Buddy The Dapple Dachshund Questions & Answers

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 21 September 2020

If you love Dachshunds, you’ll love Buddy and his crew.

Buddy is a dapple Dachshund living in Oxfordshire with his partner in crime Dulcie and their humans.

Laura, who is dog mom to Buddy and Duclie, has always had a passion for the Doxie breed.

Her enthusiasm for Dachshunds has rubbed off on her mom, who owns Stella and Beau.

Buddy and his Dachshund friends (Photo: buddythedappleddachshundv / Instagram)

Buddy and his Dachshund friends (Photo: buddythedappleddachshundv / Instagram)

The quartet feature heavily on their Instagram page along with lots of other Dachshund friends.

There’s no doubt that you’ll get your Dachshund fill on this account!

You can follow Buddy, Beau, Stella and Dulcie on Instagram (@buddythedappleddachshund) and TikTok (@buddythedappleddachshund).

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1) How did you first hear about Dachshunds?

Buddy and his Dachshund friends (Photo: buddythedappleddachshundv / Instagram)

Buddy and his Dachshund friends (Photo: buddythedappleddachshundv / Instagram)

I was first awoken to the fabulous breed that is Dachshunds by watching Toy Story as a kid. My favourite character was Slinky and once I discovered he was based around a breed I was hooked and said when I was able to get my first dog, it needed to be a Sausage Dog!

2) What attracted you to the Dachshund breed?

I watched endless videos of them online and dreaming about the day I would eventually own one. They just showed how much character each one had and I am a little obsessed with the short stumpy legs.

3) How did your first end up with Buddy? Is he your first Doxie?

I wasn’t allowed dogs when I was growing up because my parents said they took up too much time. So the moment I moved out with my partner we both planned to add a fur baby to our family asap once we had a place and a garden. After months of searching for the perfect pup with all the right things – Kennel Club, health tested, PRA clear – we contacted a breeder and drove up the next day to secure him. We’ve since added four longhaired Dachshunds to our family over four years all from the same breeder. She is fabulous.

4) Why did you decide to add Beau, Stella and Ducie?

Stella is my mother’s dog! When I bought Buddy, she fell to head over heels in love with him. When our breeder had her next litter the following year with a little female Buddy doppleganger, she just couldn’t miss out on having her. Beau was our second as company to Buddy as he loved being with Stella so much and then Dulcie who is Buddy’s grandaugher was bought as company for Stella as she would be so much happier whenever I would come over with both the boys. They are happiest wittiest company like a little pack of sausages.

5) Can you give us an insight into each of their personalities?

Buddy and his Dachshund friends (Photo: buddythedappleddachshundv / Instagram)

Buddy and his Dachshund friends (Photo: buddythedappleddachshundv / Instagram)

Each is totally different to the next.

Buddy is very chill and loving. He just wants to do everything he can to please you. He was so easy to train and he’s my little superstar and the reason behind us running the Instagram page.

Stella is a sassy little girl who refuses to go outside to pee if its raining and totally ball obsessed. She pees with excitement when she hasn’t seen you for awhile.

Beau is the most loving crazy boy you would ever meet. If he was human, he would for sure have ADHD because he is always running around being a loon but I wouldn’t change him for the world because he endlessly makes me laugh.

Dulcie is very similar to her grandad Buddy in how loving she is and how quickly she loves people from the get go. She is a demanding little girl just like her big sissy Stella.

All four of them are perfect each in there own ways.

6) What are some of the perks of owning multiple Dachshunds?

If you don’t like being alone, they’re the perfect breed. Velcro dog is the term we would use because they never leave your side. They’re loving beyond words! I always have someone to cuddle and someone who is happy to see me even when I’ve only been away for five minutes upstairs. They can go for walks as far as you can and they can also sleep all day long if needed. Don’t let those stumpy legs fool you! They’re an amazing breed.

7) What are some of the challenges of owning four Doxies?

Beau and Dulcie are quite anxious. Neither are keen on new people and dogs and they need to adjust to situations. This is quite common in the breed whether that’s ‘small dog syndrome’ or even possibly ‘second dog syndrome’. We aren’t too sure as they’ve both grown up now with another dog in the house whereas Buddy and Stella didn’t and both are not anxious, but positive reinforcement training, CBD oil. You’ll see changes and it’s so worth it in the end.

8) What does an average day look like for your Dachshund pack?

We wake up around 7am to let them out of their crates that they sleep in overnight for an early morning walk rain or shine. I work from home so they tend to stay around me all day long sleeping and getting fussed over until later on when I make them dinner and then we’ll go out for another walk in the evening followed by lots of play and stimulating brain games before some downtime before bed.

