21 Famous Pugs To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 6 January 2023

Pugs have been trend setters on the internet for quite some time.

These toy dogs have proven a huge hit in the age of the internet along with other breeds such as Corgis and Shiba Inu.

Pugs are one of the biggest breeds on Instagram – the hashtag pug has nearly 18 million entries alone!

Most people will have heard of Doug The Pug, who is the self professed King of Pop Culture.

But he’s not the only pug putting smiles on faces on Instagram.

Minnie and Max the head-tilting Pugs (Photo: @minniemaxpugs / Instagram)

Minnie and Max the head-tilting Pugs (Photo: @minniemaxpugs / Instagram)

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 21 pugs that you need to check out on Instagram.

So without further ado, let’s start our countdown of some of the biggest and best Pug accounts on the social media platform.

21) Silly Mr Eddie (@sillytalkswitheddie) – 4,000 followers

If you’re looking for a pug with a goofy personality, look no further than Silly Mr Eddie (@sillytalkswitheddie). Living his best life in Miami, Florida, Eddie has amassed a following of over 4,500 fans. The black pug’s facial expressions will make you smile!

20) Matti the Pug (@mattithepug)

Happily living in her forever home in San Jose, California is Matti (@mattithepug). This elegant pug was surrendered at a young age but she’s had a fairytale ending. Matti is a happy and fashionable pug loving life with her humans. This Golden State Warriors fan has 11,500 followers on Instagram.

19) Simon, Frankie and Bella (@2pugsandaragdoll)

Simon and Frankie are two pugs (@2pugsandaragdoll) living with their cat pal Bella. Simon has reached the grand age of 14, although he’s lost his sight. Frankie is eight years his junior. They’re big members of the pug community on Instagram, which explains why they’ve got close to 14,000 followers on the social media platform.

18) Sir Axle Rod (@siraxlerodthepug)

Sir Axle Rod (@siraxlerodthepug) is a six-year old pug with a substantial following of 15,000 people on the photo-sharing app. Sir Axle’s motto is to keep on pugging along. Sounds like the perfect plan to us!

17) Roxy The Pug (@roxy.thepug)

Roxy (@roxy.thepug) is a fawn pug living the puglife in Nashville, Tenenesse. Roxy likes to bite and chew stuff, including balls and shoes. This adorable lady is five years old. She’s previously featured in the 37 most majestic pugs of 2014 – so Roxy has been enjoying some Instagram fame for quite some time!

16) Igor Pugdog and Zombie Pug (@igorpugdog)

Igor Pugdog and Zombie Pug (@igorpugdog) are two pups fighting the fight for pugs less fortunate than these Instagram stars. They’re helping surrendered pugs to find their forever homes in Toronto, Canada. When they’re not involved in the Pugalug Pug Rescue, Igor and Zombie are actors and models.

15) Lungo (@lungo_pug)

Swapping Canada for Thailand, we’ve got Lungo (@lungo_pug) next on our list. He’s a five-and-a-half year old fawn pug living in Asia. This handsome boy promises to make you smile! He’s already got 19,400 happy followers on Instagram.

alaskan klee kai
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14) Timmy O’Pug (@timmyopug)

Next up we’ve got a world class napper! Pugs originated in Asia but there’s definitely an Irish link with Timmy O’Pug (@timmyopug). He’s looking to raise the dapper level of Chicago with his stylish outfits. Timmy is the little brother of Violet the Pug (who has sadly gone to doggy heaven).

13) Boogie the Pug (@boogiethepug)

A rescue pug that likes to travel, Boogie (@boogiethepug) is living the jet setter life. He likes to spread love like his fellow pugs. Boogie is from New York City but likes to travel and has tips for those who want to explore the world with their pup too. He’s got nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram who are following his fun adventures.

12) Molly (@mollyvecc)

Continuing the New York theme, we’ve got Molly (@mollyvecc). She’s a five-year old fawn pug that likes to gives kisses. Molly is the self-confessed queen of napping. Fitting for a pug living in NYC, she’s got a paw in the fashion world with her own line of bowties, caps, totes and more.

