20 Bull Terriers To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 20 April 2021

The Bull Terrier is one of the most easily identifiable dog breeds.

If you’re living in the USA, you’ll know one particularly famous Bull Terrier who is the mascot for a popular retail chain.

The American Kennel Club ranks the Bull Terrier at 62 out of 197 in terms of the most popular dog breeds in the USA.

They’re described as comical and mischievous dogs, with a playful streak.

Bull Terrier (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Bull Terrier (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Bull Terriers have a muscular frame that will relish the chance to stretch their legs.

There are nearly 5 million photos under the Bull Terrier hashtag on Instagram.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 20 Bull Terrier accounts on Instagram that can provide you with your Bull Terrier fix.

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20) Mando and Toffee (@minibullterrier_mando) – 2,251 followers

Mando and Toffee (@minibullterrier_mando) are two miniature Bull Terriers. These German-based dogs are self-professed banana lovers. They’ve got a presence on Instagram and TikTok where you can check out their adventures.

19) Spock (@spock_minibullterrier) – 2,589 followers

Next on our Bull Terrier feature with Spock (@spock_minibullterrier). He describes himself as a dog with small eyes, big nose and big ears. He started life in Ukraine but remarkably can now be found enjoying the beach life in Brazil.

18) Betty (@bettythebeautifulbeast) – 3,500 followers

Betty (@bettythebeautifulbeast) is a London pup who loves nothing more than to be about town socialising. Betty has a few hobbies in her spare time, including playing, cuddles, tummy rubs and bananas.

17) Cane (@canethebully) – 4,300 followers

Cane (@canethebully) is a Bull Terrier who loves life by the water. Cane gets to enjoy the sunshine of Miami Beach. This beach boy seems happiest with sand between his toes.

16) Sid (@sidsidthenaughtykid) – 6,000 followers

Sid (@sidsidthenaughtykid) is a deaf Bull Terrier who lives by his own rules. This rescue dog lives in North Dakota with some of his other furry friends. With close to 6,000 followers on Instagram, why not give him a follow?

15) Don (@donthebullterrier) – 7,500 followers

We’re heading to Ireland to meet Don (@donthebullterrier). He’s a handsome bully who can be found in the Irish capital, Dublin. When he’s not racing rowers on the river, you can find Don down Temple Bar.

14) Oppy (@oppyminibull) – 10,400 followers

Oppy (@oppyminibull) is an adopted Mini Bull Terrier who lives in Toulon. This France-based Mini Bull Terrier is living the good life. When he’s not at the beach, he can be found relaxing in the sun on the Mediterranean coast.

13) Yunion (@minibull_yunion) – 10,800 followers

Next up we’ve got Yunion (@minibull_yunion). This Bull Terrier has a simply infectious smile. Looking at this pup’s photo will almost certainly put a smile on your face – too.

12) Polar (@polarthebullterrier) – 11,500 followers

Polar (@polarthebullterrier) is a Bull Terrier living in Queensland, Australia. Polar is a five-year old who has earned a reputation for being spoilt, stubborn and sassy.

11) Lola (@lola.bully) – 17,700 followers

Lola and Poppy (@lola.bully) are two charming Bull Terriers based in the UK. This dynamic duo have different coat colors that provide a striking contrast. These beautiful dogs have amassed a following of nearly 18,000.

10) Pixie (@pixie_the_minibull) – 18,200 followers

We’ve got a Japanese speaker up next! Pixie (@pixie_the_minibull) lives in Western New York. This adorable girl is a four-year old Bull Terrier. Pixie has over 18,000 fans who like to follow her day-to-day life.

9) Aslak (@minibullaslak) – 27,600 followers

We’re swapping the USA for Amsterdam to meet Aslak (@minibullaslak). This Bull Terrier has the following caption on his Instagram profile: “Love or hate me, I’m still an obsession”. We’re obsessed!

8) Rocky (@rockythetraveller) – 44,400 followers

Rocky (@rockythetraveller) is a Bull Terrier who likes to travel. He’s left his paw prints on the soil of 22 different countries. Rocky is a traveller and an actor. No wonder he’s an Instagram star!

7) Shark (@shark.sparrow) – 45,400 followers

We’re heading back to Brazil to meet Shark (@shark.sparrow). This Bull Terrier has an adorable black patch over his left eye. Shark can be found in Porto Alegre running his Shark Store or taking a nice nap.

6) Nino (@ninobullterrier) – 56,500 followers

We’re heading to France in our trip around the Bull Terrier world. Nino (@ninobullterrier) is a three-year old Bull Terrier who has an unusual feathered companion. Nino lives a carefree life in France!

5) Eddie (@minibulleddie) – 78,300 followers

Eddie (@minibulleddie) is a little pocket rocket. Eddie is a Bull Terrier living in Norway. In this article, we’ve seen Bull Terriers surfing the sea, relaxing on the beach, walking through forests but Eddie likes going for walks in the snow.

4) Sparky (@sparky_minibullterrier) – 169,000 followers

We’ve got a Bona Fide TikTok star at number five in our list. Sparky (@sparky_minibullterrier) has 1.1 million followers on the video-sharing platform as well as 169,000 Instagram fans. The six-year old is guaranteed to make you smile!

3) Nelson (@puppernelson) – 300,000 followers

Nelson (@puppernelson) is a Bull Terrier who is the CEO of snacks. Nelson is confident that he can become your new Instagram favourite. This three-year old is also on Twitter and TikTok. Nelson has a whopping 300,000 followers on Instagram.

2) Rafael Mantasso (@rafaelmantesso) – 577,000 followers

One of our favourite Instagram accounts is Rafael Mantasso (@rafaelmantesso). Rafael manages to capture the personality of Jimmy through various art forms. When Rafael isn’t photographing Jimmy, he’s working as an advocate for Asperger’s Syndrome. You can read our interview with Rafael here.

1) Moose (@moosetheminibully) – 721,000 followers

Moose (@moosetheminibully) is a LA-based Mini Bull Terrier with an eye-watering 721,000 followers. With bags of personality, it’s easy to see why Moose has nearly three quarters of a million followers on Instagram. You won’t find a more elegant sleeper!

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