to see why this elegant and sleek 12-year-old dog has 72,400 followers.

8) Presley (@pawsforpresley) – 76,100 followers

Next up we’ve got a King living on his Mountain. Let’s meet Presley (@pawsforpresley), yet another Australia-based German Shepherd. He’s a raw fed GSD who loves trips to the beach. This beach boy has over 76,000 followers on the social media website.

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7) Grizzly Bane (@grizzly.bane) – 100,000 followers

You’ll often find Grizzly Bane (@grizzly.bane) with his dog mom Carol. They’re a double act living in Texas. If you want to witness a bond between dog and mom grow and flourish, you’ll enjoy Bane’s account along with 100,000 others.

6) Chewie and Jax (@chewie.jax.the.gsds) – 119,000 followers

Chewie and Jax (@chewie.jax.the.gsds) are two long-coated German Shepherds based in Queensland. This handsome duo have nearly 120,000 followers on Instagram. It’s not hard to see why given their fun personalities. Anyone want to play frisbee?

5) Charlie (@charlie_theblackshepherd) – 121,000 followers

Charlie (@charlie_theblackshepherd) is a good boy in training. While Charlie is perfecting his good behaviour, his mom is training to be a vet. So Charlie can have peace of mind knowing that he’s in good hands. Charlie has over 120,000 followers on the photo-sharing app.

4) Strider (@strider.gsd) – 192,000

We’re at number four on our list and we’ve finally met a German Shepherd living in the breed’s country of origin. Strider (@strider.gsd) is a two-year old GSD with no shortage of fun photo and video content to feast your eyes on. Strider is close to hitting the 200,000 milestone.

3) Logan (@logantheshepherd) – 208,000 followers

We’re almost at the end of our feature and next up we’ve got Logan (@logantheshepherd). He appears to be a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a German Shepherd. Named after the X-Men character, Logan likes to give his 208,000 followers a glimpse into his adventures.

2) Jade (@jadethesablegsd) – 315,000 followers

Jade (@jadethesablegsd) may have 315,000 Instagram followers but she’s got 525,000 Facebook fans. This is a German Shepherd with serious social media game. You can usually find Jade with her sibling Jasper.

1) Max and Murph (@max.and.murph) – 477,000 followers

We’ve reached the end of our German Shepherd feature. Max (@max.and.murph) is the most popular GSD that we could find on Instagram with nearly half a million followers. Max is a German Shepherd and Murph is a Golden Retriever.

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