20 Dalmatians to follow on Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 6 January 2023

Dalmatians are probably the most easily identifiable dog breed.

They’re white coat with black spots have made them a firm favourite with dog lovers around the world.

Before they became stars of the big screen, Dalmatians were used as coach dogs to accompany nobles, gypsies and firefighters.

Disney’s 101 Dalmatians (and sequels) earned them worldwide fame amongst children and adults of all ages.

The American Kennel Club ranks Dalmatians as the 56th most popular dogs in the United States of America.

Dalmatian plays with a tennis ball (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Dalmatian plays with a tennis ball (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Unsurprisingly, Dalmatians are much loved pooches on social media platforms, such as Instagram.

Although we’ve resisted the temptation to go to 101, here’s 20 Dalmatians that you should follow on Instagram.

20) Kiki (@kikidalmatian) – 6,000 followers

Kiki (@kikidalmatian) is a beautiful Dalmatian who can also be found in Australia. Living in Tasmania, Kiki is a unilaterally death two-year old Dalmatian. With over 6,000 followers on social media platform Instagram, Kiki will put a smile on your face.

19) Scout and Syrus (@scoutandsyrus) – 6,400 followers

What’s better than one Dalmatian? Two, of course! Scout and Syrus (@scoutandsyrus) are a pair of Dalmatians that love to sniff butts, zoomies and cuddles. Living in Melbourne, Australia, Scout and Syrus are described as the “goodest boy and girl around”.

18) Cosmo (@the.adventures.of.cosmo) – 10,500 followers

If you like to hike and explore nature’s beauty, Cosmo (@the.adventures.of.cosmo) is well worth a follow! All you’ve got to do is hit follow, take his paw and go on an adventure. Almost 9,000 people are already following Cosmo.

17) Link and Luna (@life.of.link.and.luna) – 11,000

Link and Luna (@life.of.link.and.luna) are a brother-sister double act based in Texas. These one-year olds love to go on adventures together with their charming dog boots. They love nothing more than a beach day!

16) Rylie, Lucy and Kobe (@thefantasticfourspots) – 12,000 followers

Next up is a mother and daughter duo with a beautiful boy for company. Three isn’t a crowd with Rylie, Lucy and Kobe (@thefantasticfourspots). Rylie and Lucy have the traditional black and white coats, while Kobe is a stunning liver male Dalmatian. Over 11,000 people are following these British-based Dalmatians. They’re currently in the midst of puppy fever – too!

15) Finlay (@finlay_the_dalmatian) – 21,000 followers

Finlay (@finlay_the_dalmatian) is based in Montreal. A one-year old Dalmatian puppy, Finlay is something of a “social butterfly”. His bio lists some intriguing interests, including glove thief and carrot lover. Finlay is closing in on 14,000 followers on Instagram.

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14) Prim and Paislee (@dal.gals.prim.and.paislee) – 17,500 followers

Prim Everly and Paislee Skye (@dal.gals.prim.and.paislee) are two Dalmatian sisters living their best lives with their “crazy dog Mom”. Paislee is a long coated Dalmatian, which makes her all the more unique. It’s little surprise to us that Prim and Paislee have built a following of over 18,500 people on Instagram thanks to their good looks and photos full of character. Read our interview with Prim and Paislee here.

Dalmatian licks owner (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Dalmatian licks owner (Photo: Adobe Stock)

13) Millow and Pablo (@dalmatian_milow_and_pablo) – 19,000 followers

Millow and Pablo (@dalmatian_milow_and_pablo) love the beach. They’re photos are awash with beach photos of them frolicking in the sand and the sea. Self-professed beach lovers, they’ve got over 19,100 followers on Instagram.

12) Lemon and Chance (@mother_of_dalmatians_) – 46,000 followers@mother_of_dalmatians_) are two Dalmatians based in Nashville, Tennessee. When we first included them in this article in 2019, they were just a duo. Now the Mother of Dalmatians has five of these beautiful dogs and over 19,700 followers on Instagram.

