Cher The Mini Schnauzer Questions & Answers

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Updated on 16 August 2021

You won’t find many Mini Schnauzers smaller than Cher.

She may be six but Cher still gets confused for a puppy due to her petite frame.

This Mini Schnauzer lives in Manchester with her brother, Sonny the Poodle.

With a puppy dog eyes, striking facial features and a tiny body, it’s no surprise Cher has amassed 32,500 followers on Instagram.

We spoke to Cher’s parent Alex to learn more about this Mini Schnauzer and the breed overall.

You can follow Cher on Instagram (@minichernauzer).

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1) How did you first hear about the Mini Schnauzer breed?

Cher Minogue the Mini Schnauzer (Photo: @minichernauzer / Instagram)

Cher Minogue the Mini Schnauzer (Photo: @minichernauzer / Instagram)

We came across Miniature Schnauzers when we researching breeds that would suit our lifestyle. We lived in a small(ish) apartment at the time and were looking for a small, intelligent, independent and hypoallergenic breed to join the family. Miniature Schnauzers really stood out to us.

2) Why do you think Mini Schnauzers are so popular?

They make wonderful pets. They are very friendly, intelligent and loyal. They love to be with you but are also happy to be left alone when needed. Miniature Schnauzers also have a very unique look, with very characterful faces.

3) How would you describe the size of your Mini Schnauzer, Cher?

Cher is petite even for a Miniature Schnauzers. We have not seen many other minis who are smaller than her. She is often mistaken for a puppy (even at 6 years old).

4) How would you describe your Miniature Schnauzer’s temperament?

Cher Minogue the Mini Schnauzer (Photo: @minichernauzer / Instagram)

Cher Minogue the Mini Schnauzer (Photo: @minichernauzer / Instagram)

Cher has a wonderful character. She is extremely playful and loving. She is wary of strangers (especially of the human variety) but once she gets to know someone she is their best-friend forever. She can be a little lazy and stubborn – she usually hides under the dining table when it’s time to go walkies.

5) Do Mini Schnauzers shed a lot?

Cher does not shed at all. We groom her every other day and she loses some fur when we do this. In this regard schnauzers make a great house dog.

6) Do Mini Schnauzers get along with cats and other pets?

Cher loves to play with her Toy Poodle ‘brother’ Sonny. She reacted very well when he joined our family. She loves to chase the neighbourhood cats but, when staying with family who have cats in the home she soon gets used to having them around and the chasing stops. She is wary of larger dogs and can be protective of her smaller, younger brother.

7) Are Mini Schnauzers friendly?

They’re very friendly, but with Cher, trust has to be earned and it can take a few visits (and a few treats) before she fully relaxes around people.

8) Do Mini Schnauzers have any health problems?

Cher Minogue the Mini Schnauzer (Photo: @minichernauzer / Instagram)

Cher Minogue the Mini Schnauzer (Photo: @minichernauzer / Instagram)

Cher has thankfully not had health issues. The breed can be prone to hereditary eye problems. So advice would be to get your Miniature Schnauzers from a reputable registered breeder who will make sure that mother and father and the litter of pups are eye tested.

9) Why did you decide to start an IG page for Cher?

We started Cher’s Instagram back in 2014 when it wasn’t as popular as it is now. We did it mostly as a way of storing pics for ourselves and sharing them with our friends. Over the years Cher has amassed a sizable following and we enjoy sharing pics with other Miniature Schnauzers owners / admirers. It’s also nice to receive messages from people interested in the breed.

10) What advice would you have for someone starting an Instagram for their dog?

My advice would be just to have fun with it. Share the pictures and videos that you love and hopefully others will love them too. If you want to connect with other schnauzer or dog lovers be sure to use the right hashtags so that they can find you.

11) Would you recommend Mini Schnauzers as family pets?

Yes 100%. Cher has brought so much love and joy into our lives.

12) Finally, what are the pros and cons of Mini Schnauzers based upon your experience?

Cher Minogue the Mini Schnauzer (Photo: @minichernauzer / Instagram)

Cher Minogue the Mini Schnauzer (Photo: @minichernauzer / Instagram)

Pros are too many to list and obviously there are no cons (but I might be biased).

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