Dawson The Boxsky Questions And Answers

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Updated on 8 November 2019

A Boxsky is a cross between a Boxer and a Siberian Husky.

As a result a Boxsky dog will inherit characteristics from both the Boxer and Siberian Husky parent.

It’s impossible to predict which exact traits a Boxer Husky Mix will get from each parent.

However, we can say with some degree of certainty that Boxsky dogs will usually be active.

In an attempt to learn more about these beautiful mixed dogs, we spoke to Dawson the Boxsky to learn more.

You can follow Dawson (@dawson_s_creek) on Instagram here.

Dawson The Boxsky Questions And Answers

1) How did you first hear about Boxer Husky mix?

Dawson the Boxsky (Photo: @dawson_s_creek / Instagram)

Dawson the Boxsky (Photo: @dawson_s_creek / Instagram)

I was just looking at dogs for sale online and huskies were one of the breeds I was interested in, but I didn’t want a long haired coat. I came across Dawson’s litter from a family about 30 minutes north of where I live. I decided to “just take a look” and that’s all I needed to take him home. I tend to go see dogs where I can meet the dog parents as well so I know what I’m getting myself into.

2) What attracted you to the cross breed?

I was always interested in mutts due to the health benefits. My previous dog was a mix so I knew I wanted another one. My previous dog was a 35lb Mini Golden Doodle. It’s always fun to see the characteristics of the mix come out, like a little mystery to get to know your dog.

3) Can you give us an insight in Dawson’s personality?

Dawson the Boxsky (Photo: @dawson_s_creek / Instagram)

Dawson the Boxsky (Photo: @dawson_s_creek / Instagram)

Dawson is a stud and he knows it. He’s proud of his stature and looks. He plays it to his advantage to win over the hearts and the treats. He can turn it on and off, and when it’s off, he’s a complete goof. Like a mix between the jock and class clown. He’s a social butterfly that is tolerable to small dogs, children, and new environments.

4) Can you identify Boxer and Siberian Husky traits in Dawson?

As a husky, he is very vocal when he wants someone to play with him. He loves being outdoors and will stay there and never go home. He in independent as a husky especially outdoors. But as a boxer, he is intelligent and knows when to come back. Boxers are loyal and prefer the company of their owner. They are both high-energy, playful dogs and need to be kept busy or else there is destruction as power chewers.

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5) Do they make good family pets? Do they do well with children?

Dawson the Boxsky (Photo: @dawson_s_creek / Instagram)

Dawson the Boxsky (Photo: @dawson_s_creek / Instagram)

Both breeds look for companionship of their pack and are friendly and outgoing to meet said pack. With the proper introductions and training, any dog can be good family pets.

6) Does Dawson require a lot of exercise?

YES! He currently needs minimum three hours of exercise a day, which ties into my point about keeping them busy. He is just over 75lbs as an adult so we need to condition his muscles to prevent hip and joint problems down the road. During the puppy years, he required more exercise in shorter spans because he was still growing and developing.

7) Do Boxer Husky mixes shed a lot?

Dawson the Boxsky (Photo: @dawson_s_creek / Instagram)

Dawson the Boxsky (Photo: @dawson_s_creek / Instagram)

As a majority husky, he sheds a lot! He has two coats to keep him warm round and adapt to the temperatures all year round. There are periods of time where he blows out more than usual, which is when you know seasons are changing. Because he is mixed with a boxer, his shed is short haired and not as easy to collect…. so it’s EVERYWHERE!

8) Would you say Boxer Husky mixes are easy to train?

It’s about knowing your dog. I would say the breed themselves are difficult to train but Dawson was very food motivated. Training happens everyday, and routine really helps. It happens during meal times, in public, on daily walks, and it never stops or else you’re back at square one.

9) What advice would you give someone thinking about a Boxsky as a pet?

Dawson the Boxsky (Photo: @dawson_s_creek / Instagram)

Dawson the Boxsky (Photo: @dawson_s_creek / Instagram)

Don’t buy expensive furniture or pet supplies/toys until the dog is older than two or three years of age. Everything will get destroyed. Also, make sure to socialize them and read their behaviours. It’ll only help you in your training and relationship with them.

10) What other Boxsky or dog accounts in general would you recommend to our readers?

He had many friends in real life that he has met online. You can find most of them on Instagram @the6ixpackdogs. They’re periodically featured and tagged so you can easily browse them all. You can follow Dawson and his friends on all the interesting adventures from exploring the hiking trails, to grabbing a drink at the brewery, to attending the nation’s largest indoor pet expo. There’s not a whole lot of Boxsky accounts because it’s not an actual “breed” but when you do find one online, they all have their unique looks and traits.

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Boxksy pros and cons


• Great companion – These breeds [Boxer and Siberian Husky] are very affectionate to their family, aka owners, so growing up in a family they will react well to children. They will love you and never leave your side. They are always on high alert to protect their family.

• High energy – This is a pro for me because I love to explore and be social. Dawson is a social butterfly and always attends events with me. He will also be the greatest hiking buddy to support me when I slow down. We love the outdoors whether it’s backcountry camping or strolling the local trails.

• Personality – They can be really goofy or really majestic and everything in between. This allows for a wide range of character and traits to work with. They can be a big dog with the softest mannerism.

• Intelligence – Huskies are smart dogs. When trained at an early age, they will be able to understand quickly what you ask of them. Make sure to understand that they can be stubborn but once you get pass that, they can be obedient breeds.


• Exercise – If you are not physically able or have limitations, this breed will not get the exercise they need. As a large breed, they are prone to hip and joint issues down the line. If they are overweight, it will only hinder them and you.

• Power chewer – Do not leave anything unattended. Dawson has chewed through couches, dining chairs, electrical wires, and more. We can never purchase stuffed animals as play toys because the stuffing will be ripped out in 2 minutes. Now he cleans his teeth and chews on antlers, bones, and durable rubber toys. They get expensive but last longer than a 2 minute toy and save your furniture.

• Size – Dawson’s father was a 100lb Boxer and his mother was a 45lb Siberian Husky. Combined, they can range anywhere from 60lbs and up. If you’re looking for a medium size condo dog, this is not it. They can tend to be clumsy and not grasp the fact that they are a big dog. You also want to make sure they are trained because you will be scolded and judged for having that large aggressive or reactive dog that everyone fears.

• Double coats – THEY WILL SHED. A LOT. If you do not want to walk around with fur glitter on your black wardrobe everyday, or furballs around the house, do not get a husky related dog. You will also need to brush them a lot even know they are not long haired coats as you would with any other dog. Maintenance is key for their health!

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