20 Dachshunds you need to follow on Instagram

helloBARK! staff
By helloBARK! staff
Updated on December 02, 2019

Dachshunds are one of the most Instagram friendly dog breeds.

It’s little surprise that these German dogs get so much attention online due to their unique appearance and adorable personalities.

In fact, if you use the Dachshund hashtag on the photo-sharing platform, you’ll get a whopping 5.6 million results.

Some of the most popular Doxies have over 250,000 followers on Instagram, eclipsing many celebrities.

Whether you’re thinking about a Sausage Dog as a pet or you’re just a big fan of the breed, we’ve taken a look at some great Dachshund accounts to follow on Instagram.

Dachshund come in two sizes: standard and miniature (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Dachshund come in two sizes: standard and miniature (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Here’s 20 Doxies that you should be following right now!

20) Nutmeg (@nutmegthelongdog) – 7,315 followers

This little, dapple weenie dog has a nose for big adventures. But Nutmeg (@nutmegthelongdog) also has a partner in crime called Violet – and they are very different in appearance. Nutmeg is a long-haired Doxie with a chocolate and tan coat, while Violet is chestnut an white. Coming up on 10,000 Instagram followers, this pair are well worth a follow.

19) Sherman (@shermanthesausage) – 11,000 followers

Sherman (@shermanthesausage) is a British Sausage Dog with over 11,000 followers on Instagram. This dapper Doxie is four years old but we’ve got bad news for you ladies! He’s already found his puppy love with his Weiner wifie Winnie.

18) @tankandbear – 13,800 followers

Proving that Dachshunds do come best in pairs, Tank and Bear (@tankandbear) are two inseparable Doxies. These sausage dogs come in two different colours that really complement each other: black and tan and brown. They love to dress up together, whether it’s donning a party hat or wearing a bowtie. You can bank on these dogs to bring dapper to Instagram.

17) Neville (@neville.longbottoms) – 16,300 followers

We’ve got a Dachshund with a Harry Potter twist up next. Neville (@neville.longbottoms) is a half a hotdog long and two dogs long. Born in 2018, Neville has already got around 16,300 followers. Not bad going! Neville looks destined for bigger and better things on IG.

16) @dutchdapplez – 23,300 followers

These two Dutch Dachshunds are certainly stylish. Based in Gouda in the Netherlands, Diesel and Merlot (@dutchdapplez) are very different – Merlot is long haired and Diesel sports smooth coat. Their differences add to their charm. Aside from their 23,000 Instagram followers, they have another claim to fame: Diesel and Merlot created #FloppyEarsFriday.

15) Milly and Maggie (@mini_millyandmaggie_sausage) – 36,600 followers

Up next are two adorable Doxies called Milly and Maggie (@mini_millyandmaggie_sausage). Milly is a mini red Dachshund and Maggie is a mini black and tan Dachshund. Milly is a nervous nelly, while Maggie loves everybody. These food obsessed Doxies have over 36,000 fans on Instagram.

14) Arlo (@arlo.thedachshund) – 38,900 followers

Arlo (@arlo.thedachshund) is a three-year old mini Dachshund. You can find Arlo in Queensland, Australia. He’s got impeccably styled wavy hair on his ears that make this little pup quite the model. We predict he’ll win you over with his charming smile.

13) Zorro and Napoleon (@zorroandnapoleon) – 43,900 followers

Zorro and Napoleon (@zorroandnapoleon) like to consider themselves Australian’s cheekiest Sausage dogs. They’re real brothers who were born in 2018. These cheeky customers have nearly 44,000 followers on the photo-sharing app.

12) Honeybun (@theadventuresofhoney) – 57,700 followers

If you’ve got a sweet tooth where Dachshunds are concerned, Honeybun (@theadventuresofhoney) could be the account to satisfy your cravings. She’s a long-haired Dachshund living it up in Brisbane, Australia. Honey has almost 60,000 fans.

11) Bella and Bailey (@bella_and_bailey_the_dachies) – 58,500 followers

Miss Bella and Master Bailey (@bella_and_bailey_the_dachies) are yet more Aussie Doxies. Proving that this German breed really are popular Down Under, they’re another double act. This charming duo are expert models, no matter the outfit.

10) Scrappy (@scrappythedoxie) – 61,700 followers

The name Scrappy Doo (@scrappythedoxie) certainly stands out – and that’s before we get to his brother Obie. While one is a full time model, the other gets the better end of the deal as the official treat eater. Living in New Orleans, Louisiana, their Instagram page lives up to vibrant American state.

9) Ollie and Winnie (@double.the.doxie) – 62,800 followers

Double the Doxie, double the fun. Ollie and Winnie (@double.the.doxie) are next on our list of adorable Sausage Dogs. Ollie is brown and tan with long hair, while Winnie is isabella and cream with long hair. They’re exceptionally beautiful Dachshunds, they remind us of a Disney prince and princess.

8) Maya (@mayathesausage) – 87,000 followers

If you don’t get your Doxie fill from this account, well there’s simply no hope for you! Maya (@mayathesausage) may be the headline act, but don’t forget about Peanut and Stella (plus hedgehogs Minnie and Peppa). This quintest have over 87,000 followers on Instagram.

7) Winston, Finley, and Theodore (@the_3_weenies) – 95,800 followers

Just in case you want to see some more triplets, we’ve got Winston, Finley, and Theodore (@the_3_weenies) featuring at number seven on our list. They live in Texas, USA. They’re all long haired Dachshunds but Teddy is shaded cream, Finn is dappled cream and Teddy is chocolate and tan.

6) @river_the_mini_dachshund – 140,000 followers

River and Sebastian (@river_the_mini_dachshund) can usually be found at the beach. They’re long haired mini Doxies who will leave you dreaming of sun, sand – and Dachshunds. This duo have over 140,000 followers on Instagram.

5) @montyminidachshund – 168,400 followers

Proudly describing himself as United Kingdom’s number one Dachshund, Monty (@montyminidachshund) loves to swim and take naps – and lots of treats of course. Always prepared for the cold British weather, you can find this mini Dachshund sporting a wooly hat or jacket to keep him warm. Monty leaves his 134,000 Instagram following feeling warm inside with his handsome photos.

4) Holly and Hazelnut (@hollyandhazelnut) – 171,000 followers

Swapping Australia for American, we’ve got Holly and Hazelnut (@hollyandhazelnut) who live in Los Angeles. This little Doxie pair are fed by our friends, Just Food For Dogs. So we know they’re eating well! They’re also big on TikTok – you can check out our TikTok tips here.

3) Maya (@mayathedox) – 186,000 followers

Maya appears to be a popular name for Dachshunds! We’ve got our second Maya (@mayathedox). She’s miniature in size with a long haired coat. Living in Washington DC, Maya is used to making big decisions. For example, what to get in Home Depot!

2) Lou Lou (@loulouminidachshund) – 247,000 followers

Lou Lou (@loulouminidachshund) is a tiny little Dachshund that weighs in at just over two kilos! Living in the Netherlands, nearly a quarter of a million people are following this Doxie. You may have even seen this black and tan Dachshund in the media alongside ducks and bunnies!

1) Crusoe (@crusoe_dachshund) – 771,800 followers

When you Google “Dachshund Instagram”, Crusoe (@crusoe_dachshund) tops the page, which is some feat for this little pooch. With in excess of 600,000 followers, this sausage dog has an incredible fanbase. It’s not hard to understand why. A New York Times Bestselling Pup and winner of the People’s Choice Award, Crusoe is a pack leader.