Coco The Peekapoo Questions & Answers

By helloBARK!
Updated on 16 August 2021

Coco is a Peekapoo.

For the uninitiated, a Peekapoo is a cross between a Pekalier and a Poodle.

The result is a hypoallergenic dog that usually won’t shed a lot but will require regular grooming.

Coco is one of the most famous Peekapoos on Instagram, having earned a following of over 46,000 fans.

Crowned Sydney’s Top Dog in 2019, five-year old Coco is doggie royalty.

We spoke to Coco’s mom Alina to learn more about Coco and the Peekapoo cross breed.

You can follow Coco on Instagram (@coco_the_peekapoo).

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1) What attracted you to the Peekapoo breed?

Coco the Peekapoo (Photo: @coco_the_peekapoo / Instagram)

Coco the Peekapoo (Photo: @coco_the_peekapoo / Instagram)

At first I didn’t know what a Peekapoo was until the lady at the pet shop told us that her breed is called a Peekapoo. The main thing for us was that we wanted a small dog that did not shed.

2) How did you end up with Coco?

My husband and I were walking past a pet shop and saw Coco through the glass window. As soon as we saw her we knew we had to have her.

3) How would you describe the size of Coco?

Coco the Peekapoo (Photo: @coco_the_peekapoo / Instagram)

Coco the Peekapoo (Photo: @coco_the_peekapoo / Instagram)

Coco is considered a small dog and is 5.5KGS. I think she is smaller than the average Peekapoo’s.

4) How would you describe Coco’s temperament?

Coco is a very sassy girl when it comes to other female dogs, she likes to be the alpha female. She is good with humans, dogs and has an obsession with babies. Whenever she hears a baby cry, she gets really upset and cries with the baby.

5) Do Peekapoos suffer from separation anxiety?

Coco the Peekapoo (Photo: @coco_the_peekapoo / Instagram)

Coco the Peekapoo (Photo: @coco_the_peekapoo / Instagram)

Coco does suffer from separation anxiety when we leave the house. Coco will start shaking, run and hide under the bed and cry/howl.

6) Do Peekapoos make great family pets?

Coco is so affectionate, she loves to be cuddled and would be a great family pet.

7) Are Peekapoos hypoallergenic?

Coco the Peekapoo (Photo: @coco_the_peekapoo / Instagram)

Coco the Peekapoo (Photo: @coco_the_peekapoo / Instagram)

Most definitely, they do not shed any hair and would definitely be a great fit for a family member who suffers from a dog allergy.

8) Are Peekapoos fussy eaters?

YES!!! Coco is not food motivated at all. I don’t know if it’s just the Poodle in her or the Pekingese blood but she can go days without eating and is not fussed. I tend to stick with chicken breast these days as she always will eat it.

9) Would you recommend Peekapoos to a first-time owner?

Absolutely! Coco was our first pet and we are so glad we went with a Peekapoo.

10) Why did you decide to start an Instagram page for Coco?

I saw my friend made an account for their pet and I wanted to start one for Coco and as a result we have met the most amazing dog and humans through the dog community and I am so grateful.

11) What is your favourite photo or video you’ve posted of Coco on Instagram?

Coco the Peekapoo (Photo: @coco_the_peekapoo / Instagram)

Coco the Peekapoo (Photo: @coco_the_peekapoo / Instagram)

It has to be the video of Coco thinking her treat is alive. I could watch it over and over it again. My favourite photo would be the photo of Coco on Pooch Perfect with Rebel Wilson.

12) What advice would you have for someone starting an Instagram page for their dog?

If you want to start a page to “get your dog famous” you are not doing it for the right reasons. You need to invest time into the account to grow the account (I spent 4-6 hrs a day managing her account on top of working full time). I also believe it’s important to engage with your followers and replying back to all comments made on your posts. It’s also important not to forgot that at the end of the day your dog is a dog and I never force Coco to do anything she doesn’t want to do. Dogs sometimes want to play instead of taking photos etc and I always let her be.

13) Is there a big Peekapoo community online?

Not really, I find the Peekapoo breed is nowhere near as big as the Frenchie or Cavoodle community. Peekapoo is not a common breed and I really wish we saw more Peekapoos being breed.

14) What are the pros and cons of Peekapoo?

Coco the Peekapoo (Photo: @coco_the_peekapoo / Instagram)

Coco the Peekapoo (Photo: @coco_the_peekapoo / Instagram)

Honestly I cannot think of any pros or cons of a Peekapoo. Coco came into our life when we least expected it and she is our world. I do get asked regularly what a Peekapoo is as people think I’ve just made up that name and they don’t know it’s an actual dog breed.

15) What other Peekapoo accounts would you recommend?

We do not know many Peekapoos but we would recommend our Peekapoo brother friends from Sydney Australia @kenjispencer.

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