9) Do Dachshunds shed a lot?

The longhaired Dachshunds are double coated so they tend to shed more in the summer months and in the winter their coats will get thicker again to help keep them warm. I do all the grooming myself, trimming their paw fur and cutting nails and brushing. It’s very low maintenance. I wear a lot of black clothes and don’t have issues with dog hair everywhere.

10) Are Dachshunds fussy eaters? What do you feed your pack?

Buddy and his Dachshund friends (Photo: buddythedappleddachshundv / Instagram)

Buddy and his Dachshund friends (Photo: buddythedappleddachshundv / Instagram)

We have two fussy eaters – Buddy & Stella. They’re both raw fed complete diets they do eat but just at there own speed. Dulcie is also fed raw but she eats hers in seconds and we even need a slow feeding bowl. Beau unfortunately has a protein (chicken & beef) allergy so is fed coldpressed chicken kibble alongside some some cooked duck sausage. All also are given salmon oil supplements and joint care.

11) Do Dachshunds make good family pets? Do they do well with kids?

I believe Dachshunds brought up around kids can make fabulous family pets. Beau who wasn’t really around any kids growing up can feel unsure around kids when they run around lots, but Buddy’s favourite person is our family is our five-year old nephew who he follows around and would play with all day if he could.

12) Why did you decide to start an Instagram page for your dogs?

We started it because I didn’t want to flood my personal page with constant photos of Buddy and towards the beginning it was pretty slow, but one of our videos went viral online and had a sudden influx of followers who we speak to daily and just love watching the pack day to day.

13) Do you prefer Instagram or TikTok? Can you please explain your choice.


do you wanna catch these paws! ##doyouwannacatchthesehands ##bruh ##PerfectAsIAm @gofetch

♬ Do you wanna fight meeee by FluffyBaee – Gordita DeTus Sueños

Personally I prefer Instagram. Tiktok is for a much younger audience, videos do a lot better and its easier to be seen but I find its also a lot more manic on TikTok. There is a younger audience who don’t seem to understand what they are actually saying when they write some comments, so I tend to use it to make videos which I’ll then post on Instagram.

14) How much effort/planning goes into creating social contents for your accounts?


i made myself laugh making this one 😂 please dont let it flop ##parkour ##rampjump ##wipeout ##wwe ##loop ##takeout ##sausagedog

♬ original sound – Patty b

Sometimes it’s just general videos I’ll catch which give us content. We do plan some video like the F1 pitstop video we did recently which blew up online, not much planning went into it we came up with an idea and filmed it with my partner never expecting it to do as well as it did. Luckily the majority of people love dogs so not much effort is needed for people to love our content.

15) What’s your favourite memory/post with your Doxie crew?

Buddy and his Dachshund friends (Photo: buddythedappleddachshundv / Instagram)

Buddy and his Dachshund friends (Photo: buddythedappleddachshundv / Instagram)

Every time we added to the pack from Buddy’s Gotcha day to Dulcie’s Gotcha Day! Those days will always be my favourite!

16) What advice would you go back and give to yourself when your first got Buddy knowing what you know now about owning Dachshunds?

Research! I will always get Dachshunds and I knew the main things about them like IVDD being a common health issue, but the coat colours you should avoid (dilutes & double dapples) which we don’t own any of, but continue to be bought and have health issues. I do wish people would do more research on any kind of breed before getting them.

Dachshund Pros And Cons

Buddy and his Dachshund friends (Photo: buddythedappleddachshundv / Instagram)

Buddy and his Dachshund friends (Photo: buddythedappleddachshundv / Instagram)

Dachshund Pros

They’re the most loving dogs, full of so much character and always making us laugh! I feel I will always have Dachshunds, they have fully stolen my heart! I happily wear the crazy sausage dog lady thing! Some people think its weird and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Dachshund Cons

IVDD – (Intervertebral disc disease) is an age-related, degenerative condition, Thus chondrodystrophoid dogs suffer early degenerative changes in the disc making them likely to herniate. When intervertebral discs of chondrodystrophic dogs degenerate, average cost for this kind of surgery is around £9k so it isn’t cheap. It’s important to have great pet insurance for this breed.

Stubborn when it comes to training. They need short training sessions. Often they lose interest with long sessions and decide they don’t want to learn anymore. They are a crazy clever breed but believe me… they own you for sure! I honestly cannot think of a third con! They are the most fabulous breed! I would own so many more if I could afford it!

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