20 English Bulldogs To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 9 January 2023

English Bulldogs have a huge following on Instagram.

The breed are easily recognisable thanks to their trademark appearance with a thick-set, low-slung and well-muscled bodies.

The American Kennel Club ranks the Bulldog as the fifth most popular breed in the United States of America.

Their popularity has transferred to the social media world – too.

They’ve got over 24.6 million posts on Instagram to emphasize just how popular these dogs are.

Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton is the owner of two English Bulldogs called Roscoe and Coco.

In this article, we’ve taken a look at 20 English Bulldogs to follow on Instagram.

20) Clever Clementine (@cleverclementine)

Clementine (@cleverclementine) is a sassy English Bulldog who has a soft spot for London and New York. She’s a lady who likes both the city and the country.

19) Grof (@grof_bulldog)

Grof (@grof_bulldog) is a professional model who is no stranger to a photoshoot. Living in Belgrade, Serbia, Grof provides his fans with their daily dose of cuteness. You’ll fall in love with this handsome boy.

18) Nala (@baby.nala.bulldog)

Nala (@baby.nala.bulldog) is a cute English Bulldog living in Mexico City. This English Bulldog writes that her vets love her, perhaps because she visits them a lot.

17) Tank, Lulu and Tyson (@mrtank2015)

You’ll definitely get your fill of English Bulldogs on this account. Tank, Lulu and Tyson (@mrtank2015) live in sunny San Diego. So you can expect sun, sand and English Bulldogs.

16) Mayor Tyson (@mayortysonbulldog)

Mayor Tyson (@mayortysonbulldog) is a English Bulldog health advocate. So you’ll learn lots about the breed on this account. He’s a raw fed dog. He likes to try to help those in need.

English Bulldog (Adobe Stock)

English Bulldog (Adobe Stock)

15) Roquefort (@roquefort_thebulldog)

Next up is Roquefort (@roquefort_thebulldog). He’s a rocking and rolling English Bulldog in Bangkok, Thailand. If you’re wondering what’s the story with his name, his parents named him after their favourite cheese!

14) Bella (@bella_thebulldog_)

Bella (@bella_thebulldog_) might be the headline act but this account features three English Bulldogs called Bella, Chloe and Lily. This trio live in southern California. They like pool days under the golden California sun. They’ve got over 34,000 fans on Instagram.

13) Hugo Walker (@hugo_theenglishbulldog)

Hugo Walker (@hugo_theenglishbulldog) is a chunky monkey living in Manchester. He’s a handsome boy with a light brown coat.

12) Charlie (@charliethebulldog312)

Charlie (@charliethebulldog312) have a bright and easy-on-the-eye Instagram profile. This Chicago-based English Bulldog is quite the model with a variety of different poses in his locker. Charlie has broken the 40K milestone.

11) Bane (@banethebulldog)

Bane (@banethebulldog) is an English Bulldog with a passionate fanbase. His biography gives an intriguing glimpse into his personality. He likes to hang with his tongue out, likes to soak up the rays and likes to work out.

10) Gnocchi (@my_little_gnocchi)

If you like Gnocchi and English Bulldogs, this is the account for you! Gnocchi (@my_little_gnocchi) is a male English Bulldog living in New York City. He likes a lot of attention, including belly rubs.

9) Mr Nelson and Miss Pretty Rose (@kingmajesty_and_princessrose)

Mr Nelson and Miss Pretty Rose (@kingmajesty_and_princessrose) are two spoiled Pupperinos. They like to consider themselves as extremely cute and funny. Who are we to disagree with these social stars?

8) Diesel (@bulldog__diesel)

Diesel (@bulldog__diesel) likes to eat watermelon, ice cream, pears, milk and cheese. That’s a diet we’d like to sign up for! Diesel does a lot of contemplating life.

7) Holly and Harper (@bulldogholly)

Holly and Harper (@bulldogholly) are two thicc chicks. Holly is a retired fatness model and Harper is a chonky vegan with a licker problem. These two have signed up to TikTok, so you can also follow them there.

6) Kid Macho (@macho_english_bulldog)

Kid Macho (@macho_english_bulldog) is happy English Bulldog based in Belgium. He openly admits that his Mom is the boss. You can follow his adventures in Belgium and Spain.

English Bulldog (Adobe Stock)

English Bulldog (Adobe Stock)

5) Sugar Bear (@sugarbearthebully)

Sugar Bear (@sugarbearthebully) was born in Georgia but he’s been raised in the Big Apple. You can follow Sugar Bear for your daily dose of Bulldog and sugar.

4) Chunky Aka Monkey (@bigchunkymonkey)

Chunky (@bigchunkymonkey) is funky and he’s got a baby monkey. If you’re thinking about an English Bulldog for your young family, you can get an insight into what the breed are like as family pets. Chunky loves to hang out with his human sibling.

3) Sergeant (@sgt_bulldog)

We’re getting into some big numbers now! Sergeant (@sgt_bulldog) has over 178,000 fans on Instagram. He is an extreme sports athletic based in Australia. When he isn’t taking part in extreme sports, he’s a plus size model.

2) Roscoe & Coco Hamilton (@roscoelovescoco)

Roscoe and Coco (@roscoelovescoco) are two famous English Bulldogs with an even more famous owner. Lewis Hamilton is a big animal advocate and the F1 star has two English Bulldogs to keep him company. It’s clear to see the racing driver has a big love for his dogs, regularly updating their Instagram profile with snaps from around the world.

1) Mister Bentley (@mrbentley_thedog)

Mister Bentley (@mrbentley_thedog) is one of the most-followed English Bulldogs in the world. Bentley has over 364,000 followers. He’s a furry little co-pilot, living life one backwards step at a time. You can usually find Bentley in Canada living his best life.

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