Cavalier King Charles Spaniel interview – Denver and Oakley

By helloBARK!
Updated on 27 January 2023

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is seventh most popular dog breed in United Kingdom.

With that in mind, it’s hardly surprise this breed have proven such a hit on social media platforms such as Instagram.

Indeed the Cavalier community is growing fast on photo-sharing app Instagram.

Their big, brown eyes, fluffy ears and elegant appearance have made them a hit with the royals, celebrities and the public throughout the centuries.

helloBARK! spoke to Denver and Oakley (@denverandoakley) this week to talk about everything Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

These two gorgeous dogs have been keeping their nearly 10,000-strong Instagram following entertained with their adventures in Norfolk, England.

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1) What attracted you to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed?

It’s an embarrassing story actually. When I was 7, my ‘boyfriend’ had a tri colour. For my 8th birthday my parents surprised me with Dudley, my very own tri colour after many many years of begging for a puppy. Denver and Oakley are my second and third, I could never be without one now; the most gentle little love bugs.

2) What is your favourite thing about owning two Cavaliers?

My favourite thing is the amount of love there is in our house all because of the two of them. They adore each other, everyone and everything.

3) Is there much difference having two CKCS rather than one?

The transition from one to two dogs was easier than I could have ever imagined. Absolutely no trouble at all. Toilet training was also so easy as Oakley would just go where Denver went! I would recommend it to everyone.

4) How do Denver and Oakley get along? Is the age gap an issue in terms of their energy levels?

They are absolute best friends. When I got Oakley, it was the first time I’ve ever had more than one dog. Now I would never go back. Denver was only 18 months at the time but had become very lazy, Oakley made him return to being a puppy again. The love they have for each other is just huge. They both can stick up for themselves when it comes to other dogs, but with each other, they let the other one get away with murder. Denver is also very protective of his little bro!

5) Do they get a lot of attention when you’re out with both of them?

They get a huge amount of attention. Especially Oakley, as when we go out he takes one of his many teddies out with him and carries it the entire way. If anyone walks past them, they are very offended!

6) What advice would you give to someone considering a Cavalier as their next dog?

I would say to definitely make sure you buy a puppy from a reputable breeder, this way you can minimise the otherwise very high risk of future health problems. Also, make sure you have some good insurance! Finally, to be ready to be surrounded by more love than you ever thought possible.

7) What inspired you to start an Instagram page for Denver and Oakley?

My friends getting sick of the thousands of photos of dogs! Also to have a place to be able to look back at all of our memories. Finally to be able to talk to and meet other dog crazy people!

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8) How much time do you dedicate to building their IG page?

Probably more time than I should!! I try to post at least every other day, but I’m online for hours getting distracted by cute puppy photos and interacting with our followers and friends!

9) Do you have a favourite post? If so, why?

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Denver (Photo: @denverandoakley / Instagram)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Denver (Photo: @denverandoakley / Instagram)

Oh that’s a difficult one! There’s so so many I absolutely adore. Although I think the most exciting thing to post is a new puppy announcement.

10) What advice would you have for those who want to make their dogs Instagram famous?

The advice I would give would be to post exactly what you want. Don’t try and copy others. High quality photos help, but you don’t have to be a top photographer in order to be a big account! Don’t try too hard to be ‘Instagram famous’ you and your dog have to enjoy it too!

11) Do you have a favourite Cavalier that our readers should follow?

@sir_lancelot_and_angus are absolutely stunning! They have better hair than me. Lance is Denver’s more handsome twin. We also love @thewanderingcavaliers. Maisey and Betty are beautiful but aren’t afraid to get their paws dirty and love a good adventure! There are too many to mention, we have met so many wonderful friends through being part of this wonderful community.

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