Cooper The Cavapoo Questions And Answers

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 16 August 2021

Cavapoos can come in a wide range of colors.

Cooper is a stunning ruby and white Cavapoo with the sweetest expression.

Embodying the traits of both his Cavalier and Poodle parents, Cooper is a great advocate for the Cavapoo mix breed.

Based in Michigan, Cooper has unsurprisingly amassed a following in excess of 11,000 on Instagram.

In a bid to learn more about this unique mix, we spoke to Cooper’s mom to find out more about her four-legged companion and the Cavapoo cross.

You can follow Cooper on Instagram (@_instacoop).

Cooper the Cavapoo Questions and Answers

1) How did you hear about Cavapoos?

Cooper the Cavapoo (Photo: @_instacoop / Instagram)

Cooper the Cavapoo (Photo: @_instacoop / Instagram)

I first heard about the Cavapoos breed after college. I had a friend at my first job who got a Cavapoos, and she had rave reviews – also her dog was SO adorable!

2) What attracted you to Cavapoos?

Cooper the Cavapoo (Photo: @_instacoop / Instagram)

Cooper the Cavapoo (Photo: @_instacoop / Instagram)

I always knew I wanted a doodle. Poodles are so smart and no shedding was a major plus! After doing some research, I learned Cavapoos are a good family dog and they get along well with other animals. I knew Cooper would be spending a lot of time at my parents house, so that was really important to me as they have two dogs of their own. I also read that historically, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels were bred to be foot warmers and lap dogs, which I loved as I was really hoping for a dog who loves to cuddle!

3) Can you tell us how you ended up with Cooper?

Cooper the Cavapoo (Photo: @_instacoop / Instagram)

Cooper the Cavapoo (Photo: @_instacoop / Instagram)

Once I was sure I was ready to go ahead and get a dog, I started doing searches for “Cavapoo Puppies” in my state. When I first saw Cooper’s picture, I thought he was just adorable! I reached out to his breeder and it turned out he was still available and would be ready to go home with his forever family as soon as the following day! I was SO excited to meet him, so I tried to arrange a time the next day to drive three hours out to him, but the breeder informed be she would be delivering another of his litter mates to the airport the next day so I would have to wait. Well, it turned out that the airport she was delivering too was 30 minutes from my house, so she brought Cooper over to me the next day! The second I met him, he was so playful and his little tail was wagging so excited, and I just knew he was mine!

4) Can you spot Cavalier and Poodle traits in Cooper?

Cooper is so smart and eager to please. He’s a quick learner and he picks up on all the little things. He definitely has a floofy, poodle-coat, but he has Cavalier coloring.

5) In your experience, are Cavapoos picky eaters?

Cooper the Cavapoo (Photo: @_instacoop / Instagram)

Cooper the Cavapoo (Photo: @_instacoop / Instagram)

Cooper will eat anything! He loves his kibble, all treats, and of course any human food he can get his paws on. When he was a puppy, he would sometimes need to be hand-fed. He was a little hesitant to eat unless you were sitting with him, but now it’s no issue.

6) Do Cavapoos need a lot of exercise?

Cooper needs a good 30 minutes of play time each day. Whether it’s a walk around the neighborhood or a “puppy play date”.

7) Are Cavapoos easy to train?

Cooper the Cavapoo (Photo: @_instacoop / Instagram)

Cooper the Cavapoo (Photo: @_instacoop / Instagram)

Cooper has been very easy to train since he’s eager to please and quick to learn! I definitely was not the best at strict training, but somehow Cooper is an angel!

8) Are Cavapoos hypoallergenic?

Yes. The Poodle coat hardly ever sheds making doodles a great choice for anyone with allergies.

9) Does getting a Cavapoo groomed cost a lot of money?

Cooper the Cavapoo (Photo: @_instacoop / Instagram)

Cooper the Cavapoo (Photo: @_instacoop / Instagram)

I think that all depends on where you go. I’ve definitely found some groomers who want an unreasonable amount for grooming, but luckily I’ve found this small groomer in my area who is very reasonable!

10) Would you recommend Cavapoos to a first-time dog owner?

100% yes! I wasn’t totally sure I could handle a puppy, but knew it was something I really wanted and Cooper has made it such a pleasure. The first month was definitely tricky while he was potty training and getting in a routine, but really, since then it has been just amazing!

11) Have you considered getting a second Cavapoo? Does Cooper get along with other dogs?

Cooper the Cavapoo (Photo: @_instacoop / Instagram)

Cooper the Cavapoo (Photo: @_instacoop / Instagram)

Cooper loves to play with other dogs! I’ve definitely considered getting a second. I think it would be so nice for him to have a companion when he’s home alone without me. My only concern is that adding another dog to the mix would change mine and Cooper’s relationship. Is it crazy that I’m worried him and the new dog would be best friends and I’d feel left out?! Okay, yeah, that’s probably crazy.

12) What comments or questions does Cooper get out and about?

The question we get most is… “is he even real?!” And yes, let me assure you he is so real! We also get asked if he’s going to get any bigger. Cooper was originally supposed to be between 13-17 lbs. At one year old, he weighed in at 20 lbs – which is more than both of his biological pawrents. I think he’s full grown now!

13) What’s your favourite memory (or post) with Cooper?

Cooper the Cavapoo (Photo: @_instacoop / Instagram)

Cooper the Cavapoo (Photo: @_instacoop / Instagram)

I know this is corny, but every day with Cooper is better than the last. He always makes me smile and laugh. Every morning before we get out of bed for the day, Cooper makes sure we get at least 10 minutes of snuggle time. I make sure I set my alarm for earlier than necessary, but truth be told it’s my favorite time of each day.

14) What are the pros and cons of having an Instagram for your dogs?

When I created Cooper’s Instagram, my intention was to create a little, digital “photo book” of his life. I love sharing his sweet face with the Instagram community. Since creating his page, I’ve built so many incredible relationships with other dog parents. I think we’re a great support for each other as a lot of us are first time dog parents! I guess one con of having an Instagram is the pressure to create high quality, sort of-produced content. I love our more candid photos, but they don’t “perform” as well as the posed photos. I try to remind myself that the reason for starting his account was just to share his cuteness, so I try to post the photos I love the most – regardless of how much engagement I think they’ll get!

15) What other Cavapoo accounts would you recommend?

I love @kipperthecavapoo – Kipper and Holly are the cutest and their parents are so on-top of their training! I also love @simbas_kingdom, @brady_cavapoo and @the.cotton.reel.

Cavapoo Pros and Cons

Cooper the Cavapoo (Photo: @_instacoop / Instagram)

Cooper the Cavapoo (Photo: @_instacoop / Instagram)


• I love Cooper’s temperament. He is so sweet and loving. Cooper can always tell when I need extra love or when it’s a good time to play. As long as we’re together, he’s happy!

• I love how Cooper is always so eager to please. It’s made training a breeze! He is very quick to learn.

• I love that he is so fluffy and cute!!!!


• There really aren’t any “cons” that come to mind. I guess one thing we’re working through right now is that coopers developed a bit of separation anxiety when we’re a part. (Honestly so have I!!) I’m very lucky to have a job where I work from home, and Cooper’s an emotional support animal so he really goes most places with me. It’s rare that I have to leave him home alone, but when I do he usually just sits by the front door and cries a bit until I come back. It breaks my heart to watch him on my doggie-cam!

• I would highly recommend the Cavapoo breed to any first time dog parent, or even any experienced dog parent. He is truly my everything! I’ve only had cooper for the last year (since March 2019) but I can’t even remember how I lived before him.

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