21 Famous San Francisco Dogs To Follow On Instagram

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Updated on 6 January 2023

There are as many dogs in San Francisco as there are people under the age of 18.

There are an estimated 120,000 dogs in San Fransisco but only between 108,000 and 113,000 children.

The Fog City is one of the most dog friendly cities in the United States so it’s little surprise there are so many canine citizens.

Copper, the Alaskan Klee Kai (Photo: lifewithkleekai/Instagram)

Copper, the Alaskan Klee Kai (Photo: lifewithkleekai/Instagram)

With tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all based in and around San Francisco, you’ll find a lot of famous dogs in SF.

From American Eskimo dogs to Samoyeds, Australian Shepherds to French Bulldogs, you’ll find lots of different breeds in San Francisco.

Let’s take a look at 21 dogs living in San Francisco that you should follow on Instagram to get a glimpse into California life.

21) Rey the Golden Pup (@reythegoldenpup) – 572 followers

What better place to start than with Rey the Golden Pup (@reythegoldenpup). This pretty lady is a soon-to-be two-year-old red female Golden Retriever who can be found running through the ocean under the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge with her dog pals. Her hobbies include playing a game of fetch on the sandy beaches of Crissy Fields.

20) Mavis The Mutt (@mavisthemutt) – 3,800 followers

Next on our famous San Francisco dogs feature is Mavis the Mutt (@mavisthemutt). This sassy sausage with legs is a rescue pup. Playing up the San Francisco stereotype, Mavis is the CEO of her own start up @muttologysf. This philanthropist pup is donating some of the proceeds from her sale of handmade accessories to pets in need.

19) Locke The Maltipoo (@littlelocke) – 12,000 followers

Locke (@littlelock) is just a little girl in a Maltipoo world. This adorable lady likes to moonlight as a panda. Her passions include the beach, digging and treats. Presumably she loves all three at once! This cute SF pup has nearly 8,000 followers.

18) Benny (@benny_the_berner) – 15,000 followers

If you’ve ever been to San Francisco, you’ll know that the city has a lot of steep hills and roads. We presume the steep climbs are a piece of cake for Benny (@benny_the_berner), who is a Bernese Mountain Dog. You can follow this three-year old’s adventures around SF along with over 8,000 others.

17) Tusker Bear (@tuskerbear) – 17,700 followers

Born in New York City, Tusker Bear (@tuskerbear) is now known as the Bully by the Bay. If you love Bull Terriers, this is the account for you. Tusker Bear will put a smile on your face with his ruggedly handsome good looks. Over 9,300 people are following his exploits on Instagram.

16) Roux (@nothingcomparestoroux) – 11,000 followers

You won’t find many Instagram accounts with a better handle than Roux (@nothingcomparestoroux). This Mini Weenie may or may not be a Sinead O’Connor fan but she’s got an impressive 10,700 followers on the social media platform. She’s got lush ears and a pretty little face. This Sausage Dog is living it up in San Francisco supporting her Warriors.

alaskan klee kai
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15) Samwell Charlie (@samwellcharlie) – 16,500 followers

Proving that the good people of San Francisco really do come up with the catchiest Instagram handles, we’ve got Samwell Charlie (@samwellcharlie). Game of Thrones fans will appreciate this slayer of dog walkers and lover of ladies. He’s a Mini Schnauzer with over 13,000 followers on his Instagram page.

14) Ori the Australian Shepherd (@talesoforion) – 14,500 followers

Australian Shepherds have a long history in the US state of California. Ori (@tales of orion) is a red and white Aussie with piercing blue eyes. You’ll find this striking pup on the beaches around San Francisco. Ori is fast closing in on 15,000 followers on Instagram.

13) Miss Zoe and Mr Bailey (@_unlikelyfriends_) – 24,500 followers

French Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds in the City by the Bay. Miss Zoe (@_unlikelyfriends_) is a Frenchie living with her feline friend Mr Bailey. Highlighting that cats and dogs can be the best of friends, Miss Zoe and Mr Bailey are sometimes confused as to what species they are. One of their favourite pastimes is to look at the window and watch the SF world go by.

12) Simon The Poodle (@mylifewithsimonthepoodle) – 25,300 followers

If you’re looking for a style icon in San Francisco, look no further than Simon The Poodle (@mylifewithsimonthepoodle). He’s a full-time dog model and product reviewer. This Poodle pooch even featured on Buzzfeed’s article on dogs that have a better wardrobe than you and me.

