21 Corgis you should follow on Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 9 July 2021

The Queen has helped to make the Corgi one of the world’s most popular breeds.

While the British monarch brought these dogs notoriety, Corgis have become a firm favourite on social media.

Their puppy dog eyes are hard to resist, while their short stature are another trademark trait.

Ava the Corgi (Photo: littlepnwpups/Instagram)

Ava the Corgi (Photo: littlepnwpups/Instagram)

However, perhaps the most famous characteristic of this breed is the Corgi butt.

Whether it’s bounding around the dog park, cuddling with toys or napping, this breed is one of the most followed on social media.

Here are 20 Instagram stars that you need to follow on the photo-sharing app.

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21) Ollie and Butler (@ollieandbutler) – 37,500 followers

Ollie and Butler (@ollieandbutler) are two Pembroke Welsh Corgis that are Instagram and TikTok stars. These two Corgis are big characters, which explains why they’ve amassed a following of over 600,000 on TikTok. Ollie says please don’t call Butler fat, he’s just fluffy.

20) Wesly and Brady (@weslythecorgi) – 26,800 followers

Wesly and Brady (@weslythecorgi) are two brothers living in sunny Arizona. These two adorable cuties have a big passion for baseball. Just like Ollie and Butler, Wesly and Brady have a flourishing TikTok account with 20,000 fans. So you can find their photos on Instagram and video content on TikTok.

19) Bear (@thecorgi.bear) – 26,300 followers

Bear (@thecorgi.bear) is a two-year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He’s got a big smile and loves people. Having moved from California to North Carolina, Bear’s got one big passion: fetch is life! Bear has over 26,000 followers on photo-sharing app Instagram.

18) Ava (@littlepnwpups) – 53,200 followers

Ava (@littlepnwpups) is a gorgeous Corgi with both a brother (dog) and a sister (cat), proving that this breed really are social animals. A self-proclaimed explorer, this mini Corgi loves to Vancouver, Washington. Whether it’s posing in the snow or going into camouflage mode in the autumn leaves, Ava’s profile is full of beautiful photos.

17) Napoleon (@napoleanthecorgi) – 44,600 followers

Napoleon (@napoleanthecorgi) is the name but cuteness and tricks are his game. If you’re arriving on this account expecting a cuteness overload, you won’t be disappointed. We love Napoleon’s big smile.

16) Donut (@donut_corgi) – 52,300 followers

Donut (@donut_corgi) can be found with his tongue out 24/7. This charming Corgi doesn’t reserve his #tongueout look for just #tongueouttuesdays. Donut is three years old with over 50,000 followers on Instagram.

15) Pavlov (@pavlovthecorgi) – 154,000 followers

Pavlov (@pavlovthecorgi) is a cool Corgi living in LA. Pavlov has the social media game mastered, boasting a separate meme account if that’s your thing. Pavlov welcomed a new sibling called Maslow, who is a Keeshond. You can read out interview with Pavlov here.

14) Willo (@willothecorgi) – 181,000 followers

Howling for food since being born at the start of 2018, Willo (@willothecorgi) has blown up on Instagram since this original article. When we wrote ‘Corgis to follow on Instagram’ in 2018, Willo just had 10,000 followers. Now, this one year old is almost at 200,000! Living in Arizona, United States, the female Cardigan Welsh Corgi has certainly mastered the puppy dog eyes.

13) Wally (@wallythewelshcorgi) – 115,000 followers

Next up we’ve got Wally (@wallythewelshcorgi). He’s the happiest Corgi in all the land. You will usually find Wally hanging with his two toddler siblings, Max and Miles. It’s heartwarming to see this Corgi interacting with his fellow family members.

12) Chompers (@chompersthecorgi) – 121,000 followers

Chompers (@chompersthecorgi) is a little Corgi living in a big city (called San Francisco). You can expect lots of lifestyle and travel posts on Chomper’s page. Chompers is a Corgi with style in abundance.

11) Doby and Blue (@dobyandblue) – 155,000 followers

Doby and Blue (@dobyandblue) are two Corgbis with nearly 155,000 followers on Instagram. These two are usually creating some fun video content with their Mom, which is featured on both their Instagram and TikTok page.

10) Sneakers (@sneakersthecorgi) – 136,000 followers

We all love pizza and Sneakers (@sneakersthecorgi) is no different. Sneakers lives in California, although this little dote prefers to call the state, Corgifornia. With a big grin that can melt hearts, it should be no surprise that Sneakers has amassed a following in excess of 136,000.

9) Aqua (@aquacorg) – 143,000 followers

Next up we’ve got a model, actor, comedian called Aqua (@aquacorg). Aqua is something of an elder statesman on Instagram. With over 560 posts and 143,000 followers, Aqua has the social media game down.

8) Lychee and Mochee (@lychee_the_corgi) – 259,000 followers

Lychee and Mochee (@lychee_the_corgi) are two adorable little fluff balls that are well on their way to Instagram stardom. With a sibling aptly named Mochee, this Corgi double act love to pose together, whether it be in full costume, in the bath or soaking up California’s rays.

7) Tofu and Boshi (@tofu_corgi) – 233,000 followers

Tofu and Boshi (@tofu_corgi) are a brother-sister double act that live in Orange County, California. They’re described on their profile as two loaves of bread with legs and brows.

6) Winston (@winstonthewhitecorgi) – 230,000 followers

Winston (@winstonthewhitecorgi) is the unicorn of Corgis aka a Unicorgi. This white Corgi is based in New York City but finds time for trips to the beach. As the unicorn of the Corgi world, it’s only fitting that Winston has 226,000 followers.

5) Tibby Tibbles (@tibbythecorgi) – 227,000 followers

Tibby Tibbles (@tibbythecorgi) is described as half lion, half Corgi. Tibby’s parents write in their bio that there’s a pinch of bunny in there somewhere too. Timmy puts the fluff into butt so there’s a lot of cake on this profile.

4) Ralph and Georgie (@ralphthecorgi) – 318,000 followers

Ralph and Georgie (@ralphthecorgi) are two Corgi siblings. Although Ralph was the original star of this account, the six-year old was joined by a nine-year old adopted Corgi aka George. Together they make a charming duo. This pair have over 318,000 followers on Instagram.

3) Maple and Morty (@mapleandmortycorgi) – 350,000 followers

Maple and Morty (@mapleandmortycorgi) are two Corgi siblings with big personalities. Their videos are usually captioned, which adds to the hilarity of this Corgi account. Maple and Morty have over 350,000 followers on Instagram.

2) Ken (@kenthecorgi) – 393,000 followers

Ken (@kenthecorgi) is a cute Corgi living in Los Angeles, California. Ken has a beautiful coat, big brown eyes and a huge smile. Ken is a popular Corgi pup that is closing in on half a million followers on Instagram.

1) Geordi La Corgi (@lacorgi) – 550,000 followers

We’ve finally reached the end of our feature on Corgis of Instagram. Geordi La Corgi (@lacorgi) is perhaps the most famous of all Corgis on the photo-sharing app. Geordi has a new partner in crime called Scotty, who arrived in June 2020. So you can expect even more cute Corgi content.

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