Frankie the Boxsky Interview

By helloBARK!
Updated on 4 January 2023

Odds are you’ve never encountered a Boxsky.

The cross breed are a mix between a Boxer and a Siberian Husky, resulting in a high energy dog that is protective of the family.

They’re a rare hybrid dog with a striking appearance thanks to the athletic physique of the Boxer and the beautiful colorings of the Siberian Husky.

With a lack of information online about Boxer Husky Mixes, we reached out to Frankie the Boxsky (@pupfrankie) to learn more about the cross breed.

We touched upon the exercise needs of these wonderful dogs, as well as the training and socialisation required to get best out of a Boxsky.

So here’s our chat with Frankie.

1) How did you first hear about Boxer Husky mix?

Boxer Husky mix Frankie (Photo: @pupfrankie / Instagram)

Boxer Husky mix Frankie (Photo: @pupfrankie / Instagram)

I didn’t really know anything about the mix. I don’t think it was really a thing like it is now. In fact when I searched for the mix when i first got Frankie there were barely any photos. I got Frankie because a local family had an accidental litter and I saw a post about it and had to check it out.

2) What attracted you to the cross breed?

I love both huskies and boxers. They both have such fun derpy personalities. I had no idea what I was getting but wanted to experience it.

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3) Can you give us an insight in Frankie’s personality?

Frankie is a super sweet super cuddly dog. She can be very protective of her pack. Which at times has led to reactive moments. For the most part she loves dogs and people. Her favorite breed of dogs are huskies and boxers. Dogs that seem to get her I just want to run fast and wrestle hard play style. She’s incredibly goofy. Her favorite thing to do is run and then dive to the ground and roll around for a bit. How old is she? Frankie is going to be 6 years old in October.

4) Can you identify Boxer and Siberian Husky traits in Frankie?

Frankie definitely had traits of both breeds. She loves to mush. Running and pulling are some of her favorite things to do. She can be super stubborn. But at the same time she has a lot of people pleasing qualities that come from her boxer breed. She is not food motivated at all. So her stubbornness has made training her. A constant work in progress to put it nicely. Or a struggle to put it not as nicely.

5) Do they make good family pets? Do they do well with children?

I trained Frankie to be good with children. She’s very tolerant of kids. But I spent her puppy life touching her paws, face, tail etc to make her as kid proof as possible.

6) Does Frankie require a lot of exercise?

Boxer Husky mix Frankie (Photo: @pupfrankie / Instagram)

Boxer Husky mix Frankie (Photo: @pupfrankie / Instagram)

When Frankie was a puppy she needed a lot of exercise or she got destructive. She’s better at resting now. But she would be happiest if we could hike or mush all day long.

7) Do Boxer Husky mixes shed a lot?


8) How hard was Frankie to train?

She has not been the easiest dog to train. We are still working on loose leash walking. I’m fairly new to dog training though so a more experiences handler could have an easier time. But she’s not treat or toy motivated. Which makes training harder. She used to run away when I got out the training treats. And if we are walking/hiking she will reject treats. Spit them out. So it never worked to help teach recall.

9) What advice would you give someone thinking about a Boxsky as a pet?

They are the best. But they require a lot of your time and affection. Which is totally worth it.

10) Why did you decide to start an Instagram page for Frankie?

A coworker told me that I couldn’t even get 1000 people to follow my dog. So I started an Instagram for her to prove him wrong.

11) Does Frankie like to pose for the camera? Any tips or tricks?

Boxer Husky mix Frankie (Photo: @pupfrankie / Instagram)

Boxer Husky mix Frankie (Photo: @pupfrankie / Instagram)

Frankie enjoys posing. She does it naturally. She’s not one for looking at the camera though. So I work with what she likes to do. My biggest tip is not to force it. If she doesn’t feel like posing. I don’t make her.

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12) Do you have a favourite post or memory with Frankie?

Oh that’s a hard one. My favorites change all the time. But I think any time we have done mushing activities end up being my favorite. To see the true joy in her face is spectacular. I also love that she doesn’t only tolerates camping, just like me. She would much rather stay in a cozy hotel or Airbnb when we travel then camp.

13) What advice do you have for someone who wants to start an IG page for their dog?

Have fun with it. Don’t compare yourself to others. And just be authentic to you.

14) What other Boxsky or dog accounts in general would you recommend to our readers?

I don’t follow a lot of Boxsky accounts. But some of my favorite accounts in general are @tuckerleo_da_huskies @nemoccr @longhaultrekkers @waywardexplorers and really so many more. If you think your dog is part of the family and you show it on your account I probably love you. Especially if you travel with your dog.

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