20 Dobermans to follow on Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 11 August 2021

Doberman are a loyal and fearless dog breed.

The American Kennel Club list the Doberman as the 17th most popular breed in the United States.

They’re a member of the AKC’s Working Group, while Dobermans are often used as military or service dogs.

These elegant canines have built a reputation for being loyal dogs.

Their black, blue, red or fawn coats with rust markings contribute to their magnificent appearance.

The Dobie Team (Photo: @thedobieteam / Instagram)

The Dobie Team (Photo: @thedobieteam / Instagram)

In our experience, speaking to current owners on social media can be a fantastic way to learn more about a particular breed.

Here are 20 Dobermans to follow on Instagram if you want to learn more about the breed.

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20) Arkham and Kiva (@doberbutts.and.maligator) – 11,300 followers

We’ve got a Dark Knight and Vampire Queen (@arkham_kiva_thedoberbutts) up next. Dark Knight is otherwise known as Arkham and Vampire Queen goes by the name Kiva. These two Dobermans know how to adventure. They live in Toronto, Canada. These stunning Dobermans are close to the 11,000 follower milestone. They’re kept company by their German Shepherd pal Calcifer.

19) Xena (@dobe_greek_godz) – 12,900 followers

We’ve got a sensitive and savage Doberman called Xena (@dobe_greek_godz) next on our list. Xena (the Warrior Princess) can be found with her Mom. This nifty lady went viral in September 2018 when Xena’s Mom had to drive 30mph to keep up with this quick Doberman Pinscher.

18) Murphy (@murphy.the.dobermann) – 13,900 followers

Next up we’ve got Murphy (@murphy.the.dobermann). Murphy loves to climb mountains and run through forests. Based in the west Midlands in the UK, nearly 13,900 people are following Murphy’s daily adventures.

17) Kahlua and Cava (@doberman.sisters) – 14,900 followers

What’s better than one Doberman? Two of course! Kahlua and Cava (@doberman.sisters) are two Dobermans based in Toronto, Canada. Kahlua is a red Doberman and Cava is a fawn Doberman. These good-looking dogs have nearly 15,000 followers on Instagram.

16) Attila Dobermanlove (@attila_athena_dobermann) – 17,700 followers

Moving to Belgium, we’ve got Attila and Athena (@attila_athena_dobermann). They were born in different countries: Slovenia and Croatia. If you like Wrangler and Doberman, this Instagram account will satisfy your needs. These two Dobermans have over 17,700 followers.

15) Onyx and Opal (@devilsdobermans) – 20,000 followers

We’ve got another pair of Dobermans up next! Onyx and Opal (@devilsdobermans) are a boy and girl duo who are “clever as the devil and twice as pretty”. They’re raw fed hell raisers! Onyx and Opal live in Arizona in the USA. They’re close to the 20,000 milestone on Instagram.

14) Jack (@_jackandsofia_) – 20,900 followers

Jack (@_jackandsofia_) is a Doberman with over 20,000 followers on Instagram. You’ll often find this handsome Doberman posing for a selfie with his mom Sofia. This European Dobermann has certainly mastered how to pose for a selfie – just like another famous Dobie that we’ll meet later in this article.

13) Athena and Blue (@dobermanduo) – 25,300 followers

Athena and Blue (@dobermanduo) are two perfect Doberman models that love to pose for photos for their dog photographer mom Taylor. Living in South Carolina, you’ll be left in awe at their stunning photos. If you want to pick up some photography tips, follow this account along with 25,300 others.

12) Shogun (@shogunthedoberman) – 25,500 followers

Next we’ve got Shogun (@shogunthedoberman). You can tell from Shogun’s Instagram page and the collection of highlights that this Doberman has a very active lifestyle. Shogun is on the brink of 25,500 followers so why not help this regal Doberman get over the line!

11) Dobie Sisters (@dobiesisters) – 26,500 followers

We’ve got some Dobie Sisters (@dobiesisters) at number 11. They’re called Griffin and Boston. They’re self-professed Bitches With Attitude. These Dobie Sisters living in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

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10) Pepper the Dobie (@pepperthedobie) – 28,000 followers

We’ve got the adorable Pepper the Dobie (@pepperthedobie) to check out next on our list of Doberman. Pepper loves to run, chew and cuddle. This seven-year-old Doberman is popular on Instagram with over 28,000 followers on the social media platform.

9) Noah The Doberman (@gettoknow_noah) – 35,100 followers

There’s a lot of things to know about Noah The Doberman (@gettoknow_noah). He lives in the Sunshine State. His past-times include pro sock thief, stuffie slayer, camera whore and aspiring singer. Noah has nearly amassed a following of 35,000 people on the photo-sharing app.

8) Boss and Boujee (@bossthedoberman) – 49,900 followers

Boss and Boujee (@bossthedoberman) have the same birthday: May 25th 2017 and 2019. They’re European Dobermans who live in British Columba in Canada. They’re certified goodest doggos with 50,000 Instagram fans.

7) Daxter the Doberman (@doseofdex) – 65,700 followers

We’ve got a magnificent red Doberman Pinscher called Daxter (@doseofdex) to check out next. The four-year-old Dobie has 65,000 followers on the photo-sharing app. You can admire Daxter’s handsome good looks and check out their training videos on Instagram.

6) Ruby, Prince and Damon (@3hellhounds) – 70,300 followers

Ruby, Prince and Damon (@3hellhounds) are three Dobermans who live in Canada with Mom Mia. You can check out each of their photos thanks to their organised Instagram highlights. Ruby and Prince are five and four, while Damon is one. They’ve got 70,000 fans on the photo-sharing app.

5) Cairo (@cairothereddoberman) – 75,000 followers

We’re going to let our friends @huskysquad explain why Cairo (@cairothereddoberman) is worth a follow: “Cairoโ€™s mom Amber is the most amazing dog mom we know. She focuses on Cairoโ€™s well-being as her biggest priority above all else. She feeds him an amazing diet, exercises him every single day, and she constantly works on their amazing bond. Accounts like hers make the world a better place for dogs because they inspire and embody what we should all be. Cairo radiates amazing well-being, good health and happiness.”

4) K9 Duke (@duke_k9) – 89,000 followers

K9 Duke (@duke_k9) is a Police Narcotic K9, aspiring PRCA Rodeo Clown and Shakespearean actor. If you decide to follow Duke like over 89,000 followers, you can check out his working life but also what he likes to do during his downtime.

3) The Doberman Rescue crew (@amyeiler) – 106,000 followers

We’ve got quite the pack to check out at number four. Aspen, Benedict, Chaplin, Evelyn and Brigham (@amyeiler) are five New Orleans rescues proving Dobermans are a girl’s best friend since 2012. This quintet are Mom’s guardians and social media stars. They’ve got 106,000 followers on Instagram.

2) The Dobie Team (@thedobieteam) – 131,000 followers

We’ve got the Dobie Team (@thedobieteam) next up. They’re quite the team – too. They’ve got Boss, Kyra, Gaia and Zeus plus Contino – a 17-year-old white horse. The Dobie Team give an insight into their adventures and training sessions. These five dogs are dog influencers – too.

1) Ruby (@rubydooby_do) – 136,000 followers

Ruby (@rubydooby_do) is a red Doberman Pinscher. He’s got a zipper nose! Ruby is an advocate for the Doberman breed, “showing the true nature of this bullied breed”. Ruby has over 136,000 followers on Instagram. They’re the masters of the dog and dad selfie!

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