20 Chow Chow To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 28 August 2020

Chow Chow are one of China’s oldest dog breeds.

These dogs are described on the American Kennel Club’s website as “a muscular, deep-chested aristocrat with an air of inscrutable timelessness”.

They’re ranked as the 75th most popular dog breed in the world despite being one of the cleanest canines around.

Chow Chows have little doggy odor as well as being a fastidious dog breed that like to clean themselves.

A red Chow Chow (Photo: Adobe Stock)

A red Chow Chow (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Although they’re a medium-to-large breed, this dignified Asian breed can make excellent city dogs.

In this article, we’re going to look at 20 Chow Chow to follow on Instagram.

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20) Hamble (@hamblethechow) – 5,400 followers

First up we’ve got Hamble (@hamblethechow). He’s a Chow Chow living in London with his two humans. If you’re looking for some fun and sassy adventures in the English capital, you’ll want to follow Hamble. If you’re lucky, he may return the favour.

19) Chow Cino (@chowcino) – 6,330 followers

Chow Cino (@chowcino) is a Chow Chow based on a Mediterranean island. This Chow boy lives in Malta and he loves food, long walks and guarding. His Instagram profile proudly declares that he is an independent thinker with a stubborn streak.

18) Tuhti (@tuhtichowchow) – 8,200 followers

We’re staying in Europe but moving north to Finland to meet our next Chow Chow. Tuhti (@tuhtichowchow) is a four-year old black Chow with a reputation for being sassy. You can find this gorgeous dark dog in the white snow of Finland.

17) Sir Kevin (@sirkevinthechow) – 10,800 followers

We’re back in the English capital to meet some doggie royalty. Sir Kevin (@sirkevinthechow) is a Chow Chow who is roughly around 31 kilograms of fluff. He’s prepared for the unpredictable British weather, which is a smart move.

16) Hamish (@hamishthechow) – 11,000 followers

Moving Down Under, we’ve got Hamish (@hamishthechow). He’s a male Chow living in Melbourne, Australia. When he’s not posting handsome selfies on Instagram, this Chow likes to keep bitches in check. Hamish has over 11,000 followers.

15) Rolf (@chowchowrolf) – 11,400 followers

We’re back in the nordic region to meet Rolf (@chowchowrolf). He’s professional sleeper living in the middle of Sweden. This handsome boy has had a DNA test and he’s 100% fluffy (in case you couldn’t tell). This master of stoneface is closing in on 11,500 followers.

14) Pumba (@thingsonpumba) – 11,700 followers

Proving that Chow Chows are particularly popular in London, we’ve got Pumba (@thingsonpumba). Pumba has an eye for fine art, funny memes and stylish London city photos. It’s no surprise that Pumba has already featured on Buzzfeed, Metro – and now hellobark.com.

13) Izzy (@izzy_the_chow) – 14,000 followers

Izzy (@izzy_the_chow) is famous for her floof. When she’s not working as a social media influencer, Izzy is the Secretary of the US Department of Fluff. This philanthropist pup helps other dogs in need.

12) Quinn (@chow_quinnstagram) – 14,700 followers

We’ve got a purebred champion bloodline Chow Chow up next. Meet Quinn (@chow_quinnstagram). This handsome pup is four years old with plenty of floof. Quinn has nearly 15,000 followers on the photo-sharing app.

11) Nuage (@french_chowchow) – 16,500 followers

We’re heading to France to meet a cloud in the French skies. Nuage (@french_chowchow) is a six-year old Chow who lives in Bordeaux. He looks like a lion but eats like a big and sleeps like a Koala Bear. This French pup has over 16,500 fans on Instagram.

10) Simba Sha (@simba.sha) – 16,700 followers

Next up we’ve got a Chow living in the Big Apple. Let’s meet Simba Sha (@simba.sha). This pretty-faced Chow Chow may live in New York City but enjoys a trip to the beach. Follow Simba Sha if you’re looking for your daily dose of fluffiness.

9) Leo and Lola (@leoandlolachow) – 17,500 followers

Leo and Lola (@leoandlolachow) are two Chow Chows with their a close bond. This pair are based in England. They love to sport a bandana and chill in the garden. Leo and Lola are sure to put a smile on your face!

8) Fidget and Elmo (@fidgetandelmo) – 19,800 followers

Fidget and Elmo (@fidgetandelmo) are another pair of Chows based in the UK. They can often be found chilling with a number of their canine friends, notably an adorable black pug called Betty. As one of their posts writes, Betty is an advocate for just how comfy sleeping on Chow Chow is.

7) Beau (@chowbeau) – 20,900 followers

We’re back in Finland to meet Beau (@chowbeau). He’s a male Chow who loves to chase bunnies. When’s not running after Thumper and co, Beau can be found sleeping and snoring. He enjoys good food and snacks.

6) Sunny (@sunny.joy.chow) – 22,900 followers

Sunny (@sunny.joy.chow) promises to bring sunshine and joy to her Instagram followers. This fluffy Chow Chow is based in Australia. Sunny loves walks followed by a cosy nap. Sunny is a ray of light to nearly 23,000 followers on the photo-sharing app.

5) Po (@pothefluffychow) – 26,800 followers

We’re back in the English capital to meet Po (@pothefluffychow). Po is often mistaken for a bear or a cloud. But this fluffy canine is a Chow who likes to rule the house. You watch Po carry out plans for world domination.

4) Teddy and Coconut (@teddy.chow.chow) – 41,400 followers

Time to meet the Real Housedogs of Silicon Valley. We’ve got Teddy and Coconut (@teddy.chow.chow) who have over 41,000 followers on Instagram. Teddy is a big brother to Coconut. Together, they make for an adorable duo who will melt your heart in the California sun.

3) Hana (@luca_hana.bear) – 48,400 followers

Next up we’ve got Hana is one half of the (@luca_hana.bear) account. Luna is a two-year Chow Chow who has a Samoyed brother called Luca. Together, they’re an adorable pair with their contrasting coat colors.

2) Churro and Toffee (@churroandtoffee) – 55,500 followers

Churro and Toffee (@churroandtoffee) are a Chow Chow duo who live Seattle. They are sometimes confused for lions and bears but rest assured this duo are canines. Their aim on Instagram is to spread fun and fluff.

1) Chowder (@chowderthebeardog) – 419,000 followers

We’re hitting the lofty heights of 400,000-plus followers now. Based upon our research, Chowder (@chowderthebeardog) is the most popular Chow Chow on Instagram with nearly half a million followers. He’s a seven year old living in the Philippines. You’ll often find Chowder hanging out with his Corgi sibling.

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