11) Bacon The Mini Aussie (@australian_bacon) – 26,000 followers

If you’ve ever spent a considerable amount of time in San Francisco or visited a dog park in the city, you’ll almost certainly have encountered an Australian Shepherd. Bacon (@australian_bacon) is a Mini Australian Shepherd with 30,000 followers on Instagram. With beautiful bi-eyes, Bacon will leave you mesmerized with his good looks.

10) Moki (@piggiesandpitty) – 47,200 followers

We’ve already met a Frenchie and cat with a special bond but Moki (@piggiesandpitty) is a Pitbull Terrier with her three Guinea Pig siblings called Frida, Amelia and Flora. Breaking down some unfair stereotypes about Pitbull Terriers, Moki loves nothing more than to pose with her trio of Guinea Pig pals. Over 47,000 followers are keeping tabs on their life in San Francisco.

alaskan klee kai
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9) Cooper (@littlecooperbear) – 54,000 followers

Our first Corgi representative in San Francisco, Cooper (@littlecooperbear) is a purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Cooper may be a Corgi but he identifies as a wilderness trail bear. This five-year old will give you a glimpse into the beautiful scenery of San Francisco and California.

8) Calvin and Samson (@calvin.thecanine) – 155,000 followers

With a catchy Instagram handle (@calvin.thecanine), it’s little wonder Cal and his little bro Sam have nearly 56,000 followers on Instagram. These Golden Retriever brothers are lovely to everyone and share everything. There’s no sibling rivalry between these two. Calvin likes to work hard and travel a lot but his little bro Samson just likes to sleep and eat a lot.

7) Ruckus and Mooncake (@ruckustheeskie) – 61,000 followers

Ruckus (@ruckustheeskie) is an American Eskimo dog that is living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He’s a mild-mannered and gentle white pup that loves to lounge around the house. When he’s not taking it chill, he’ll be exploring the west coast in search of some beauty spots. If you see Ruckus, he’ll love to say hello.

6) Spotted Humphrey (@spottedhumphrey) – 123,000 followers

As we mentioned earlier, Frenchies are extremely popular dogs in San Francisco. Spotted Humphrey (@spottedhumphrey) is a black and white French Bulldog with nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram. He finds the joy in the little things in life. He’s got 98,500 who find joy in his daily photos.

5) Chompers the Corgi (@chompersthecorgi) – 115,000 followers

Our second famous Corgi in San Francisco is Chompers (@chompersthecorgi). He’s a little Corgi living in a big city. He likes lifestyle, food and travel. So if that’s your thing, follow his adventures along with 131,000 other people.

4) Trotter (@trotterpup) – 154,000 followers

Next up we’ve got a fat and sassy Frenchie called Trotter (@trotterpup). He’s the co-chair of the Princess Coalition with his sibling Evelyn. This Frenchie is loving the family life. With a penchant for an occasional margarita when the sun is out in San Francisco, Trotter has 180,000 followers.

3) Coconut Rice Bear (@coconutricebear) – 456,000 followers

Next up we’ve got a true social media star in the shape of Coconut Rice Bear (@coconutricebear). This smiling Samoyed has 320,000 followers on Instagram – and there’s a good chance you’ve seen one of her photos or videos without even realising. If you’re looking to brighten up your Instagram feed, Coconut Rice Bear will do just that!

2) Dougie the Shih Tzu (@dailydougie) – 502,000 followers

With a whopping 520,000 followers, Dougie the Shih Tzu (@dailydougie) is a social media star living in the East Bay in San Francisco. With over 3,700 posts on the photo-sharing app, Dougie is a bona fide Instagram star. You’ll be unable to resist the charms of this handsome Shih Tzu so hit follow!

1) Buddy, Boo, Blue, Benny and Bean (@buddyboowaggytails) – 520,000 followers

Last but by no means least we’ve got a cute dog pack. Buddy, Boo, Blue, Benny and Bean (@buddyboowaggytails) are five canines bringing color and smiles to San Francisco. Boo is better known as the world’s cutest dog. Boo is no stranger to fame having featured on Good Morning America and Anderson Cooper’s RidicuList. Unfortunately Buddy has gone to doggy heaven but his siblings will put a smile on your face!

Bonus: Copper and Skye (@lifewithkleekai) – 22,800 followers

Copper and Skye (@lifewithkleekai) are Alaskan Klee Kai siblings originally from San Francisco. These two mini huskies moved to London from the Bay Area in 2019. But you can still find lots of photos of their adventures around San Francisco before their move to the English capital. They’re helloBARK!’s official dogs!

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