Einstein The Havanese Questions And Answers

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Updated on 22 November 2019

Havanese are the 24th most popular dog in the USA.

You only need to take a look on Instagram to find many examples of the breed.

If you research Havanese on social media, you’ll almost certainly encounter Einstein (@einstein_panda).

He’s a rescue pup living in Seattle, Washington.

A little dog with a big personality, Einstein has amassed nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram.

We spoke to Einstein to learn more about his story and the Havanese breed.

Einstein The Havanese Questions and Answers

1) How did you first hear about Havanese dogs?

Havanese dog Einstein (Photo: @einstein_panda / Instagram)

Havanese dog Einstein (Photo: @einstein_panda / Instagram)

I first learned of the breed about 15 years ago when a friend got a Havanese from a local breeder. The pup was not only adorable but seemed so happy and cuddly.

2) Why did you decide to go with a Havanese as a pet?

Honestly, I didn’t. I was ready for a small dog, and was visiting shelters almost every day to find one that was a good fit. One morning, I walked into a shelter and Einstein had been rescued the night before – there he was, staring up at me. I saw that he was a Havanese and I instantly knew he was my dog. I never expected to find a Havanese in a shelter, but it opened my eyes to the variety of pups who can be rescued the same way.

3) Has owning a Havanese lived up to your expectations?

Owning and meeting other Havafriends has definitely cemented my opinion that they are one of the very best dog breeds around!

4) Can you give us an insight into Einstein’s personality?

He is happy, friendly and goofy! He loves to play with his dog and people friends alike, is a serious cuddler and with me, is absolutely the stereotypical “velcro dog”.

5) In your experience, do Havanese bark a lot?

Havanese dog Einstein (Photo: @einstein_panda / Instagram)

Havanese dog Einstein (Photo: @einstein_panda / Instagram)

No. Einstein barks when he wants to play with someone who is ignoring him (rarely happens! He is hard to ignore), he barks at strangers who come to the door, and sometimes at very big dogs too. On a regular basis though, he’s very quiet.

6) Would you say Havanese are prone to separation anxiety?

Einstein has very mild separation anxiety. He doesn’t like being apart from me, but he’s usually very good about it. I have heard from other Hava owners that their pups are not as easy going about time apart.

7) Is it true Havanese are great companion/lap dogs?

Could not be more true! If Einstein could only do one thing for the rest of his life, it would be sitting in my lap kissing my face. He is loyal almost to a fault, and attached to my heels wherever we go.

8) How much exercise does your Havanese require?

Not a lot. We go for a little walk every day, sometimes we have dog park time too. In the very rainy season, we may stay in for a whole day and Einstein is just fine.

9) Would you recommend Havanese to first-time owners?


10) What’s your favourite memory with Einstein?

Havanese dog Einstein (Photo: @einstein_panda / Instagram)

Havanese dog Einstein (Photo: @einstein_panda / Instagram)

Oh gosh. This is tough! One of my favorites is when a close friend brought her newborn to meet us. I wasn’t sure how Einstein would do with the baby, but he was incredibly sweet and gentle with her. It was wonderful to see how caring he was with this tiny baby, and over the years their bond has gotten stronger and stronger.

11) Does Einstein get confused for other breeds?

All the time. People usually think he’s a Bichon or Maltese.

12) What’s the best thing about having an Instagram page for your dog?

I started his page to share his fun, smiley personality and funny antics with the world. The best thing is being able to meet new people and their pups!

13) Is there a big Havanese community on social media?

There is a community, but it’s nowhere near as big as some other, maybe more well-known breeds.

14) What other Havanese accounts would you recommend?

@havaneseoftheworld is a great account that features different Havanese accounts of all sizes and types. Some of my local Havanese friends have great accounts too! @osothehavanese, @macchiatothepuppy and @moumoubear are fun ones!

15) Would you ever consider getting a second Havanese?

Havanese dog Einstein (Photo: @einstein_panda / Instagram)

Havanese dog Einstein (Photo: @einstein_panda / Instagram)

I think about it all the time!

Havanese Pros and Cons


• Havanese dogs are very friendly and affectionate, and they tend to be easy to train.

• They are wonderful companions who take great joy in making people laugh, and their quirky personalities mean there is never a dull moment.

• Havanese are also incredibly cute – small, fluffy and the perfect size to tote around town!


• There aren’t a lot of cons about Havanese. However, they are known to be easy to train except when it comes to potty training. They can be very stubborn about that!

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