20 Chugs To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 17 February 2021

Have you heard of a Chug?

We’re not talking about downing beer but rather the Chihuahua Pug mix.

This cross breed is growing in popularity as more and more Chugs are found at rescue shelters requiring a forever home.

The Chug is a small dog that can make an excellent companion pet.

This petite hybrid dog will usually be affectionate, loving, loyal and playful.

The Chug can also be called the Pughuahua and the Pugwawa.

In this article, we’re going to check out 21 Chugs to follow on Instagram.

20) Mojo (@mojo_the_chugly_chug) – 623 followers

Mojo (@mojo_the_chugly_chug) is a special Chug because he’s got a beautiful brindle coat. He’s not fugly but Chugly! Mojo has over 600 followers on Instagram.

19) Fiona (@apugachugandayorkie) – 952 followers

Fiona (@apugachugandayorkie) is part of a pack that contains a Pug, Chug and Yorkie. She’s the smartest, sweetest Chug that loves life with Wasabi and Gemma.

18) Amber (@amberthechug) – 1,024 followers

We’re heading to the UK to meet Amber (@amberthechug). She’s an adorable Chug who will no doubt melt your heart. When she’s not enjoying a good nap under a cosy blanket, Amber loves to explore.

17) Willem (@chugwillem) – 1,225 followers

Willem (@chugwillem) is a Chihuahua Pug mix who is 100% Willem. As his name suggests, this Chug lives in the Netherlands. Willem is always hungry!

16) Macaulay (@mac.chug) – 1,241 followers

Macaulay (@mac.chug) describes himself as a sweet but nasty baby. He’s living the Chuglife. Based in the Midwest, Mac is has a handsome face but a naughty personality!

15) Chewy (@chugachugachewchew) – 1,388 followers

Chewy (@chugachugachewchew) likes to play hide and seek in the woods when his humans are screaming for him! He lives car rides, drive through snacks, fetch and snuggles.

14) Remi (@remi_the_chug) – 1,681 followers

Remi (@remi_the_chug) is a Chug living in the UK. This adorable pup has mastered the puppy dog eyes. You won’t be able to resist following this adorable Chug.

13) Hank (@hank_chief_chug) – 1,735 followers

Hank (@hank_chief_chug) is a cat litter eater, professional sleeper, serial pooper and terroriser of his feline friend Lola. With a beautiful light-colored coat and pink nose, Hank is puts the han in handsome.

12) Charlie (@charlie_the_handsome_chug) – 1,866 followers

Charlie (@charlie_the_handsome_chug) is a seven-year old Chug living in the UK. He’s a handsome boy as his Instagram handle suggests. Charlie isn’t afraid of getting sand in his paws!

11) Loki (@lokithechug) – 2,025 followers

Loki (@lokithechug) is a rescue dog living in Las Vegas. He likes turkey, walks, naps and pillows. Loki has over 2,000 followers on Instagram.

10) Buddy and Max (@buddy_and_max_chugbrothers) – 2,508 followers

Buddy and Max (@buddy_and_max_chugbrothers) are Chug brother from other mothers. This duo live on the Wirral in the UK. They’re handsome boys who thinks life’s a beach!

9) Doug (@dougthechug_) – 2,621 followers

Don’t confuse Doug the Pug for Doug the Chug (@dougthechug_)! His full name is Lord Douglas Jeremiah Chuggington-Williams. He’s a rescue pup who is now a fashionista!

8) Pickles (@twopugsonechug) – 3,086 followers

Pickles (@twopugsonechug) is a Chug who has two Pug siblings called Biggie and Pickles. This Chug is two years old with a fear of skateboard. This handsome boy has over 3,000 fans on Instagram.

7) Luna (@lunabugthechug) – 4,610 followers

Luna (@lunabugthechug) is a part-time New Yorker who lives in Dartmouth. Named after the Harry Potter character Luna Lovergood, this adorable pup has over 4,600 followers on the photo-sharing app.

6) Cookie (@cookie_the_chug) – 5,369 followers

Cookie (@cookie_the_chug) is a momma’s boy living in Houston. This Texan pup loves a good adventure! Cookie has an impressive following of over 5,000 people.

5) Frank (@frank.chug) – 5,868 followers

Next up is a handsome boy called Frank (@frank.chug). He’s a four-year old living in Montreal. Frank is close to 6,000 followers on the photo-sharing app.

4) Bella (@bella_the_chug11) – 8,017 followers

Bella (@bella_the_chug11) is a rescue dog that has successfully battled heart worm. Bella was rescued over two years and is living a fun live full of love.

3) Pixie (@urbandogsquad) – 11,000 followers

Pixie (@urbandogsquad) is part of the Urban Dog Squad! She’s got two sibling called Luna and Prince. Together, they love to go adventures around the world. This regal trio have over 11,000 followers.

2) Fifa (@fifi_the_chug) – 13,400 followers

Fifa (@fifi_the_chug) is a Chug based in Kent. This Chihuahua Pug mix loves to sport a stylish bandana. With a big smile and warm brown eyes, Fifa won’t take long to win you over!

1) Zander (@mrpickles_and_zander) – 13,700 followers

Zander (@mrpickles_and_zander) is a three-year old Chug. Zander has a Pug sibling called Mr Pickles. They love in Orange County in California.

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