20 Cavapoo To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 16 August 2021

Cavapoos and Cavoodles are in fact the same cross breed.

They’re a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a miniature or toy Poodle.

These hybrid dogs have a cute appearance with fluffy ears and big, brown eyes.

Cavapoos are usually low shedding dogs so you won’t have to deal with a lot of hair.

However, they do require consistent grooming and regular haircuts to maintain the quality of their coats.

Here are 20 Cavapoos/Cavoodles to check out on Instagram if you want to learn more about the breed.

20) Royal (@royalthecavapoo) – 200 followers

If you’re looking for some Cavapoo royalty, look no further than Royal (@royalthecavapoo). This is an adorable Cavapoo who has just started posting on Instagram. You can watch Royal grow up through their beautiful photos!

19) Milo (@milo_with_cream) – 2,150 followers

We’ve got a cream colored Cavoodle up next. Milo (@milo_with_cream) is a soon-to-be five-year-old Cavoodle living in Sydney, Australia. Milo is a master in manipulation and just being plain cute. Just make sure to bring Milo lots of treats!

18) Cali (@cavapoo.cali) – 3,700 followers

Cali (@cavapoo.cali) is a beautiful Mini Cavapoo with a Blenheim colored coat. She lives in Utah, USA. Cali has nearly 3,700 followers on Instagram who follow this cute lady in her daily adventures.

17) Bacchus (@hail_bacchus) – 3,300 followers

We’re swapping Utah for Vancouver next as we meet Bacchus (@hail_bacchus). He’s a F1 Cavapoo living in Canada. He considers himself a “doggo of wine”. He’s got a beautiful black and tan coat with splashes of white.

16) Bella (@bella_the_butternutter) – 5,000 followers

Bella (@bella_the_butternutter) is a toy Cavapoo with a taste for the finer things in life. She used to be a fussy eater but loves her Butternut Box grub. If you’ve got picky eaters, you can check out our top dog food delivery recommendations here.

15) Rafi (@rafi_thecavoodle) – 6,000 followers

We’re heading to the country nicknamed Oranje next. Rafi (@rafi_thecavoodle) is fittingly a ruby Cavoodle living in Den Haag, Netherlands. He’s a beautiful fluffy dog. Rafi on the brink of reaching 6,000 followers.

14) Graham (@grahamthecavapoo) – 6,300 followers

Graham (@grahamthecavapoo) is 1 per cent dog, 99 per cent fluff. This cheeky Cavapoo lives in Houston, Texas. He’s got a big smile that will win you over! Graham has over 6,300 fans on the photo-sharing app.

13) Gatsby and Daisy (@gatsby_thegreat_cavoodle) – 9,200 followers

We’re heading Down Under to meet Gatsby and Daisy (@gatsby_thegreat_cavoodle). They’re a Cavapoo duo from Brisbane. Gatsby is the older sibling, having recently turned five. His sister Daisy is two. Together, they make an adorable duo!

12) Lily (@lily_cute_cavoodle) – 10,600 followers

Lily (@lily_cute_cavoodle) is another Cavoodle loving life in Australia. She’s based in Sydney. This gorgeous cream colored Cavapoo is quite the model, sporting an array of bandanas and different looks.

11) Cooper (@_instacoop) – 10,900 followers

Cooper (@_instacoop) is a Cavapoo based in Michigan, USA. He’s a little fluffernutter with a beautiful Blenheim coat. He loves snuggles, crunchy things and belly rubs. He’s so close to 11,000 fans so why not help Copper out!

10) Brady (@brady_cavapoo) – 11,700 followers

Next up we’ve got Brady (@brady_cavapoo). This ruby Cavapoo lives in New England. We’ve got a sneaky suspicion he could be a Patriots fan if his name is any indication to his NFL loyalties. Brady celebrated his first birthday in December but he’s already amassed over 11,700 followers.

9) Coffee (@coffeethecavoodle) – 12,500 followers

Coffee (@coffeethecavoodle), or Miss Coffee the Cavoodle, is a Melbourne pooch. She’s got an obsession with tennis balls. She’s also got a mum who is obsessed with. Odds are you’ll become obsessed with her account too.

8) Buddy (@buddy.thecavoodle) – 12,700 followers

If you’re looking for your number one bud, look no further than Buddy (@buddy.thecavoodle). He’s based in Melbourne with his humans. Buddy’s feed is extremely easy on the eye, so it’s no surprise this aethstics conscious pup has over 12,700 followers.

7) Cooper (@cavapoo_cooper) – 13,500 followers

Heading back to the east coast of the United States, we’ve got Cooper (@cavapoo_cooper). He’s just a chicken nugget with legs. The resemblance is truly uncanny! With long, fluffy ears and big big brown eyes, you won’t be able to say no to this cute character.

6) Teddy Lupin (@littleteddylupin) – 14,800 followers

Teddy Lupin (@littleteddylupin) has an account dedicated to love and floof. He’s a British Cavapoo with another Instagram account with an elegant layout. His colors really pop against a customary white or gray background.

5) Duke (@thecavaduke) – 15,500 followers

We’re in the west coast to meet Duke (@thecavaduke). He’s based in sunny San Diego. His Instagram is bright and upbeat, leaving your craving some California love. You can hit follow to get a daily dose of Duke’s best life.

4) Baxter (@baxter.toy.cavoodle) – 15,600 followers

Baxter (@baxter.toy.cavoodle) is a toy Cavoodle. He’s fast coming up on his first birthday. Based in Melbourne, Baxter is currently doing his bit to raise funds to help the recovery from the Australia Bushfire. You can visit Baxter’s GoFundMe page to help.

3) Simba (@simbas_kingdom) – 19,500 followers

We’ve got a business-minded Cavoodle up next. Simba (@simbas_kingdom) is the CEO of Simba’s Kingdom. His company produces handmade dog accessories to help you style your pooch. Based in Sydney, Simba is closing in on the 20k milestone.

2) Karen and Addie (@with.love.kaden.and.adalynn) – 31,900 followers

What’s better than one Cavapoo? Two, of course! Kaden and Addie (@with.love.kaden.and.adalynn) are Cavapoo siblings. They’re based in Maryland, USA. They offer a helpful tip to tell this gorgeous pair apart. Kaden looks like a teddy bear, while Addie has pony pig tails.

1) Enzo (@whatenzodid) – 52,600 followers

Enzo (@whatenzodid) is a Cavoodle with manners. This Gentleman likes to discover the big world one stylish step at a time. One of his favourite pastimes is throwing cuddles around like confetti. So if you want to find out what Enzo did, hit follow!

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