Dudlee the Beagle Pit Questions and Answers

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Updated on 4 October 2019

A Beagle Pit is a cross between a Beagle and a Pitbull.

They’re a mixed breed that are the result of accidental or intentional breeding.

Beagle Pits will embody the physical traits of both Beagles and Pibulls, while their personalities will reflect both breeds.

However, there’s never a guarantee which traits they’ll inherit from each parent.

We spoke to Dudlee (@dudlee1615) to find out more about the cross breed.

1) How did you first hear about the Beagle Pit mix?

Beagle Pit Dudlee (Photo: @dudlee1615 / Instagram)

Beagle Pit Dudlee (Photo: @dudlee1615 / Instagram)

For my senior project back in High School I wanted to turn the stereotype of Pitbulls around. My dad said if I found a Pitbull I could train it then adopt it out to a family. My dad never said it had to be full blooded. So I trained him and I decided to keep him. I found Dudlee from an old classmate who had a accidental litter and they needed to sell the puppies to get the Beagle fixed. Dudlee has been a godsend for me.

2) What is Dudlee’s personality like?

Dudlee is the most loving dog I’ve had. He just wants to please everyone and get lots of love. He is nurturing towards kids and other animals.

3) Can you see Beagle and Pitbull traits in Dudlee?

People assume that since he is Beagle, his nose is to the ground hunting or wandering off or he is aggressive like a Pitbull. I can’t stress enough that both of these stereotypes are false. Yes, he sniffs around just like all dogs but he always listens. When we ride horses, he stays at a safe distance. I’ve never seen an aggressive side to him. He will bark when there is a knock on the door or sees something outside. He’s growled maybe a handful of times toward strangers but most of the time it was dark and they were walking up. He is all bark with no bite. He wants to please people. I believe his affectionate personality is the Pitbull side of him. He has the muscles as well! Sometimes he doesn’t know if he should bay or bark. His front legs are bowed like a beagle.

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4) How big is your Beagle Pibutt mix?

Dudlee is about 45 pounds. He goes between 40-45 pounds most of the time.

5) Is Dudlee easy to train?

Beagle Pit Dudlee (Photo: @dudlee1615 / Instagram)

Beagle Pit Dudlee (Photo: @dudlee1615 / Instagram)

As I said before, he just wants to please his people. So he was easy to train. He will do anything for pats or treats. Sit, stay, lay down, sit up, roll over, bang (play dead), fist bump (he will dump you with his nose), back up, right paw, left paw, bark, whisper, kiss – he does most of these with hand signals and all with verbal commands.

6) Do Beagle Pitbull mix need a lot of exercise?

He is always moving at my pace. If we are out riding horses or going on hikes, he is right there with us. If we want to have a lazy day he is next to us sleeping or playing with the cat. I personally don’t like to keep him home for days at a time… a dog needs to be a dog.

7) Are Beagle Pitbull mixes friendly dogs?

They’re so friendly! Dudlee loves animals or humans all the same. He wants to say hi to everyone.

8) Have you met any other Beagle Pitbull mixes?

I have met a few other Pitbull Beagle mixes but sadly most are in shelters.

9) Would you recommend a Beagle Pitbull mix to a first-time owner?

I would recommend this mix breed to first time owners. They’re easy to train, super loving and overall a great dog. I’m not sure if I got lucky with Dudlee but I never had a puppy stage with him chewing stuff things or having accidents in the house. Dogs depend a lot on how they’re trained. In Dudlee’s case, he has been in a loving home with lots of experience out in the world.

10) What advice would you give to someone considering a Beagle Pitbull mix?

Beagle Pit Dudlee (Photo: @dudlee1615 / Instagram)

Beagle Pit Dudlee (Photo: @dudlee1615 / Instagram)

The advice I’d give is don’t listen to the people who say they want to pet the dog but as soon as you say Pitbull they get up and walk away. When looking at getting a puppy or dog, look at the way they act, their personality, their eyes and listen to your heart. You’ll know when you found the right dog. Dogs in general can be a handful so always be prepared.

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11) What other Beagle Pitbull mixes would you recommend to follow on Instagram?

I think personally I love the mix breeds more than pure breeds. They have the misunderstanding that they are “no good mutts”, but in my opinion they make the best of friends.

Dudlee the Beagle Pit pros and cons

Beagle Pit Dudlee (Photo: @dudlee1615 / Instagram)

Beagle Pit Dudlee (Photo: @dudlee1615 / Instagram)


They have the drive to please. The amount of love they have for all human and animals. If you put in the time you can have a well behaved dog. People think Dudlee is a service dog when we go out.


They get a bad name just because of the breed. I think because of his short front legs plus his weight he will need to be on arthritis medication. Nothing slows him down right now.

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