Eloise Fluff Cat Questions & Answers

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 14 April 2020

The first thing you’ll notice about Eloise are her striking blue eyes.

Eloise is a three year-old, cross-eyed, blue bicolor ragdoll with a big catitude.

This fluffy social media star has over 600,000 fans on TikTok and 40,000 followers on Instagram.

It’s no surprise when you check out her adorable content on the video-sharing app.

We spoke to her mom Nicole to learn more about Eloise, her daily routine and personality as well as the secrets to their success on TikTok.

You can follow Eloise on Instagram here (@eloisefluff) and on TikTok here (@eloisefluffcat).

1) How did you end up with Eloise?

It’s kind of a sad story so I’ll keep it short. I was taking care of a stray cat that ended up trusting me enough to bring me her kittens to feed. One of those kittens was a beautiful grey little ball of love that ended just staying on my balcony waiting for me day and night. After the kittens were old enough, I took them to a non-kill shelter to be homed, but this little grey ball of love became mine! I brought her to the vet who gave her a clean bill of health. Sadly, that wasn’t the case. My grey ball of love who I ended up naming Lil Missy ended up having CHF, lost motor function of her back legs and I needed to eventually send her over the rainbow bridge. I was heart broken, so I started researching breeds that shared similar traits of the sweetest cat I ever met and stumbled upon Ragdolls. I found a reputable breeder and the rest is history.

2) What type of cat is Eloise?

Eloise the Ragdoll cat (Photo: @eloisefluff / Instagram)

Eloise the Ragdoll cat (Photo: @eloisefluff / Instagram)

Eloise is a blue bi-color Ragdoll.

3) What is Eloise’s personality like?


Would you make my day and give my nose a boop? Comment ❤️ if you did! ##pawsitivesquad ##catoftiktok ##love ##boopmynose

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She is extremely playful with a super naughty streak. She can be an angel or a demon depending on her mood.

4) What is the day-to-day life like for Eloise?

She is a pampered princess! She wakes her staff up at 6:30am sharp for breakfast then sleeps for about an hour before running around the house meowing for attention. Plays for a while, then off to lunch about 12pm. After lunch she usually has a couple naps and naughtyshenanigans before dinner at 8:30pm sharp.

5) Have you considered getting a second cat?

Eloise the Ragdoll cat (Photo: @eloisefluff / Instagram)

Eloise the Ragdoll cat (Photo: @eloisefluff / Instagram)

I have four cats total! Two are adopted and two are Ragdolls. The other kitties sometimes make an appearance on Eloise’s social media but they don’t like the photo attention like she does.

6) Why did you decide to start a TikTok account for Eloise?

Eloise has an Instagram account where she has a decent following of over 40k, but not all content is suitable for that platform. TikTok allows you to be more creative and have a bit more fun!

7) How does it feel to have 600,000 followers?


Ever feel this way too? ##catsoftiktok ##expectationvreality ##foru

♬ Fosters home for imaginary friends opening – daycore.audios

I’m grateful so many people enjoy Eloise’s adventures, but I really just create content to have fun and spread the word about pawsitivity.

8) Do you prefer creating content for TikTok or Instagram?

I enjoy creating content on both platforms in different ways.

9) What are the advantages of TikTok as a content creator?


What’s your favorite post holiday treat? ##catsoftiktok ##foryou ##coffee

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I’ve noticed a younger audience on TikTok and a lot of negativity. I think the biggest advantage I have, is the ability to try and spread awareness about bullying and giving the younger audience a new pawsitive outlet to express their creativity #pawsitivesquad.

10) What are the questions you get asked a lot about Eloise on TikTok?

“What breed is Eloise?” Ragdoll

“Is she cross eyed?” Yes

“Does she like dogs?” She’s only met one but she loved him!

“What food does she eat?” Stella & Chewys

11) What is your favourite video of Eloise?


Eloise has a bit of a box obsession.. 🤣 Should I go live today? ##catsoftiktok ##pawsitivesquad ##foru

♬ original sound – thickenna

There’s a video of her laying in a box and I ask say on the screen something about how she has a million places to hang out but she chooses a box. I still giggle when I watch it.

12) What is your funniest Eloise story?

Eloise the Ragdoll cat (Photo: @eloisefluff / Instagram)

Eloise the Ragdoll cat (Photo: @eloisefluff / Instagram)

We have a big Starbucks mug collection that we had lined up on top of the cabinets in the kitchen. The other three cats always go up there and explore like normal cats do. Eloise has never been a big jumper so she never went up there. A week after Eloise’s third birthday we caught her up there! After three years she figured it out lol. Anyway, that was the last day the mugs were up there, my husband grabbed a ladder and took them all down. She would have been the one to throw the mugs one by one to their death.

13) What TikTok pet accounts do you enjoy?

I enjoy all pet accounts on TikTok, they each bring their own joy and personality to the platform. But of course I’d have to say the core members of the Pawsitive Squad are my favorite


14) Finally, if you could give advice to yourself knowing what you know if you went back to when you first started your social media accounts, what would it be?

I honestly wouldn’t change a thing, everything happens for a reason including the ups and downs. It all helps you grow and become a better you.

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