20 Cavapoochons To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 16 August 2021

Cavapoochon are a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a Bichon Frise and a Poodle.

If you’ve read our Cavapoo feature, you’ll know that they’re a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle.

But Cavapoochons take it one step further by combining three different breeds.

They’re a popular cross breed due to their hypoallergenic qualities, although this doesn’t mean all Cavapoochons don’t shed.

Cavapoochons have become increasingly popular over the past couple of decades.

Here are 20 Cavapoochons to follow on Instagram.

20) Oliver and Otis (@oliver_otis_cavapoochon) – 301 followers

Oliver and Otis (@oliver_otis_cavapoochon) are two Cavapoochons living their best lives in Buffalo, New York. They’ve got smoky, dark coats. Oliver is the older sibling, while Otis is two years his junior.

19) Pawdy (@cavapoochon_pawdy) – 305 followers

Living in London, Pawdy (@cavapoochon_pawdy) hasn’t forgotten her Irish roots. She likes socks and eating spider webs. She dislikes fireworks and squirrels. You can get to know Pawdy better on Instagram.

18) Couscous (@couscous.cavapoochon) – 453 followers

Couscous (@couscous.cavapoochon) is a cleverly named Cavapoochon living in the Bay Area, California. He’s got a beautiful cream and white coat. If you love California and Cavapoochons, Couscous’ account will tick all the boxes.

17) Rhubarb (@rhubarb.cavapoochon) – 776 followers

Swapping California for Oxfordshire, Rhubarb (@rhubarb.cavapoochon) is a Cavapoochon with a beautiful red coat with splashes of white. He’s a teeny, tiny teddy bear with luscious locks.

16) Daisy (@cavapoochon_daisy) – 875 followers

Daisy (@cavapoochon_daisy) is based in Cambridgeshire in the UK. She’s a Fb1 Cavapoochon with nearly 1,000 followers. She can follow her adventures, whether she’s at the beach or in the countryside.

15) Ollie (@ollie.the.cavapoochon) – 1,051 followers

Ollie (@ollie.the.cavapoochon) is a one-year old Cavapoochon. He’s got a beautiful cream colored coat. You can check out his fluffy pictures and puppy adventures along with his 1,000 fans on the photo-sharing app.

14) Skye (@skye.thecavapoochon) – 1,140 followers

Skye (@skye.thecavapoochon) is a Cavapoochon based in Scotland. She’s got beautiful brown eyes set against her cream/white coat. She knows she’s cute – as do her 1,140 followers.

13) Bagel (@bagelthenycdog) – 1,194 followers

We’ve had Couscous and now we’ve got Bagel (@bagelthenycdog). He lives in the Empire State of Bagels aka New York City. If you want to see what life is like in a big city for a Cavapoochon, check out Bagel’s account.

12) Spencer (@spennis_the_menace) – 1,612 followers

Unlike Dennis, Spencer (@spennis_the_menace) is white rather than red and black. He’s a mummy’s boy but 100 per cent menace. This white Cavapoochon has been causing trouble in Kent, UK for the past two years.

11) Brewster (@cheekybrewster_cavapoochon) – 2,000 followers

Brewster (@cheekybrewster_cavapoochon) is a London-based Cavapoochon. He’s just celebrated his first birthday. You can continue to watch him grow and his adventures in the English capital. Brewster is close to 2,000 followers.

10) Tedster (@tedsterthebear) – 2,235 followers

Proving that Cavapoochons are a popular mix in the United Kingdom, we’ve got Tedster (@tedsterthebear). He likes regular trips to the beach with his mom in Kent. He’s a part-time model – too.

9) Pal (@buddyandpal1) – 2,522 followers

This is an interesting account to follow because it features as Cavachon and a Cavapoochon. Pal is the Cavapoochon half of (@buddyandpal1). These two look very similar but their diehard fans will have no trouble telling them apart. Pal appears to be a little taller than Buddy.

8) Maple (@maple_cavapoochon) – 3,054 followers

Maple (@maple_cavapoochon) is a London-based Cavapoochon. She really stands out with her black and white coat colors. When she’s not going for a stoll, you’ll find Maple supporting her beloved Chelsea.

7) Buddy (@buddy.the.cavapoochon) – 3,739 followers

We’ve already covered quite a few different parts of the UK. Buddy (@buddy.the.cavapoochon) is a Cavapoochon living on the Isle of Wight off the south coast of England. This Cavapoochon puts a spotlight on the island for anyone considering a trip there.

6) Ramsey (@teddygramsey) – 9,300 followers

Ramsey (@teddygramsey) is part teddy bear, part pup. A quick glance through Ramsey’s photos will attest to this! He lives in Dallas, Texas and is edging closer to 10,000 followers on Instagram.

5) Ernie (@ernieoodle) – 12,100 followers

Ernie (@ernieoodle) adds a little more fluff to London life. He’s a fluffy kid strutting around the English capital. With a hair do like this, he can certainly afford to walk with a swagger. He’s a chewer, pooer and a cuddle-issuer. His personality – and hair – will win you over!

4) Simba and Nala (@thesimbaandnalashow) – 12,800 followers

Simba and Nala (@thesimbaandnalashow) like to think of themselves as two real life teddy bears. These Cavapoochons live in Manchester, England. With different coat colors, it’s easy to tell Simba and Nala apart. They’ve certainly got the cutest Cavapoochon names on Instagram!

3) Maggie and Rossi (@maggieandrossi) – 28,200 followers

Maggie and Rossi (@maggieandrossi) are two talented dogs living in the USA. Maggie is a Cavapoochon and was there at the very start of a wonderful journey with her mom Nicole Ellis. Nicole is a celebrity dog trainer in LA. Maggie was rescued from a city shelter before she was joined by her brother Rossi.

2) Gracie (@cavapoogracie) – 31,200 followers

Gracie (@cavapoogracie) is a Cavapoochon with an international paw print. She divides her time up between Vancouver, Canada and California, USA. Whether she’s gone to Target for some shopping or she’s chilling by the pool, Gracie always looks cute!

1) Kenzie (@kenziethecavapoo) – 54,500 followers

We’ve made quite the jump in following to over 50,000! Kenzie (@kenziethecavapoo) has a sizable following. No wonder considering this pup is living a great life in New York City. Kenzie the chief barketing officer at Hot Dudes With Dogs (another popular Instagram page).

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