Dogs Working From Home: Friday 20 March

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on March 20, 2020

Dogs working from home is now a trend as we enter a new normal thanks to COVID-19.

From boosting morale to successfully distracting us from work, dogs will play a big role as we all become accustomed to self isolating.

Whether it’s reminding us to take a break from the computer screen to go for a walk or giving us some much-needed stress relief with their goofy antics.

Working from home can be an adjustment for most people who aren’t used to the self discipline required to stay on track with so many distractions.

However, working from home with your dogs has it’s own unique challenges, whether your dog wants attention, is hungry or needs a bathroom break.

The dog world of social media has rallied together during the Coronavirus outbreak by sharing images of their furry friends that help them get through, Working from Home.

With that in mind, we’re going to share some of the best dogs working from home photos for the foreseeable future to provide our readers and animal lovers with some much-needed relief from COVID-19 updates.

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1) Clementine (@ohmydaringclementine)

CLEM. When dad’s working from home AND its Friday! 💖 I’m hoping to do a couple of silly shots for you guys in the coming weeks to cheer you guys up! Hopefully it’ll work! Happy friday everyone!
#workingfromhome #selfisolation

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2) Whiskers (@whiskers_the_norwich)

Hey hooman I’m done with my morning nap and ready to interact now! Treats or walk ??

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3) Foxy Roxy The Cavalier (@foxyroxyinseattle)

I haven’t quite grasped the concept of social distancing 😂 #socialdistancing

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4) Winnie (@winnie_the_slinker)

She told me I’d be on the dog & bone, I don’t see no bones here 📞🐶

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5) Bamboo (@bamboosf)

Hi I just met you, and I look crazy. But here’s my number, so call me maybe… 🎶

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