20 Corgidor To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 11 February 2021

You’ll love the Corgidor.

They’re a cross between a Corgi and a Labrador to create a medium-sized hybrid dog.

Corgidor aren’t recognised as a breed but their parents, the Corgi and the Labrador, are two of the most popular members of the dog family in the world.

The cross breed can have a coat color that resembles their Labrador parent or the short legs associated with their Corgi parent.

In this article, we feature 20 Corgidor to check out on Instagram, shining a positive light on this wonderful mix.

20) Meringa (@meringa.the.corgidor) – 110 followers

Meringa (@meringa.the.corgidor) is a lucky rescue dog living a life of sand and sun. This good girl can be found in the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia.

19) Louis (@louis_the_corgidor_rescue) – 132 followers

Louis (@louis_the_corgidor_rescue) lives in Hamsphire in the UK. This black Corgidor is a golden oldie that is around 12 years old. This handsome boy is also a rescue pup!

18) Eddy (@eddythecorgidor) – 158 followers

Eddy (@eddythecorgidor) is an adorable pup who is half Corgi half Labrador. With the yellow coat of a Lab and the body type of the Corgi, Eddy fits the bill of the sweet Corgidor boy.

17) Charlie (@corgidornamedchuck) – 164 followers

Charlie (@corgidornamedchuck) is a cute Corgidor living in Texas. These days you’ll find Charlie expending his energy in the Big Apple. He’s filled with love and his beautiful smile will make you smile.

16) Murphy (@corgidormurphy) – 183 followers

Murphy (@corgidormurphy) is half Corgi, half Labrador and half tator tot. He’s a rescue dog from South Carolina who has also moved to New York like Charlie.

15) Bandit (@banditthecorgidor) – 226 followers

Bandit (@banditthecorgidor) is an adventure pup who loves to explore. The Californian Corgidor is a one-year old who likes to go on an adventure whether it’s snowing, sunny or rainy.

14) Maddie (@maddiethecorgi) – 251 followers

Maddie (@maddiethecorgi) is a Lab Corgi mix living in Montreal. Maddie has a few passions in life, such as lounging around when he’s not running. Overall, Maddie is a playful pup!

13) Toby (@tobytheromanianrescue) – 313 followers

We’re heading back to the UK to meet Toby (@tobytheromanianrescue). Rescued from Romania, this Corgidor loves walkies, naps and posing for photos.

12) Link (@link.the.corgidor) – 577 followers

Link (@link.the.corgidor) is a 13-year-old Corgidor with the long legs. This handsome boy is a bandana model and an all round good pup with over 500 Instagram followers.

11) Sheila (@corgidorable_sheila) – 670 followers

Sheila (@corgidorable_sheila) is a Corgi-Lab mix living in New Jersey. This beautiful lady has the yellow coat of the Lab but the short legs of the Corgi. Sheila is a rescue pup loving life!

10) Taco (@tacothecorgidor) – 873 followers

Taco (@tacothecorgidor) is a Corgidor living in Seattle, Washington. Taco is an active boy who lives to go on hikes, swims, play fetch, find some mud to roll in. He’s described by his humans as a ‘total dingus’!

9) Letti (@_lettidog_) – 1,088 followers

Letti (@_lettidog_) keeps their bio short and sweet. This is just a dog in the world. With a big smile and adorable markings, Letti will fill your heart with worldly joy.

8) Yacko (@yacko_croqueto) – 1,276 followers

Yacko (@yacko_croqueto) is a handsome Corgidor with a beautiful dark coat. He’s eight years old and loves to explore with his humans. Yacko has over 1,200 followers on Instagram.

7) Kip (@vinoandfetch) – 1,332 followers

Kip (@vinoandfetch) mis a Corgidor with stubby legs and crazy ears. You’ll find Kip attached to mom’s hip. The pair love to explore New Jersey and take beautiful photos.

6) Goldie (@goldie.thecorgidor) – 1,414 followers

We’re heading down under to meet our next Corgidor. Goldie (@goldie.thecorgidor) is based in Australia in her forever home. This pretty pup has over 1,400 fans on Instagram.

5) Haruko (@thethreewaggintails) – 1,643 followers

Haruko (@thethreewaggintails) is a member of the Three Waggin Tails pack. Haruko has two siblings called Kumiko and Hudson. Together, they’re three happy rescues!

4) Ursa (@ursa.bear.pup) – 1,829 followers

Ursa (@ursa.bear.pup) is a Corgidor with skills. This Corgi Lab mix is a pro swimmer and aspiring human food critic. Ursa may be small but can roar like a bear! This beach boy likes to chase birds.

3) Bentley (@bentley.michael.the.corgidor) – 2,052 followers

Bentley (@bentley.michael.the.corgidor) is a Washington-based pup. This rescue pup is living his best life chasing squirrels. He’s partial to a bit of steak and loves to play with squeaky toys.

2) Coda (@coda.thecorgidor) – 3,352 followers

Coda (@coda.thecorgidor) is half blue Cardigan Corgi and half white Labrador. The result is a Corgidor with a striking coat pattern. He’s a rescue from Peutro Rico living in New England.

1) Jackson (@jackson_the_corgidor) – 4,723 followers

Jackson (@jackson_the_corgidor) is a four year old rescue from Tennessee living in Toronto. This adorable boy is a therapy dog. He’s also Toronto’s top medium dog! Jackson has nearly 5,000 followers on Instagram.

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