20 Chiweenies To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 2 February 2021

Have you heard of a Chiweenie?

The Chiweenie is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund.

This cross breed is relatively uncommon in comparison to some hybrid dogs, such as Labradoodles and Cavachons.

These small dogs will share similarities with their Chihuahua and Dachshund parents.

The Chiweenie is growing in popularity, partly helped by the viral sensation, Tuna Melts My Heart.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 20 Chiweenie accounts to check out if you’re looking to find more information about the cross breed.

20) Georgina (@theofficialmotleyzoo) – 355 followers

Georgina (@theofficialmotleyzoo) is a stunning Jersey girl. With a white coat and a pink snout, Georgina loves to kisses. Her other passions include hiking and wrestling on the floor. You can find Georgina chilling with her feline friend Isabella.

19) Toby (@tobythechiweenie_) – 507 followers

Toby (@tobythechiweenie_) is another Chiweenie based in New Jersey – too. This two-year old has the puppy dog eyes mastered judging by his photos on Instagram.

18) Buster (@busterthechiweenie) – 1,197 followers

We’re leaving New Jersey for Columbus next. Buster (@busterthechiweenie) is a rescue pup living with his big brother Piper. This four-year old is always smiling!

17) Frankie (@achiweeniecalledfrankie) – 1,217 followers

It’s time to meet British pup Frankie (@achiweeniecalledfrankie). He’s a shoe chewing, snuggle loving, adventure seeking Mexican hot dog. Living in Oxfordshire, Frankie can be found chilling with his new sibling Otis.

16) Kona (@kona.the.chiweenie) – 1,482 followers

Time to head to South California to meet Kona (@kona.the.chiweenie) enjoying life in the sunshine. This Chiweenie has been named after beer and coffee. This adorable pup has over 1,400 followers on Instagram.

15) Leila (@leila_the_chiweenie) – 1,676 followers

Leila (@leila_the_chiweenie) is a sweet, sassy and spoiled Chiweenie – her words, not ours! This rescue dog deserves all the treats with beautiful markings and big brown eyes. Living in Northern Virginia, Leila loves to sport a bandana.

14) Ralphie (@chi.weenie) – 1,809 followers

We’re travelling back to Yorkshire to meet adorable Ralphie (@chi.weenie). This Chiweenie is 90% Chihuahua, 10% Dachshund and 100% attitude. You’ve been warned. Ralphie has the dapple marking associated with Weenies.

13) Dulce (@dulce.the.chiweenie) – 2,824 followers

Dulce (@dulce.the.chiweenie) lives in Arizona. This Chiweenie was rescued 10 years ago. Dulce loves to model various outfits and costumes.

12) Eevee (@eevee.the.chiweenie) – 3,164 followers

Eevee (@eevee.the.chiweenie) is a Chiweenie living their best life. Rescued in St Louis, Eeeve enjoys going on adventures with her brother Rasputin. Eevee will celebrate her fifth birthday in April!

11) Zilly (@zilly_bear) – 3,800 followers

Full name Gozilla, you can call this Chiweenie Zilly (@zilly_bear) for short! Zilly Bear is one of the oldest Chiweenies in our list. This doggo has big ears and a big personality!

10) Minnie (@minnierescuechiweenie) – 3,873 followers

Minnie (@minnierescuechiweenie) is a proud rescue dog living in Charleston, South Carolina. Minnie has pointy ears and inviting brown eyes. This rescue dog has nearly 4,000 followers on Instagram.

9) Callie (@callie.thechiweenie) – 4,033 followers

Callie (@callie.thechiweenie) is next up on our list. This Chiweenie spends time in both Wisconsin and Toronto. This light-colored Chiweenie has over 4,000 fans on the photo-sharing app.

8) Zoey and Gracie (@chiweeniemom) – 5,076 followers

Next we’ve got two Chiweenie sisters living their best life: Zoey and Gracie (@chiweeniemom). These two are 10 and 9 respectively. If you want an insight into life with two Chiweenies, this is the account for you!

7) Japhy (@japhythewizenedchiweenie) – 5,348 followers

Japhy (@japhythewizenedchiweenie) has a special job: coaching humans. This Chiweenie has a number of passions in life, including signing, stand-up comedy, modelling and poetry reciting. What a talented pup!

6) Demona (@demona_the_chiweenie) – 9,633 followers

Demona (@demona_the_chiweenie) is half Chihuahua and half Dachshund. She’s a 100% a lady, though. This Floridian girl is a rescue dog living her best life!

5) Jiro and Emi (@chiweening) – 13,100 followers

What’s better than one Chiweenie? Two, of course! Jiro and Emi (@chiweening) are the CEOs of a bandana company. They’re also pet rescue advocates. If you enjoy doggie fashion, you’ll have fun checking out their outfits.

4) Pegasus (@pegasus.the.chiweenie) – 13,600 followers

Pegasus (@pegasus.the.chiweenie) is seven pounds of sass. You can find this dapple-colored Chiweenie hanging with his siblings Thor and Luna. Pegasus has over 13,000 fans on Instagram.

3) Churro (@churro_the_chiweenie) – 20,500 followers

Churro (@churro_the_chiweenie) is a sweet and charming rescue pup. Churro’s aim is to spread positivity. You can find Churro living in Los Angeles with his brother Pancake.

2) Spike (@spikethechiweenie) – 24,100 followers

Spike (@spikethechiweenie) is the Snargle King. He’s a lover of the ladies, snoozing in bed and meat! Spike has amassed a fanbase of over 24,000 people on Instagram.

1) Tuna (@tunameltsmyheart) – 2.1 million followers

Tuna (@tunameltsmyheart) is Instagram’s most popular Chiweenie and one of the most popular dogs overall. Tuna looks to bring a little joy and laughter to your day.

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