11) Brandy (@brandy_the_pug)

Our first Instagram-verified pug is Brandy (@brandy_the_pug). He’s the world’s most versatile pug – which explains why he’s got quite the following on Instagram. Brandy can surf and snowboard, which is more than a lot of humans! If you want some surfing or snowboarding tips, Brandy is your dog!

10) Mack the Adventure Pug (@pugventurephoto)

Proving that you really don’t need to be a big dog to go on lots of adventures, Mack the Adventure Pug (@pugventurephoto) is a dog with wanderlust. He’s got a “little flat face in a big round world”. His Instagram profile reads that both Mack and his owner are in search of outdoor adventures – and treats. Sounds like our kind of life!

Pug plays fetch with tennis ball (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Pug plays fetch with tennis ball (Photo: Adobe Stock)

9) Hamilton and Rufus (@hamiltonpug)

If you’ve ever owned a pug or are a passionate follower of the breed on Instagram, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Hamilton (@hamiltonpug). He’s one of the OG pugs on the social media platform. A pug with a rags to riches story, Hamilton started in a shelter in Ohio but now lives in New York City with his brother Rufus.

8) Surf Gidget The Pug (@surf_gidget_the_pug)

Another pug with a penchant for the surf board is Surf Gidget The Pug (@surf_gidget_the_pug). This athletic pug is a champion surfer. He’s a sport and celebrity pug with a big heart that likes to give back. With nearly 90,000 followers on Instagram, you’ll want to check out this famous pug’s exploits on a surf board!

7) Giles and Nigel (@gilesthepug)

If you’re looking for some super pugventures, you need to check out Giles and Nigel (@gilesthepug). These stylish brothers can be found in Hampton and Jersey having a good time. Proving once again that pugs are adept in the water, Giles and Nigel are pug-lympic swimmers. Nearly 100,000 people are keeping tabs on their pugstroke.

6) Ozzy the Mean Mug Pug (@meanmugpug)

We’ve got Ozzy the Mean Mug Pug (@meanmugpug) up next. Her tagline is “a girl pug with a mean mug”. Ozzy was born in April 2012 but was rescued in April 2015. Living in the Hollywood Hills, Ozzy has 102,000 followers on Instagram.

5) Minnie & Max the Pugs (@minniemaxpugs)

Friends of helloBARK!, Minnie and Max the Pugs (@minniemaxpugs) are head-tilting extraordinaires. These two famous pugs have featured on Jay Leno, Ellen, Regis & Kelly, GMA, Animal Planet & YouTube but spend their time creating awareness around rescuing pugs these days. They’ve got 113,000 followers on Instagram but have over 1 million on Facebook. You can check out their interview with helloBARK! here.

4) Otis, Veruca, Milo & Teddy (@otisthepugwalsh)

If you love pugs, you’ll enjoy Otis, Veruca, Milo & Teddy (@otisthepugwalsh). They’re four pugs living in Southampton, New York with three Siamese cats. You can get your pug fill on this account along with 133,000 others.

3) Sissy, Tilly and Natty (@pugdashians)

Who needs the Kardashians when you’ve got the Pugdashians! Sissy, Tilly and Natty (@pugdashians) like to pose for the camera but also serve an important function as therapy dogs. The trio raise money for pug rescues and enjoy the odd pug party – or two! The Pugdashians have 165,000 fans on Instagram – the Kardashians better watch out!

2) Jeremy Veach (@jeremyveach)

Jeremy Veach (@jeremyveach) has an account with a twist! He lives in a converted bus with his pug Norm. Hence why he’s living life out of the Norm! If you want to see what life is like on the road with a pug or see their adventures along the Oregon Coast, you should check out their Instagram page!

1) Doug (@itsdougthepug)

One of the most famous dogs in the world, Doug (@itsdougthepug) has nearly 4 million followers on Instagram. He’s the King of Pop Culture living in New York City. This pug likes to rub shoulders with some of the world’s biggest celebs.

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