Cavalier King Charles Spaniel interview – Hey Little Louie

By helloBARK!
Updated on 4 October 2019

With their big brown eyes, gorgeous coats and loving personalities, it’s no surprise the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a popular breed on social media.

Often described as the quintessential lapdogs, this regal breed have provided companionship over the past three or four centuries for people of all walks of life.

Adored by King Charles II, the CKCS is the seventh most popular breed in the United Kingdom and 19th most popular breed in the United States.

Politicians such as former US president Ronald Reagan and Britain’s first female prime minister Margaret Thatcher both owned Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

In pop culture, actresses Courtney Cox, Jessica Love Hewitt and Amanda Bynes have all been proud owners of the toy breed.

helloBARK! spoke to Louie (@heylittlelouie) this week to talk the Colorado-based Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

With over 11,000 fans on Instagram, we asked about what aspiring social stars need to do to replicate Louie’s success on Instagram.

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1) What attracted you to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed?

Louie the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Photo: heylittlelouie / Instagram)

Louie the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Photo: heylittlelouie / Instagram)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are known for being affectionate, loving, and calm dogs. I was drawn to the breed because of their temperament. And, of course, they are cute as ever!

2) What is your favorite thing about owning a Cavalier?

Louie is loving and knows when people are upset or not feeling well. They are gentle and affectionate dogs that will love you unconditionally.

3) What is the most challenging element of owning a CKCS?

They are known for their issues with separation anxiety, but other than that no complaints!

4) Has Louie been easy to train? Does he like to pose for photos?

Louie the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Photo: heylittlelouie / Instagram)

Louie the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Photo: heylittlelouie / Instagram)

Consistency has been key with Louie, but overall he is not a difficult to dog to train. And, as long as there are treats around, Louie is a star little poser!

5) Does Louie get a lot of attention when you’re out?

Louie loves to say hi to just about every person on the street, which means he gets lots of attention. He is very gregarious and will work his puppy eyes!

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6) What advice would you give to someone considering a Cavalier as their next dog?

Do your research! Do NOT purchase a dog from a puppy mill. If you are going to purchase a CKCS from a breeder, I highly recommend you do your research on the breeder. Talk to them, meet them, and find out what type of health tests they perform on the dog, shots they will give the puppy, socialization, etc. If you are’t going through a breeder, please ADOPT and do NOT shop. Organizations like The Cavalier Rescue and Cavalier Rescue of Florida are some wonderful places to rescue Cavaliers in need of a loving home. The people behind this rescue truly love each dog they save and want the dog to live their best life.

7) What inspired you to start an Instagram page for Louie?

I decided to create Louie’s instagram page to meet other wonderful dog parents and to get advice on how to raise a puppy because it had been almost a decade since I had a puppy in my life! The #cavcommunity is one of the best communities on Instagram and in the world.

8) How much time do you dedicate to building Louie’s IG page?

My significant other and I usually only take photos and videos of Louie on the weekends. And any other photos or videos taken are simply for the memories! But, I definitely spend more time talking to dog parents than I do building his Instagram page. I try to always remember that this is just for fun and to meet other amazing owners from all over the globe.

9) Do you have a favorite post? If so, why?

Louie's Gotcha Day (Photo: @heylittlelouie / Instagram)

Louie’s Gotcha Day (Photo: @heylittlelouie / Instagram)

The picture of Louie asleep in his bed with the sign that says, “Welcome Home Louie”. We waited nearly 6 months for Louie to come home and that was by far one of the best days of our lives.

10) What advice would you have for those who want to make their dogs Instagram famous?

Always, always, always do this for FUN! And stay true to yourself, do you!

11) Do you have a favorite Cavalier that our readers should follow (other than Louie!)?

I absolutely love every single Cavalier listed in helloBARK!’s top 10 to follow along with the amazing parents behind the accounts! But, there are so many accounts that I ADORE that it would be impossible to pick one. I hope to meet all of the puppies in real life some day!

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