20 Cocker Spaniels To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 10 January 2023

Cocker Spaniels are one of the world’s best-loved breeds.

The smallest member of the sporting Spaniel group, the Cocker Spaniel was traditionally used as a hunting dog.

However, in the 21st century, they make much-loved family pets.

Although these dogs were thought to have originated in Spain, they were registered as a breed by the Kennel Club in England in 1940 and by the American Kennel Club in 1946.

Cocker Spaniels have proven popular dogs amongst celebrities around the world, with England and Manchester United legend David Beckham the proud owner of three Cocker Spaniels.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 20 of the best Cocker Spaniel accounts to follow on Instagram.

20) Guji (@iamgujithecocker)

Guji (@iamgujithecocker) is a Cocker Spaniel living in Brussels. When this adorable Cocker Spaniel isn’t watching dad make coffee, she’s posing for beautiful photos. There’s a couple of things you should know about Guji: she’s the CEO of stolen socks and a full-time drama actress.

19) Poppy (@cockapops)

If you want to find some of the best dog friendly places in the UK, you’ll want to follow Poppy (@cockapops) on her adventures around Great Britain. She’s discovering all the delights that the UK has to offer – and there’s never been a better time to learn about the best dog spots for a staycation.

18) Ralph (@cockeralph)

Ralph (@cockeralph) is another British pup exploring the countryside one adventure at a time. Based in Grimsby, Ralph is described as a crazy loveable Cocker Spaniel. This black and white pup will leave you mesmerized thanks to his gorgeous light brown eyes.

17) Stanley (@spanleythestaniel)

With a clever play on the breed in his Instagram handle, Stanley (@spanleythestaniel) is an apricot Cocker Spaniel. Stanley is only five months old so if you follow along you can see this charming pup grow up. He’s suitable spoiled, not least by his Scrumbles food.

16) Freddie (@cockerspaniel.freddie)

Who doesn’t like a bit of chocolate? Freddie (@cockerspaniel.freddie) is a chocolate show Cocker Spaniel. This handsome boy is a cheeky but loveable rogue. He’s based in Nottingham in the UK. It’s little wonder he’s got over 7,500 followers on Instagram.

15) Fern (@advetures_of_fern_wcs)

Next up we’ve got Fern (@advetures_of_fern_wcs). She’s a sweet-faced Cocker Spaniel who is a working dog and part-time model. If you enjoy pet photography and you’ve got a soft spot for Cocker Spaniels, you’ll enjoy this account.

14) Cocker Squad (@cockersquad)

We’re heading to the north of the UK to meet the Cocker Squad (@cockersquad). They’re made up of Molly, Arthur, Henry and Marin. This quartet enjoy a raw fed diet. Based in Glasgow, you’ll get your Cocker Spaniel fill on this account.

13) Alfie (@thecockerspaniel.alfie)

Alfie (@thecockerspaniel.alfie) is an English Show Cocker Spaniel with over 17,000 followers on Instagram. This beautiful boy is fuelled by a Scrumbles diet. With a sweet expression, Alfie will brighten up your feed if you decide to follow this English gentleman.

12) Hunter, Maple and Copper (@adorablecockers)

We’ve got an adorable Cocker Spaniel trio up next on our list. Hunter, Maple and Copper (@adorablecockers) are based in the Northwest of the UK, You can expect lots of adventures, gorgeous photos and cuddles on their account.

11) Jasper (@mr_jasper_spaniel)

Jasper (@mr_jasper_spaniel) is a Blue Roan Show Cocker Spaniel. Living in Herfortshire, Jasper often spots a bun to keep his hair looking great. We love his charming fleece to keep him dry and warm during long hikes in the English countryside. Jasper is on the cusp of the 20k milestone on Instagram.

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10) Marley (@mr.marley_cocker)

We’re halfway through our list of Cocker Spaniels to follow on Instagram. It’s time to meet Marley (@mr.marley_cocker). With lush golden locks, this two-year old has mastered the puppy dog eyes and sweet puppy expression.

9) Leo (@_leo_the_cocker_)

Allow us to introduce to you the most handsomest boy ever: Leo (@_leo_the_cocker_). He’s happy to pose for photos provided he gets some peanut butter treats. When Leo isn’t starring on his Instagram page, he helps run the All Wired Pup business.

8) Cloe and Nena (@cockertwinss)

We’re swapping the UK for Italy to meet Cloe and Nena (@cockertwinss) next. Cloe and Nena are to English Cocker Spaniels living in Italy. These majestic two-year olds will melt your heart with their gorgeous coat colorings. Their cute photos have attracted over 23,000 fans.

7) Sev and Lily (@stephandthespaniels)

Sev and Lily (@stephandthespaniels) star alongside their self-professed crazy dog mom. They love to explore dog friendly locations throughout the UK. Their profile pic in Castle Combe is an example of just one of their many special locations that they’ve visited. Like our dogs, Sev and Lily are fuelled by Butternut Box.

6) Bailey (@cockerspaniel.bailey)

We’ve got a golden soul up next in the shape of Bailey (@cockerspaniel.bailey). This beautiful blonde Cocker Spaniel lives in Sweden. You’ll find her exploring the breathtaking natural landscapes in the nordic country along with her mom.

David Beckham and his three Cocker Spaniels (Photo: David Beckham / Instagram)

David Beckham and his three Cocker Spaniels (Photo: David Beckham / Instagram)

5) Rolo Polo (@rolo.cockerspaniel)

Rolo Polo (@rolo.cockerspaniel) loves a good selfie, providing his followers with a nose that’s too good not to boop. He’s a sniff chaster, treat muncher and people lover. Rolo is on the cusp of 44,000 followers.

4) Jago (@the_adventures_of_jago)

We’re heading down under to meet Jago (@the_adventures_of_jago). He’s a part-time model and part-time lion. This five-year old lives life to the full with his family. It’s little wonder with his big smile that Jago has nearly 44,000 Instagram followers.

3) Dolly (@blackwhite.gold)

Dolly (@blackwhite.gold) is a Cocker Spaniel who enjoys growling and is prone to stubborness. We’ve previously featured her Bordoodle pal Jeanie on hellobark.com. You can check out this girl pack’s wonderful photography on their account.

2) Narcos (@narcos_cockerspaniel)

We’re making the short trip across the Channel to meet Narcos (@narcos_cockerspaniel) now. He’s a flying English Cocker Spaniel. Based in Paris, you can find Narcos posing in front of some famous Parisian landmarks. There’s a good chance you’ve already seen a photo of Narcos given his photos get shared around Instagram a lot – and it’s easy to see why.

1) Winnie (@winnie_thecocker)

Meet the most-followed Cocker Spaniel on Instagram: Winnie (@winnie_thecocker). She went viral earlier this year for looking like a real-life Disney character. Forget Facebook or TikTok filters, Winnie’s naturally got those undeniably pretty Disney eyes. Winnier has got an eye-watering 476,000 followers on Instagram.

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