11) Hedvig and Esther (@kennelpawsome) – 18,500 followers

Next on our list we’ve got to make a stop in Europe. Hedvig and Esther (@kennelpawsome) are a mother and daughter pair living in Sweden. Esther is one of the more senior ladies on our list at the ripe age of eight. Looking regal alongside her daughter Hedvig, they’ve got 20,000 followers on Instagram.

10) Loki (@polka_dot_loki) – 65,500 followers

One of our favourite Dals on Instagram is Loki (@polka_dot_loki). Based in UK, Loki is bi-eyed with a blue and brown eye that adds to his striking appearance. With an eye for photography, nearly 27,000 people are following Loki’s adventures in the British countryside. Read our interview with Loki here.

9) Noble (@hernoblestory) – 30,100 followers

Sir Noble (@hernoblestory) is a Dalmatian who likes to hang out with his sidekicks. Based in Denver, Colorado, this spotty pooch has a cat and hedgehog for company. The trio are always up for an adventure. If you’re an animal lover, you should hit follow for these adorable gang. Over 32,000 people have already done it!

8) Lio (@herrtuerkis) – 30,000 followers

Next up is a German Dalmatian called Lio (@herrtuerkis) who can be found with his mom manager Julia. The pair have a close bond, which can be epitomised by a line in their bio: “When i needed a hand, I found your paw.” With stunning photography and a glimpse into the potential bond that can be forged between a human and Dalmatian, it’s little surprise Lio has over 34,000 followers on Instagram.

7) Jackson (@jackson_the_dalmatian) – 107,000 followers

Living in Houston, Jackson (@jackson_the_dalmatian) is a four-year old Dalmatian. Jackson likes the finer things in life, such as bow ties and blueberries. If he’s not sporting a stylish fashion accessory like trendy spectacles, you’ll find Jackson with a smile on his face out and about in Texas.

6) Charlie (@charlie.the.dalmatian) – 92,500 followers

With over 95,000 followers on Instagram, Charlie (@charlie.the.dalmatian) is a popular pooch. He’s a long-coated Dalmatian based in Charlotte in the US state of North Carolina. With two beautiful black patches over his brown eyes, Charlie is a handsome Dalmatian well worth a follow.

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5) Pingo and Nina (@pingoeninadalmatians) – 145,000 followers

Our first South American Dalmatians, Pingo and Nina (@pingoeninadalmatians) are a beautiful duo based in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Living that beach life, their account will leave you dreaming of the sun, sand and sea – and Dalmatians!

4) Olga Vang (@olgavang) – 96,000 followers

Another account that showcases the deep bond a Dalmatian can forge with their pet parent is Olga Vang (@olgavang). With an array of creative poses and photos, this is an account that likes to think outside the box. It’s no surprise to use that Olga has a following of over 105,000.

3) Doug (@boris.and.doug) – 131,000 followers

Doug and Boris (@boris.and.doug) are a package deal. Doug is a bi-eyed Dalmatian with a Labrador brother called Boris. They may be brothers from other mothers but they love snuggles, biscuits and exploring together. With a glowing reputation as “full time good boys”, Doug and Boris have 130,000 followers on Instagram. Check out our chat with Boris and Doug here.

2) Khaleesi and Django (@khaleesi.django.dalmatian) – 167,000 followers

Our penultimate Dalmatians in this article are Khaleesi and Django (@khaleesi.django.dalmatian). Based in Germany, four-year old Khaleesi is a Dalmatian with a striking lemon coat and six-year old Django has traditional black and white fur. Together, this Dalmatian duo with leave you mesmerized.

1) Wiley (@hi.wiley) – 238,000 followers

Everyone say hi to number one on our list of Instagram famous Dalmatians: Wiley (@hi.wiley). Putting his own spin on the Friday Night Lights motto, Wiley believe in clear eyes, nose heart, can’t lose. Wiley has an adorable heart nose that no doubt won over many of his 181,000 followers on the social media platform. Always smiling, Wiley lives in Colorado.

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