Coffee The Cavoodle Questions And Answers

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Updated on 16 August 2021

There is a big Cavoodle community in Australia.

One of the many Cavoodles in Melbourne is the beautiful Coffee.

She’s a pretty lady with over 12,000 fans on photo-sharing app Instagram.

With a tennis ball obsession, you’ll catch Coffee hanging at the dog park with her fellow Cavoodles.

We spoke to Coffee’s mom to learn more about the Cavoodle breed, including their pros and cons.

You can follow Coffee on Instagram (@coffethecavoodle).

1) How did you first hear about Cavoodles?

Coffee the Cavoodle (Photo: coffeethecavoodle / Instagram)

Coffee the Cavoodle (Photo: coffeethecavoodle / Instagram)

I had originally come across Cavoodles whilst looking for a Spoodle. I had no idea they existed but fell in love with their teddy bear face. I spent a long time looking and as soon as I saw Coffee I knew she was the one.

2) What attracted you to the Cavoodle breed?

I was attracted to Cavoodles not only because of their adorable teddy bear faces but the fact they are minimal to non shedding. Also it was important to have a dog with a placid temperament and not an overly active dog.

3) What is Coffee’s personality like?

Coffee the Cavoodle (Photo: coffeethecavoodle / Instagram)

Coffee the Cavoodle (Photo: coffeethecavoodle / Instagram)

Coffee has a very placid personality and very much a creature of habit. She gets over excited to see people she knows and is cautious of people she doesn’t know. She is very social though likes to be out and about. Has a some what obsessive personality once she gets something in her head she doesn’t let it go. For example, if she sees the ball, she will yelp until someone throws it, if she sees a fly, she will focus on following it and not listen to anything else. She is stubborn and she will choose when to listen and not – selective hearing! She is also timid and sacred of any loud noises despite exposing her to these as a puppy.

4) Can you identify Cavalier and Poodle traits in Coffee?

Yes Coffee has lots of the Cavalier traits such as being sweet, placid, stubborn and a lover of food. My favourite Poodle trait is her loyalty and least favourite is she is shy around strangers. She also has a tendency to bark especially at any noise.

5) Are Cavoodles great companion dogs?

Coffee the Cavoodle (Photo: coffeethecavoodle / Instagram)

Coffee the Cavoodle (Photo: coffeethecavoodle / Instagram)

I may be biased but Cavoodles are definitely great companion dogs. Coffee loves a cuddle and mistakes herself for a human. She knows when your sad and is especially affectionate at this time, she knows when your happy and very playful at that time. Coffee is like my little shadow and I take her with me wherever I can.

6) Is training a Cavoodle hard?

I found training Coffee at a young age easy as she was very food driven. For me, training was just to focus on recall and basic commands. I’m confident had I spent more time training her, she would have excelled as she is smart and knows how to get what she wants.

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7) Can Cavoodles be left alone? Do they suffer with separation anxiety?

Cavoodles are well known for seperation anxiety. As a puppy, Coffee was crate trained as this was something I wanted to avoid, mainly for her well being. She is very comfortable being left alone at home and has never destroyed anything and doesn’t cry. However if we are out and I walk off while someone holds her she will cry and yelp until I return.

8) Are Cavoodles hypoallergenic?

Coffee the Cavoodle (Photo: coffeethecavoodle / Instagram)

Coffee the Cavoodle (Photo: coffeethecavoodle / Instagram)

It varies depending on the type of coat they have. Straight hair Cavoodles shed and the curly Poodle-type coat have minimal to no shedding. Coffee has a fleece wavy coat with very minimal shedding. She only sheds at the change of seasons which is probably a handful of hair over this time so I would consider her to be hypoallergenic.

9) How much time do you spend grooming Coffee?

Finding the right groomer was very important. Coffee is lucky enough to be groomed by May Wong every 5 weeks. As Coffee has a wavy fleece coat and due to regular professional grooming, I rarely brush her when keeping her coat short during summer. However, in winter, she should be brushed every one to two weeks. She very rarely gets knots due to regular grooming.

10) What questions do you get about Coffee out and about?

I am regularly asked what breed she is, where I got her from, what her nature is like and often where her harness, leash or collar is from?

11) Is there a big Cavoodle community in Melbourne?

There sure is a huge community in Melbourne. There is even a Cavoodles of Melbourne page on Facebook where they organise group play dates. There is also lots of little groups that get together so their Cavoodles can play together. I find Coffee can be intimidated by larger or boisterous dogs so Cavoodles catch ups are great for her.

12) What’s your favourite memory with Coffee?

Coffee the Cavoodle (Photo: coffeethecavoodle / Instagram)

Coffee the Cavoodle (Photo: coffeethecavoodle / Instagram)

My favourite memory is when I took my nephew with me to pick up Coffee. His eyes lit up when he saw her and said “OMG she looks like Coffee that has to be her name”. He was so excited and every day since is a memory. Whether she is goofing around doing zoomies, ripping ears off hers soft toys, being stubborn or cuddling I cherish every moment.

13) What are the pros and cons of having an IG page for Coffee?

The pros of having an IG account is interacting with other dog lovers and I have made some great friends. In meet ups, I often joke and say having an IG account for dogs is like internet dating for making new friends. As I love colourful and quality fabrics it has been fun for Coffee to model for small businesses and show this side of me. The cons especially when starting an IG page is the demand of producing and the upkeep of new content. It can be very time consuming and can be very demanding taking away from personal time. Sometimes can almost feel like a second job.

14) What other Cavoodle accounts would you recommend?

I would recommend my gorgeous pals, leo.toycavoodle, mrbertiebrown. However there are so many amazing IG Cavoodle accounts to many to name individually.

15) What advice would you give yourself before getting Coffee now that you know what life with a Cavoodle is like?

I would recommend to myself to set boundaries and not let her become the alpha of the house. If she doesn’t want to listen, she will simply look the other way and walk off. She also doesn’t really understand the word no, most of the time I think no to her means yes! Also I would have gotten a new bed that she can’t go under as this is where she hides and I cant reach her if there is something she has she shouldn’t or if she doesn’t want to do something.

Cavoodle pros and cons

Coffee the Cavoodle (Photo: coffeethecavoodle / Instagram)

Coffee the Cavoodle (Photo: coffeethecavoodle / Instagram)

Cavoodle Pros

• Placid temperament – This makes them exceptionally great around children as they are gentle. Also this is great when they are out and about socially.

• Lap dog – This can help reduce stress, have a strong bond with their owner, less intimidating and can go to more places with you

• Appearance – round faces, floppy ears and enduring large eyes making anyone’s heart melt.

Cavoodle Cons

• Sensitive stomachs – This is common in Cavoodles so you may have to be mindful of what they eat. In some cases vet prescribe food can become their main source of food.

• Separation anxiety – Cavoodles don’t ideally like to be left or separated from their owner. They can sometimes become anxious and can be clingy.

• Grooming – This requires attention and time to keep their coat clean and soft. This can be expensive to up keep as every 4-6 weeks is recommended to avoid matting.

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