Dogs of the Week

helloBARK! staff
By helloBARK! staff
Updated on May 31, 2019

Welcome to Dogs of the Week from helloBARK!, where we feature some of the cutest dogs from the world of Facebook and Instagram.

Here, we shine a light on some of Instagram’s biggest stars, as well as up and coming pet accounts that are growing their following with beautiful photos, goofy poses or funny captions.

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Let’s take a look at our Dogs of the Week for Friday 31 May 2019.

1) Bangaz and Moose (@bangaz_dachshund) – 5,760 followers

Dachshund Bangaz (Photo: @bangaz_dachshund)

Dachshund Bangaz (Photo: @bangaz_dachshund)

Bangaz (@bangaz_dachshund) is black and fawn Dachshund with a real sense of style. You’ll often catch this cool customer sporting a bowtie or a stylish tag. Based in Brisbane, Australia, Bangaz has nearly 6,000 followers.

2) Mercer the Klee Kai @mercerthekleekai – 2,100 followers

This handsome boy is Mercer the Klee Kai (@mercerthekleekai). Living in the Washington DC area, Mercer is a spoiled pup living his best life. He’s got one simple message for his 2,000-strong following on Instagram: “there is always time for belly rubs!”

3) Mila the Klee Kai @mila.thekleekai – 419 followers

An Alaskan Klee Kai with one blue and one brown eye, Mila (@mila.thekleekai) is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her mom likes to say that’s because one side of her is always up to something mischievous, while the other, is full of snuggles and love. Mila’s hobbies include: birdwatching, fetch, and licking my parents to death. She’s a ball of energy and always down to learn new things. She’s also very playful and will not turn down a chance to “talk” to anyone that will listen!

4) Italians Pothonni (@nanuk_e_tundra) – 1,500 followers

Nanuk and Tundra (@nanuk_e_tundra) are two Italian dogs that will make you swoon. Nanuk is a small Nordic/Spitz cross breed with bi-eyes – one brown and one blue. Tundra is a “typical Sicilian stray” that is bigger than his sibling. With the rainy season almost over, they’re ready for the Italian sun to shine all summer long.

5) Oliver Clive (@olivergoodboy) – 1,718

Oliver Clive (@olivergoodboy) is a mini Sheepadoodle based in New York City. His friends call him Ollie – so that’s at least 1,718 people! This good boy loves some belly rubs.